15 Creative Chalkboards for Wedding Ideas


Chalkboards are becoming a popular wedding décor addition that are cheap, simple and can be used in a number of creative ways. Whether you or someone you know has a bit of an artistic hand, you can easily make unique chalkboards for weddings design. If you need some inspiration or recommendations, you will find some listed in this article.

15 Creative Chalkboards Ideas for Your Weddings


Welcome Sign

A beautiful hand written sign is a great way for you to let guest know they are in the right location for your ceremony or reception. Whether you get exceptionally fancy with the font and design, or leave it simple and clean, a handwritten welcoming sign is just one of the best way to incorporate chalkboards for weddings design.


Ceremony Backdrop

There are endless ways you can use a large oversized black board as a backdrop at your wedding. This can be used in place of the traditional arch; listing the parents' names of the happy couple or the bridal party. The best thing about this type of backdrop is that it can be reused from the ceremony to the reception to create a fun backdrop for guest group photos!


Menu Sign

No need to create individual menu cards! Simply have a menu written up on a chalkboard and set outside the reception door or at the front of the buffet table. This is not just a creative alternative to the traditional menu cards, but can also save you some money in your wedding budget.


Seating Chart

Instead of having the traditional name cards with table numbers for each guest to crowd around a table, use large chalk boards to list which table they are seated at. If you are afraid your handwriting may not be eligible, have a friend or hire a calligrapher to write up the seating charts.


Hashtag Social Sharing Sign

Many couples are encouraging their guests to share their wedding photos on social media and to make it easier for everyone to share and find, they are creating their own #hashtag# for guests to use. Let your guests know what hashtag to use for you wedding by displaying it on chalkboards for weddings design.


Ceremony Program

Want to go with a more original ceremony program? Use an oversized chalkboard to let guests know who is in the wedding party, as well as a thank you beautifully written for everyone to see. This can save you the cost of having to have programs printed that will most likely just end up forgotten about at the ceremony.


Love Quote Sign

Want to dress up you guest book table or feel you have too much empty space in your reception? Use chalkboards with some of you favorite love quotes to fill in these spaces. Not only is it a unique décor idea, but is also is a great way to spread the love feeling.


Direction Sign

Instead of using the boring arrows printed on white paper, let your guests know what direction they should go by using a chalkboard sign. Have simple signs created on chalkboards to let them know where the ceremony, reception, restrooms or other important locations are in your venue.


Flower Girl Announcement

You can add in chalkboards for weddings design into your ceremony in a cute and sweet way by making it look as though the flower girl made the sign herself. Let the sign make the announcement that the bride is on her way.


Table Number

You can find miniature chalkboards to use for your table numbers as well. It is an adorable and unique way for you to display tables' numbers at your reception. You don't have to use the miniature ones, use slightly larger ones if you want to get more artistic in the table number signs.


Cocktail Hour

There are a number of ways you can incorporate a chalkboard design into the cocktail hour. You can use a sign to let guest know of your specialty wedding drinks or depending on your theme, get chalkboard name mugs or glasses. This allows each guest to take their own specialty glass for the remainder of the evening and they will surely enjoy it!


Food Labels

If you are having any type of buffet style food setting, whether for appetizers, dinner or desserts, chalkboards are a great way to let guests know what foods they can choose from. You can easily create little flag like signs using chalkboard paint, or buy small chalkboard displays to set next to each serving tray.


Wedding Games

Most traditional weddings will not include many games. For those who are willing to step out of the box and want to add in some additional activities and fun throughout their wedding day, games are a great idea. Let guest know they can partake in a number of activities by having chalkboards for weddings game menu.


Honeymoon Fund

Planning on letting your guests add to your honeymoon fund? Let them know they can make contributions with a chalkboard glass jug! You can add in a more personal note or touch with this simple idea.


For Taking Photo

Let your guest have some fun by designing their own chalkboard picture props. If you don't want your guest to worry about the chalk dust getting all over their formal wear, then have a few creative chalkboard designs created that they can pose with for various pictures. You two can definitely participate into it!