7 Hottest Celebrity Couples 2016


You cannot separate celebrities from romance. Can you? No! All that glitz and glamour would be no good if there was no romance. This is why we love our celebrities who keep our gossips aglow with much flirting and romancing. Hollywood has been abuzz with the news of the hot, the charming, the flirtatious and the romantic heart throbs, making couple appearances and getaways right from the start of 2016. 

Check seven hottest celebrity couples 2016 on our list!

7 Hottest Celebrity Couples 2016


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

The start of the year, January, spelled love for the couple when they made a duet presence at the Netflix’s Golden Globes afterparty. But it seems that the cozying up were only rumors until, recently, when they were spotted relishing a vacation in Hawaii. No matter how the couple is evading confirming their relationship status to the paparazzi, the frequent trips are spilling the beans. Besides how they warmed up the atmosphere with their steamy romantic comportment at Coachella and the Met Gala afterparty is pretty suggestive that we are looking at a couple, or a couple to be.

Just take a look at this picture and you wouldn’t be far from any conclusions.


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Hook-up, break-up and patch-up again! This is what this couple is about. Yes! You read it right, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back and looks like it is for good, because she was seen wearing the same ring with which she was proposed to. Liam denies the rumors but they were seen close together; even flying off from JFK to Australia for a lunch date. She was also spotted having a casual lunch with the Hemsworths. Paparazzi has it that they are planning the wedding soon, though Liam says they are not engaged. Well, this is one of the celebrity couples 2016 that look so good together and we hope they are together for good.


Kristen Stewart and Soko

Well, this is a short love story that ended before we could start to appreciate it. Soon after Kristen and Alicia Cargile split up, the former was seen getting closer to the talented French chanteuse Stepahnie Sokolinski a.k.a Soko. Though none of them ever confirmed the rumors to be true, Kristen’s Parisian visit to Soko did more than that. She was received warmly by her host and the two had some nice time hanging around. But despite Soko stating to the WMagazine that her encounter with Kristen was “very OG”, the two did call it off this May. But to Stewart’s good luck, she is still friends with Alicia and both were seen having coffee recently.


Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch

This is one cute celebrity-non celebrity couple. Ben Hanisch and Amy Schumer look terribly cute together, and we are sure they are feeling awesome around each other. They have been dating only for a while. Amy started seeing Ben, a Chicago-based furniture designer, earlier in January this year. And the it goes so well that they have been looking absolutely made for each other at quite many events like Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. Amy also posted a cute picture on Instagram thereafter. Isn’t that sweeeet? We wish them all well for they are one among the cutest celebrity couples 2016 that we know of.


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Though both youngsters denied the rumors of a relationship between the two, they did not go unnoticed on their recent holiday in Aguilla and St. Barts. The subsequent pictures of “the good friends” cozying up left the fans in absolutely zilch doubt that they are indeed dating, for in some pictures, they are kissing.


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

The affair is not a new one; it dates back to November 2015. But the news made it quite fiery when they were seen together in January 2016, hunting for a house. Now that is one major step. And, yes, did we mention that Gigi celebrated Zayn’s birthday in January as the ZDAY on Instagram? Gigi and Zayn are sure one of the most attractive young celebrity couples 2016, and they do look like a good match for each other.


Chris Evans and Jenny Slate

The Cupid may have struck his arrow through Chris and Jenny’s hearts while on the sets of Gifted. They had been dating for a while but the fans were shocked to find that out in May. Rumors have it that they went on a double date with Chris’s brother Scott Evans in March and they haven’t looked back since. Jenny has just come out of a 4 year old marriage and seems pretty happy with Evans. This is one of the most surprising celebrity couples 2016, we must say.