Most Stunning Round Table Centerpieces


Your wedding day is once-in-a-lifetime event. You want to plan your big day the best way possible. When it comes to event organizing, the elegant looking round wedding tables of 60 and 72 inches are the most recommended ones by the wedding planners as they are more spacious than others. A centerpiece should never be a hurdle in the interaction. Here is a comprehensive guide for you to choose the best round table centerpieces: in different styles and evenly economical!

Centerpieces in Different Styles for Round Wedding Tables


Lantern Centerpiece for Rustic Themed Wedding

Antique style lantern are best for round tables in an indoor rustic wedding theme. Using fresh fruits and vegetables in place of flowers with it, would give it a more country-like feel.


Leafy Cylinder Vase Centerpieces

The height for a cylinder centerpiece on a round table should be from 14 inches to 20 inches. Use some heighted decoration items like leafy branches, flowers with long stems ,etc.


Floral Centerpiece with a Low Bowl

Today people are opting for tall centerpieces but low centerpieces are always trendy. They give a classy and traditional feel to your event. Use low centerpieces filled with various species of elegantly arranged, colorful flowers.


Glass Centerpieces with Fire and Water

Using both these elements of fire and water in a glass centerpiece creates a romantic feel in the event. These centerpieces look great in an indoor venue with a dim light all around.


Candle Centerpieces with Round Glass Garnished with Leaves

Glass cup vases are available in a number of shapes, but for round table centerpieces glass cup vases with round edges are best. With candles inside, it looks breathtaking.


Botanical Centerpieces for Garden Wedding

Using botanical elements like succulents in centerpieces is best idea for a garden wedding. Succulents are available in a many shapes and sizes. These can be used alone as well as with roses and other leafy accents.


Round Table Centerpiece with Flowers and Candles

A nicely arranged bouquet of fresh flowers of any color that matches your theme, in the center, surrounded by various candles in candle glasses surely gives you a feel to cherish today, tomorrow and always.


Wheat Grass Centerpieces

A bowl filled with more long wheat grass and a few freshly colored flowers is a unique idea for centerpieces in garden wedding. It can further be accented with themed candles if it’s an indoor event.


Tall Floral Centerpieces

Some find tall centerpieces annoying, but the fact is that tall ones are the trendiest from past couple of years. A tall centerpiece with long stems, fresh flowers, accented with foliage is a really nice idea.


DIY Simple Centerpiece

Decorate the round table centerpieces with easy and handy DIY ideas. Flowers with different size of stems can simply be placed in a planter resource vase. A table encircled with these small vases looks great.


Yellow and White Theme Oriented Centerpiece

Combination of yellow and white for wedding theme is never outdated, especially in a summer daytime event. Using white and yellow fresh flowers in opaque vases is a refreshing idea.


Balloon Centerpieces

Trying something different for centerpieces can really work if planned properly. Not flowers, but balloons can also be used to create centerpieces. Choosing some fresh theme is required, like this one with black, yellow and white.


Bare Branch Centerpiece with Decoration

If your wedding is in autumn/winter, try artfully arranged simple wood centerpiece Use the sprayed twigs alone or with various accents available like fresh flowers, artificial flowers, candles, bulbs and many other.


Wood Slices as Centerpiece for Rustic Wedding

Using wood slices and wood slabs as centerpieces is a fresh and innovative idea. Give a naturally rustic feel to your wedding with these slices, artistically placed with fresh flowers in country style mason jars.


Pink Centerpiece for Spring Wedding

Celebrate a spring outdoor wedding with fresh-from-the-garden flowers of all seasonal species in pink hue. Nothing seems more romantic and refreshing than a lush pink centerpiece. Colors like light pink or purple look great as accents.


Blue Venetian Glass Centerpiece

The variety of venetian glass centerpieces is unlimited. Whether its design or the colors, it looks classy as centerpieces. Specially in blue, with all the fresh blue flowers like cornflower, nigella, delphiniums, muscari and anemones.


Fringed Centerpieces

Trendy fringes can also be accented in a table centerpiece. Hanging fringed tassels and ribbons from the well-shaped branches, look unique and stylish as round table centerpieces. Select the themed color for it.


Wheat Centerpieces

For a country wedding, using well-arranged wheat as centerpiece is quite a unique idea. To get a more freshened look, add some fresh flowers with it, especially sunflowers are best paired with wheat.


Baby’s Breath Centerpieces with Lantern/ Candles

Sweet baby’s breath flowers are best accented in a centerpiece with antique style lantern or simple round edged candles glasses. Placed amid and surrounded by baby’s breath flowers, it gives a classy feel.


Tall Trumpet Vase with Fresh Blooms

Trumpet vases are best to use as centerpieces. Filled with freshly hued flowers and fresh green foliage, it’s a combination of modern and traditional style.


Pumpkin Centerpiece

A decorated, glittered, sprayed or jeweled pumpkin can make the best centerpiece for a fall wedding. Pumpkin can be accented with fresh flowers, candles or other dry arrangements even filling it with wheat looks stunning.


Glass Cylinder Centerpiece

Elegant glass cylinders placed in the center, look fabulous as round table centerpieces. There are so many options to fill it. With an artistically shaped tree branch, fresh flowers, candles, candles and flowers together.


Leafy Green Centerpiece

Any vase opaque or crystal can be transformed uniquely by adding more foliage with a few fresh flowers. Magnolia leaves are one of the best accents for a wedding centerpiece. It goes great with a garden themed wedding.


The Bright Sunflowers

A wedding set in some barn or farm house must have those rustic elements, when it comes to the decoration of the venue and specially the centerpieces. Flowers like sunflowers and daisies (of all hues) can be combined.


A White Centerpiece

A white centerpiece is always trendy. White opaque or crystal vases can better be filled with various species of white hued flowers. A whole white look is ideal for a winter wedding reception or just any other season.


Mason Jar Centerpiece with Burlap and Lace

Get the elegant country wedding feel with mason jars as centerpieces. Accents like burlap cloth and classy lace, wrapped over a mason jar is quite enough to get that rustic feeling.


Coastal Crafted Centerpiece

If it’s a beach wedding, adding coastal elements like blue carol seashells, white starfish and beach grass are just a few items. A glass jar filled with blue sand and white shells looks great as a centerpiece.


Colored Ceramic Centerpieces

Always classy and trendy, ceramic vessels can be best round table centerpieces. Color of vessels should be theme oriented. Fresh seasonal flowers paired with foliage looks great in the center of a round table.