Cheap Wedding Flowers – Top Tips for a Bride on a Budget


When planning a wedding, the décor and the flowers require a huge part of your attention and budget. Since flowers are among the biggest expenses most couples make before their wedding day, lots of brides are seeking budget options that would help them reduce the costs spent on beautiful blooms. If you are one of these future brides, yet are not willing to sacrifice style and elegance for the sake of staying on a budget, then check out these cheap wedding flowers and ideas, meant to offer the best of two worlds: gorgeous arrangements with a tempting price tag.

Cheap Wedding Flowers – Top Tips for a Bride on a Budget

Tip 1: Say YES to Cheap Flowers!

There is a wide range of flowers out there that you are probably not even considering, in a sea of expensive roses and peonies. More precisely, give plants such as gypsophila a chance! Create bouquets and arrangements by using this lovely and delicate flower in combination with one expensive flower of your choice for an affordable and gorgeous look. Other alternatives that won’t harm your pockets? Some of the most popular cheap wedding flowers are gerberas – use this beautiful flower in shades of red and orange for a winter or late fall wedding. Sunflowers, begonia, rice flower and the lovely carnations, which are highly versatile as they come in a large range of colors, are other great options for a bride on a budget. Hydrangeas are another ideal solution – not necessarily because they’re the cheapest, but because they are very voluminous and look like actual bouquets by themselves.

Tip 2: Go for Sparse and Stylish

Voluminous wedding reception centerpieces that include hundreds of roses of peonies can cost a fortune. But here’s one amazing idea: more is not always more. Sometimes, sparse and simplistic arrangements can be just as stunning, if not even more original and one of a kind. There are various ways to use fewer flowers without making it apparent that you are trying to save money. Firstly, you can collect or purchase for a small price different types of small recipients: anything from tiny vases to small bottles and jars. And since your recipients are on the smaller side, then placing just one or a few flowers can actually look great. When you are going all in on sparse and minimalistic arrangements, one element is key: have verticality in mind. Tall flowers, preferably with multiple blooms are as affordable as any others, yet look more suitable for your tiny vases arrangement. Some of the best picks for this particular style: blazing star, Veronica, hosta or astilbe.

Tip 3: Go Local and Seasonal

Purchasing flowers that are out of season is always more expensive. So the first thing you need to do when looking for cheap wedding flowers is to make a list of the available flowers at the time of your wedding. When talking to a florist, mention your exact wedding date, not just the month, as what can be affordable and available at the beginning of a season-changing month might not be as cheap as time progresses and the weather changes. In addition to opting for seasonal flowers, make sure that you are also buying flowers that grow in your area. Blooms that do not grow in your climate will automatically be more expensive, since they will include transportation costs and additional handling fees.

Tip 4: Get Creative

There are a few ways to save bucks when it comes to wedding flowers and the easiest way is to grow the flowers yourself. If you’re not the most talented gardener around, then maybe one of your friends or family members is – make them an offer for a few gorgeous blooms from their garden. One of your friends has a lilac tree in their backyard? Bingo! When trying to find the best cheap wedding flowers, another way to stay on a budget is to forgo the services of a florist and to simply purchase and arrange the centerpieces yourself – and since you’ll more than likely be a busy bee on your big day, it’s better to have one of the more artistically inclined bridesmaids arrange the flowers for you. Flowers are expensive, but paying for professional services can double your costs.

Tip 5: Go Silky!

When talking about cheap wedding flowers, one cannot complete a top list without mentioning silk flowers, which are in high demand these days, mainly because they look just as pretty as the real things, for a fraction of the price. Moreover, after the reception, you can reuse your wedding flowers to decorate your home or gift them to your friends, not to mention that you can rent such arrangements ahead for the big day for a much lower price. In most cases, guests won’t even make the difference, which makes silky blooms one of the best inexpensive wedding flowers out there.