Can Bridesmaids Be Married?


Bridesmaids are needed in any wedding. They tend to be the close friends or relatives of the bride who will give the bride an additional hand on the wedding day. Most often, bridesmaids are unwed young females, but what if you have a close friend that is already married?

Can Bridesmaids Be Married?

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, there is no set rule saying they cannot be married. Your bridesmaids can be married or single, and your married best friend can even be your "maid of honor", in which condition this is known as "matron of honor", signifying they are not single.

Aside from the matron of honor, any of your bridesmaids can be married. Most bridal parties are actually made up of both married and single friends, which can give you various perspectives on marriage, the wedding and just life in general. Having both married and single bridesmaid can keep you balanced and bring your attention to things you should keep in mind and consider. Your singles friends may be pushing you to go all out and be extravagant; whereby your married friends will be able to share you their experience and personal perspective on marriage that help you a lot late.

Can bridesmaids be married? Yes, and actually your married bridesmaids can offer insight not just on the planning of your wedding, but married life as well. You will have someone to bounce ideas off about what marriage is about, as well as tips for the wedding day.

  • Your married bridesmaids already have experience with the tedious task of wedding planning, like the seating charts. She can offer her suggestions on how to deal with these things logistically and how to keep feuding family or friends away from each other in the seating arrangements.

  • Planning a wedding can be a highly stressful event for both you and your fiance. Your married bridesmaids can help you keep your relationship peaceful through the chaotic planning phase.

  • Once the wedding bliss has worn off, your married bridesmaid can be a close friend you confide in and turn to when the first year of marriage does not live up to the happy ever after you anticipated.

Things to consider: However, when you want to have a bridesmaid in mind that is married, you need to first consider the commitment you will be asking them to take on. Be mindful of their financial situation as well as if they have children. Being a bridesmaid can take a lot of time away from your married bridesmaids' family and if they have children, it may not be a job they can accept. Do your best to reach out to your married bridesmaid choices early to ensure they will be available to be a part of your wedding.

Additional Concerns for Bridesmaids

When you are making your bridesmaid choices, there are some additional questions you will want to take into consideration, besides "Can bridesmaids be married?" Hope the questions below can help you a lot.

Should you address your bridesmaid about the traditional roles they will have in your wedding to limit confusion?

This is one thing you should do, but do it in a fun or creative way. You want your bridesmaids to know all the essential information and to-dos, so they will not feel as if they are being singled out or targeted because of their marital status. Explaining each bridesmaid's responsibilities will be a huge help and keep everyone on your team included and in the loop. Also send out “thank you” to your bridesmaids and let them know how grateful and excited you are that they have agreed to take a special role for your wedding day.


Who is responsible for paying hotel fees if you have out of town bridesmaids?

Most often it will be the attendants' responsibility to pay for hotel rooms and other accommodations to attend your wedding. If you have a number of out of town guests, you can, however, reserve a block of rooms at a hotel, which will provide a discount for your guests.


How much should you spend on gifts for your bridesmaids?

It is a very common practice to give your bridesmaids a gift for being a part of your wedding. This is a way for you to show your gratitude and thanks for the commitment they have made, as well as showing your appreciation for all their efforts. Can bridesmaids be married? Definitely yes, and in this condition, they can offer valuable suggestions. You can ask your married bridesmaids of what they gave out to their bridal party for their wedding. How much you spend on the gifts for your bridesmaids will depend on your budget. Most brides will spend from $20 to $70 on each gift, but spend what you can. It's the thought that counts and the sentiment behind the gift have more value.