17 Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations


After all the fuss and stress of wedding planning is over, it’s time to plan a honeymoon trip. Have all those big wedding expenses disturbed your budget? No worries! You would have to start it all with the right financial foot, without sacrificing any perks of it. Here we have enlisted the best and cheap honeymoon destinations to stroll through.

17 Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Marrakech, Morocco

Admirers of simplicity would surely love a budget friendly honeymoon in Marrakech, Morocco. There are many cost-effective places to stay like Raid Azzar or Riyad El Cadi. Explore various places in the city where you can have fun like there’s no tomorrow. You will get places to eat and dance. Golf courses are a major attraction.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This place has a lot to offer to the adventure lovers. You can have adventurous ski experience (Dec to April), rafting trip (summer) or hiking on the Bridger Gondola. All at quite reasonable prices. Even the stay charges per night are quite budget-friendly. Do not miss the chance to feast on the grilled food (fish, steaks, BBQ).


Aruba is one of the best picks especially for the beach lovers. An area with peaceful surroundings, has so much to offer. Places like Gold Mill Ruins, Alto Vista Chapel and California Lighthouse are must-watch. For swimming purpose, Aruba’s natural pool is the best choice. For eating, there is a lot to stuff your face.

Kaanapali Beach Hawaii

Amazing beach destination with scenic surroundings. Swimming, sun bath, fun and food, all at one place. The Sheraton Maui resort located here gives you budget-friendly stay, with the comfiest and coziest honeymoon suites. Above all, do not forget to take a fun-plunge from the lava rock point.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

A small town with the population of around 6,000 people, offers a peaceful surrounding with rustling palm trees. It’s one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations. There are many honeymoon resorts. The one that would suit your budget is Cala Luna. It's laced with all the modern facilities including a power boat trip for all.

Puerto Rico

Capital, San Jaun has so many cultural attractions. You will never run short of activates here, at reasonable rates. Its night-life has a lot to offer. Don’t forget to embark towards the sandy beaches of Vieques island. Blue beach is best known for snorkeling, horse riding and viewing unique marine life like colorful fish and large sea turtle.


Get the pure country feel in the simple yet picturesque surroundings of Emerald’s isle’s west coast. From simple village life to historical castles, you would enjoy every bit of it. Dublin, the capital is comparatively expensive but gives good bargaining options.


This is another budget-friendly honeymoon getaway, offering magical old world charm. The destination features amazing options like old castles, stunning fishing villages, olive groves, golf courses, etc. Above all, the destination offers amazingly low dining, staying and car rental rates.

Havasupai, Arizona

Located in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon, the destination offers great visual treats to the visitors. Havasu falls with crystal clear water cascading all around is just breath taking. Hotels at cost-effective price are easily available in this area. Camping facility is also catered at great prices per head.

Yellowstone, US

Don’t you dare pass up Yellowstone as one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations. Set off to the land of natural wonders. The red canyon walls offer great adventures for hikers. Scenic and secluded waterfalls, forests, fishing at the lake, horse riding, exploring wildlife are just a few pros of many. Get a cheap tent service for stay.

Williamsburg, Virginia

It’s an ideal place for a couple that love history. An anciently-built town that spreads on 173 acres and it has a lot of ancient architecture and culture to explore. Old houses, cobblestone streets to walk on. Above all you can easily get cheap stay in those historical houses.

Quebec City, Canada

Another noteworthy location filled with rich heritage and historical architecture. The place seems quite romantic for a honeymoon couple. The prices are also affordable as compared to the past few years. Many high class hotels offer their services at cost-effective rates. B&Bs, and Airbnb are one of the best.


Most famous and lively destination of southeast Asia. The travel charges as well as other related charges of the location, all are quite reasonable. There are so many cheap places to stay. The tropical paradise has so many places to explore. Phuket and Ko Samui are the best ones.


A perfect honeymoon destination with varied sides to explore. Art, culture, architecture, delicious food, fun at coastline, simple village life, hiking, fishing and so on, the country is enriched with great fun options and the rates are also quite cheap. The country has a longer coastline with three different seas: Mediterranean, Black and Aegean.

Sri Lanka

A culturally-enriched destination with stupendous features. Each passing year, it is attracting more and more visitors internationally. Though the distance may cost you high airfare but the place in itself is quite cost-effective. Food, stay, exploring the destinations, all make it one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations.


It’s a place full of adventures. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, boating, sports activities, all can be experienced at a single place. The place has nice historic sites to explore. All this and a lot more at the best price range.

Mediterranean Cruise

Getting on board to a cruise is quite a unique and romantic idea. You may get many all-inclusive cruise packages especially in summer. Exploring different foods with all other entertainment in a single package sounds quite reasonable.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Honeymoon on a Budget!

  • Set your budget first. Look for an all-inclusive affordable honeymoon package.

  • A travel agent can better guide you about places and expenditures. So it’s a sound idea to get help from one.

  • While looking for cheap honeymoon destinations, get some honeymoon registry. 

  • Choosing an off-season destination would save you many bucks.

  • Avoid long-distance destinations to save on airfare.

  • Book your air tickets on the weekend. At this time, business travel is normally low. So you can be lucky enough to get cheaper rates.

  • Keep your honeymoon as simple as possible. It’s time to relax and that can be done simply.

  • Do not waste time. Get booked for the all-inclusive resort or hotel. The earlier you book, the better availability and value you would get.