Top 15 Romantic Bruno Mars Songs for Your Wedding Day


When it comes to your wedding reception music, whether you go for a DJ or a band, there will be some songs that you have to play. When it comes to romance with a beat, Bruno Mars songs will get guests on their feet. Check out this list of Bruno Mars’ top 15 songs to play on your wedding day.

Top 15 Bruno Mars' Romantic Songs for Your Wedding Day


Marry You

Just like the title indicates, this song is all about the excitement of wanting to marry the person you love, and is a must-have for any pre-wedding activities. It is also perfectly suited for a number of occasions on the day.

Perfect For: Either the bride walking down the aisle or accompanying the bridal party’s procession.



This song celebrates a treasured future together, and out of all the Bruno Mars songs, this one is both fun and shows the love that the newlywed couple has for one another.

Perfect For: The bride and groom’s entrance to the reception after the ceremony. It’s all about two people who are devoted to each other – which will be you!


Rest of My Life

The title says it all, making this song perfect to enjoy during your celebration of love. Lyrics like “Never in my dreams did I think this would happen to me” will have you and your guests feeling the emotions of the night.

Perfect For: The first dance. You’re guaranteed to have your guests watching with tears in their eyes.


Count on Me

Weddings are the starting point where two people embark on their journey to create new family, so one of the most emotional Bruno Mars love songs is perfect for capturing the moment. Following a relationship between a child and their parent over time, this song will resonate with everyone in the room.

Perfect For: TThe father-daughter (or mother-son) dance. There won’t be a dry eye in the house.


Just the Way You Are

The first of the Bruno Mars songs to be a massive hit, this crowd favorite will get everyone feeling the joy of the occasion.

Perfect For: You’ve got options with this one. It makes a great last dance – perfect for releasing that last bit of energy you have left, but it’s also great for when you cut the cake.


Locked Out of Heaven

You’ll certainly get everyone on their feet with this instant classic, and Mars’ singing chops (what is this word supposed to mean? Skills?) are unbelievable. Channeling the excitement of what it felt like when you met each other, this song is perfect for any wedding reception.

Perfect For: Any time you want everyone to get up and dance! It’s a great song to play early on, since it’s both related to love and will enthuse your guests.



Another of the Bruno Mars' romantic songs that reflects the devotion and commitment a new couple are embarking on, “Grenade” drives home just how much love can drive someone to action. This R&B jam is all about what a man would do for the woman he loves.

Perfect For: A different take on the first dance or your entrance into the reception.


Talking To The Moon

With meaningful lyrics, this song may be about missing love, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great choice for your wedding. The focus of the lyrics is how powerful love can be, particularly when you lose the person you’re meant to be with.

Perfect For: Brides or grooms who have lost a parent or significant family member; this can be a heartfelt moment.


It Will Rain

Twilight fans will likely remember this song from the fourth film in the series. While it is a darker song than Bruno’s other songs, it is also incredibly popular and still focused on the ups and downs of love and relationships.

Perfect For: Any moment the bride and the groom are together. It can be great to accompany toasts.


Runaway Baby

A jazzy song that is a reminder of just how lucky the two of you are to be together, “Runaway Baby,” while not exactly a love song, is a great option to get people dancing and to share your excitement about having each other.

Perfect For: Keep it for the dance party. You certainly don’t want to be talking about one-night stands during the ceremony!


Today My Life Begins

For a married couple, does anything resonate more? It’s all about moving on from the past and starting a new, fresh life – perfectly encompassing the future a new bride and groom are about to begin together.

Perfect For: A first dance, an entrance into the reception, or even as a last dance and farewell, as the new couple starts their new life together.



While it wasn’t on any of his albums, when it comes to non-traditional Bruno Mars romantic songs, his collaboration with Bad Meets Evil (rappers Eminem and Royca Da 5’9) is still a poignant track that’s all about two people being together.

Perfect For: A unique take on the first dance, or as a way to cap off a night (or day) of celebrating each other.



Another collaboration with a rapper, this time Lil Wayne, this is a great song to encapsulate devotion and support, and will provide a change of pace when it comes to your celebration’s music.

Perfect For: Maybe the end of the party, once the grandparents have retired and it’s you and your friends on the dance floor.


Uptown Funk

Whether you classify it as a love song or not, "Uptown Funk" is a must-play at any reception. Not only does the infectious beat guarantee that everyone gets up dancing, it also gives just about anyone the confidence to do anything.

Perfect For: An entrance into the reception, a closing song at the end of the night, or as a pump-up jam before the ceremony.


The Lazy Song

While it may not fit any of the moments of your big day, Bruno Mars’ "The Lazy Song" should be on repeat the day after. Whether you’re off on the honeymoon right away or not, the two of you deserve some much-earned lazy time together.

Perfect For: The honeymoon, the day after, the week after…once you can finally relax and let go after the big event.