From Pastels to Vibrant Hues: 15 Most Beautiful Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets


If you are looking for unique flowers to complete your bridal look, then look no further: this year, the calla lily wedding bouquet reached high levels of popularity and the options are timeless and extremely varied. Calla lilies make gorgeously elegant wedding flowers, be it the case of bridal bouquets or centerpieces that feature this sophisticated plant. Here’s our top 15 of the most beautiful calla lilies arrangements for an elegant wedding day.

15 Most Beautiful Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Turquoise Shades

This bouquet that features a spherical shape and a satin ribbon with little blue buttons is made entirely of turquoise calla lilies that have a subtle ombre effect. Choose this lovely piece if your wedding features this shade and make a bold statement and a memorable entrance!

Aqua Hydrangeas and Coral Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are versatile flowers in the sense that they look great when combined with other wedding flower favorites, such as hydrangeas. Check out this interesting combination of pastel aqua tones and coral shaded calla lilies, ideal for a bride who loves to embrace subtle yet colorful combinations.

Bright Yellow and Crispy White

A bouquet made exclusively of calla lilies cannot go wrong – with their understated elegance and gentleness, these flowers are lovely no matter the colors you choose. Here is a bright and sunny combination ideal for a hot summer wedding, a bouquet in shades of white and bright yellow.

Vertical Corals

Some bouquets are on the shorter and rounder side, while others impress with their posture – this one right here was created based on verticality and it looks modern and sophisticated at the same time. Moreover, coral and peach are some of the top choices when it comes to opting for a calla lily wedding bouquet, since they suit a wide range of wedding styles.

Roses, Hydrangeas and Calla Lilies

Purple and white have never made a prettier team than in this bouquet right here, which features no less than 3 types of flowers: white hydrangeas, purple roses and ombre calla lilies in purple and white.

The Dark and Mysterious Calla Lilies

Few flowers carry a mysterious vibe like calla lilies do – and these mini dark purple ones certainly are rich in mystery while looking regal at the same time. Named after the black forests, these flowers are definitely eye-catching and enchanting.

Electric Blue and Crispy Whites

Electric blue roses and white calla lilies are an excellent choice for a bold, eccentric bride who loves blue in its brightest shades.

The Purple Ombre

One of the most captivating features when it comes to a calla lily wedding bouquet is this flower’s ombre look – in this case, the darker purple middle transforms itself into the prettiest lilac, then ends with flawless white. A gorgeous and simple bouquet full of elegance, wrapped in satin ribbon and jazzed up with a brooch.

The Off-White Mix

Calla lilies and roses always look like a match made in heaven and this off-white bouquet, perfect for a bride or even for the bridesmaids, is definitely no exception. So versatile and easy to match with any type of dress and event!

The Eclectic Arrangement

Dark purple calla lilies, scabiosa pod, lamb's ear, fern and tiny pastel green hydrangeas, all in one? YES! This eclectic mix is definitely one of a kind and full of personality!

Orange Shades and Beargrass

A bridal calla lily wedding bouquet that’s ideal for a fall celebration? Look no further: this calla lilies arrangement featuring beargrass accents comes in the most beautiful autumn colors: orange, deep reds and greens.

Bright and Bold in Hot Tones

If you’re looking for a fiery-colored wedding bouquet, then this one right here is a captivating choice: with shades from orange to bright red and burgundy, you can count on it to make an impactful entrance. Opt for this creation if you are about to celebrate your nuptials during the fall or late summer season.

Calla Lilies and Succulents

Succulents are everywhere these days and they look great even when combined with elegant flowers such as calla lilies. Bright yellow and minty greens are a unique choice and a great alternative for a spring wedding that calls for gorgeous blooms like these.

Fuchsia and White Calla Lilies

Fuchsia is a top choice among brides who love any color that carries a romantic quality – and what better shades scream LOVE louder than hot pink? Check out this simple bouquet in two colors: fuchsia and white with thin greenery.

The Sweet Pink Arrangement

If you’re looking for a calla lily wedding bouquet, a classic pink arrangement cannot possibly be off your list – timeless, romantic and full of charm, this lovely creation is delicate and gentle, like the flower itself.