Champagne and Light Blue Wedding and other Great Combos


Using a color as somber and soothing as champagne, brings out the most romantic visuals. It’s a neutral shade, that is why it pairs superbly with many other hues, both muted and bold. As champagne and light blue wedding theme offers elegance, pairing it with bold burgundy adds drama. Check out the best champagne wedding color themes rounded up for you.

Champagne Wedding Color Combos


Champagne and Light Blue

Champagne and light blue wedding can add a sophisticated glow to any event. A classy pairing of pastels, it has a lot to offer for a daytime nuptial. Accents like ivory and metallic, beautify it glamorously. Light blue bridesmaids’ dresses with champagne flowers or vice versa, groomsmen in light blue tie and boutonniere, floral arrangements and centerpieces with the floral accents like roses, peonies, hydrangeas and baby breath, all tend to give your event, a standout style.


Champagne and Burgundy Wedding

Give your champagne wedding a boost of colorfulness with the bold burgundy color. This combo gives the perfect look to your winter wedding. A touch of glitter adds glamour in it. Other accents include green, ivory and shades of brown. Champagne bridesmaids dresses with floral bouquet of burgundy roses, a champagne wedding cake, metallic centerpieces holding burgundy flowers, all combine to give you the most eye-catching décor.


Champagne and Peach Wedding

A pastel wedding combo that would beautify your spring/summer wedding. Grey, ivory and pinkish accents go the best with it. The softly hued combination has the best to offer for a daytime wedding. Peach and champagne bouquet, peach or champagne bridesmaid’s dresses, peach tie with a grey tux for groom, peach floral crowns, sweets, desserts and overall wedding venue gets the classy look with this flawless combo.


Champagne and Moss Green Wedding

A pastel shade like champagne is elegantly paired with the nature-inspired green color. The perfect shades for champagne are green moss and dark green moss. Ivory and shades of brown are the best accents. The combo guarantees a flawless wedding look for daytime garden weddings. Using fresh foliage and moss in centerpieces and arches, green or champagne bridesmaid’s dresses, foliage-inspired headpieces and a lot more can be experimented.


Champagne and Blush Pink Wedding

Those who aspire to give a dreamy and romantic ambiance to their big day, a champagne and blush wedding theme guarantees one. For accents ivory and additional touches of gold are enough. The gorgeous combination is best for a summer wedding. Bridesmaids dresses can be tried in both colors, blush pink or champagne. A variety of flowers is available in these colors for arches and centerpieces. Blush tie or bowtie with champagne tuxedos add a vintage appeal. After the champagne and light blue wedding, this is the only combo that promises a thorough classy appeal.


Champagne and Plum Wedding

Plum, when combined with champagne gives a bejeweled appeal. The drop dead gorgeous combination complement each other awesomely. Again, the added metallic tone, ivory, light purple and green accents beautify it to the next level. The combo works best for a winter wedding. Plum bridesmaid’s dresses, groomsmen in plum tie and boutonnieres, table linens, champagne and plum floral accents in arches and centerpieces, all result in the standard of perfection. Even wedding stationary to drinks and food items, all get an additional look, when combined in this sizzling combo.


Champagne and Mint Wedding

Add a soothing pop of mint color with champagne. The rocking combination gives a distinctive look to a daytime winter wedding. Ivory and gold accents add a dazzling radiance to it. Mint invitations, mint and gold bridesmaid dresses, mint wedding cakes and macaroons, fashion accessories and makeup, mint tie and boutonnieres, all the minor details tend to give the most appealing look in this sophisticated and stylish combo.


Champagne and Navy Blue Wedding

As champagne and light blue wedding promises a classy appeal, with champagne and navy, your event gets an elegant and gorgeous aura. The distinctive combination is for both indoor and outdoor events. Ivory, white and gold accents add more to the overall look. The features like a blue tuxedo with champagne tie, blue table linen with champagne centerpieces, navy bridesmaids dress with matching jewelry, each and every detail promises a spectacular view.