Buying Cheap Flip Flops for Wedding Reception Dance


A wedding reception is the happy time with happy faces all around. Being the host of the event, make sure you do have some ‘happy feet’ too. At a wedding reception, women are more likely to have painful toes especially after dancing, as wearing those fashionable high-heeled shoes could be quite fatiguing. Buying cheap flip flops for wedding guests is the right option to ponder on.

Why Flip Flops?

Most often ladies at a wedding reception end up on hurting feet. Wearing heels or other contemporary shoes for constant 3 to 4 hour (might be longer) is not easy. Even blisters on the feet are quite common on such occasion. Flip flops can be the best alternative to avoid this problem.

What Type of Flip Flops Should I Get?

Cheap flip flops for wedding are abundantly available in the markets as well as in online stores. Look for the pure-rubber (no EVA foam mixed) flip flops. These are ideal for casual walking or lounging around. These cheap rubber flip flops are 20 times more long lasting than any other flip-flop. These shoes come with complete guarantee of comfort and perfect cushion. Rubber flip flops are non-slippery and safe.

Normally, flip flops (Hawaiian style) are used in the beach weddings. But it can be utilized in any other weddings too. Dance floor is the place where your guest would need them the most. By the end of the night, you will see many girls wearing them. And if an after-party is on its way, you have all the rights to slip into these ultra-comfortable shoes.

Make sure the flip flops do not make a weird sound as the bride or bridal party walk down the aisle. A flip-flopping sound, while you are dancing, is not a big deal. The loudness of the festivity would surely hide that.

How Many Pairs to Buy

The quantity of the pairs to be bought mainly depends upon the number of guests attending the ceremony. The first thing is to estimate the total number of the guests. Secondly, see how many ladies are attending the event. Suppose you are having about 180 guests over all. And half of them are women belonging to all age groups. Buying around 50 to 60 pairs of shoes in total would be enough. Not all of them are going to put those cheap flip flops for wedding on. Only those interested in dancing and grooving would opt for them.

What Sizes to Pick

You can find cheap flip flops for wedding in all the sizes. Size 5 to 10 are the most commonly used sizes. You may divide the total number of shoes in these sizes equally. Don’t forget people with size 11 and add a couple of pairs in size 11 as well. (No cardinal rule for size or number, choices may vary people to people).

Tip: people with small size feet can still wear a shoes of a bigger size. But a small sized shoes is of no worth to the people having big feet. So prefer having more mediums or large numbers than S or XS.

Where to Place Them

The next step is to place them properly. Buy a couple of baskets for these pairs. Divide and tag them according to the size. You can decorate the baskets in various ways. If the wedding has some theme color, use the same color to decorate these baskets with bows or ribbons. Or else, use of interesting and witty tags with it would also look good. We have seen a few with the funny tags like ‘save your shoes and dance’, and ‘dancing shoes’, etc.

Placing these baskets filled with flip flops, in the bathroom is the best idea. All the ladies can easily change their shoes inside. Or else keeping them close to the DJ stand is another suitable suggestion.

Where to Get Cheap Flip Flops

Low cost and cheap flip flops are easily available these days. Local markets or online, you can buy them at the reasonable price. It's better if you buy cheap flip flops for wedding in person instead of buying them online. In online shopping, you cannot check the quality of the rubber. It’s good to check and make sure you buy the best. Here are a few suggestions by the people about the best places to buy flip flops.

  • I was referred to BMs flip flops at Hobby Lobby. I found a great variety there. I bought my pair for $1.99. Those who want to purchase in bulk, please take a look at  I believe you can find a great range there.”

  • “I had a few pairs for my bridal party from Ebay. Variety in size and color is great.”

  • “Our nearest spot was Boohoo. They also offer stupendous variety on low-cost prices.

  • “My quest for flip flops for wedding ended up on Old Navy. It offers perfect color range and sizes.”

  • “A friend of mine suggested Walmart and it cost around $2.28 at that time. Quite reasonable I believe.”

  • “Target, Michaels and Dollar store are my favorite.”