Can You Have 2 Maid of Honors?


Deciding what roles your friends and family play in your big day can be challenging and stressful. Choosing the right bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, ushers, etc. can be difficult, especially if you have a large group of friends to choose from. If you have two close/best friends, then you may be wondering if you can have 2 maid of honors or not? Continue reading to find out the answer.

Can You Have 2 Maid of Honors?

Yes, you most definitely can, it is your wedding after all. You can have as many maid of honors as you wish. If you have a friend who is married, you can have a matron and a maid of honor. As the task of maid of honor can be very challenging and requires a lot of work, from planning the bachelorette party, sorting dresses for the wedding, to helping plan the wedding, it can actually be quite a good idea to name two people as the maid of honor. This way, they can split the jobs that need doing, split the costs, and have more help.

How to Arrange Them for Your Wedding

With numerous tasks of organizing a wedding and the maid of honor being responsible for helping you, asking "Can you have 2 maid of honors?" is a wise question, since you have gotten a sure answer, you may be wondering what they should do for your wedding separately.

For Wedding Preparation

Some factors may affect your two maid of honors' job when preparing the wedding.

  • Location. A close friend who lives near to you will have no trouble in accompanying you with dress-shopping and other errands, and the second maid of honor who lives a little far away can carry out online researches like bouquet designs, wedding trends, cake designs, etc.

  • Personal interests. A maid of honor who has a deep interest in fashion is the perfect person to search for bridesmaids dresses. A bridesmaid who has an interest in art and graphic design can design your invitations, wedding programs, save and date cards, and more.

  • Financial position. A maid of honor who has a higher income than another may be more willing to take on the tasks that can be pricey, such as paying for the bachelorette party. At the same time, the maid of honor who has less income can take on the equally important (but less costly) tasks like tracking down guests’ mailing addresses.


In the Processional

When asking "Can you have 2 maid of honors?" you may wonder how to arrange them in the processional. This is not that hard – it depends on other elements of the ceremony. That being said, there are two rules to note and follow:

  • Except for the bride, the maid of honors are the last adult attendants to enter.

  • The maid of honor who is going to stand next to you must enter after the other maid of honor or to her right, so she can easily reach her position.

Remember that whilst you may have numerous bridesmaids and maid of honors, the groom may not have as many groomsmen standing at the alter. However, don’t worry, it isn’t hard to arrange an “uneven” wedding party, here are some options:

  • The two maid of honors enter together, escorted by the one best man.

  • If the groom has two best men, then each will escort a maid of honor down the aisle before the bride. The best man who stands next t the groom should escort the maid of honor who is going to stand next to the bride.


In the Recessional

If there is an even number of male and female attendants, then each maid of honor should be escorted out by a male. If you asked the question "Can you have 2 maid of honors?" and decided to do so, but there is only one best man, then both maid of honors should be escorted out by the best man.