Best Classic Rock Music for Father And Daughter Dancing


There are no special words to describe the father daughter relationship. The moment when they dance together in her wedding is probably the most emotional one. Making choice for the music is not an easy task. You don’t need to restrict yourself to the songs with lyrics purely for father and daughter. Songs of friendship and togetherness can also be selected. Check out the best classic rock songs for father daughter dance.

16 Best Classic Rock Music for Father And Daughter Dancing


‘In My Life’, The Beatles

This song tops the list because nothing describes the feelings between father and daughter more than this one. It says, many important things and people come and go in life but I love you the most of them all.


‘Old Time Rock n Roll’, Bob Seger

This 1978 song can be another good choice for this occasion because it’s quite situational. A father is requesting his daughter to play some nice old song to dance as he is not impressed by the new music.


‘My Darling’, Wilco

It’s a classic lullaby kind of a song where a father is addressing his baby to sleep well, don’t be afraid of any bad dream. We are and will always be together as a family.


‘Sweet Child O, Mine’, Guns n Roses

Emotional classic rock music for father and daughter dancing that can make both father and daughter cry. The song expresses various feelings of a father that he experiences each time, he watches the face of his little angel.


‘Landslide’, Fleetwood Mac

Landslide, in this folk rock song is described as a big change in life (like wedding). It says, I depend on you for each and every thing in life. But I will learn to live without you ultimately.


‘Turn Turn Turn’, The Byrds

The folk rock song conveys a brilliant message about life. Time is the most important thing in life. Everything comes with time. And when it happens, accept it with an open heart.


‘God Only Knows’, The Beach Boys

The 1966 song, describes a situation where one (father) is imagining about the life after parting ways with the loved one (daughter). It says, only god knows how I would survive without you.


‘When You Need Me,’ Bruce Springsteen

Truly a soulful song that expresses the emotions between father and daughter. The words say, in every trouble you face, I will always be there for you. All you need is to call my name.


‘Father and Daughter’ Paul Simon

This one is a fascinating song that expresses the love and concerns of a father for his daughter. And the way he assures her of his love, makes it perfect for classic rock music for father and daughter dancing.


‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ , Elton John

The famous and beautiful soft rock song by Elton John signifies the importance of love and togetherness. Irrespective of who you are, someone rich or poor, love is equally beautiful for all.


‘Forever’ , The Beach Boys

The 1970 song by The Beach Boys, is a beautiful depiction of unconditional love. It is about how far one can go to make the person he loves, happy and complete.


Here for You’, Neil Young

The soulful lyrics in this country rock song indicate the inner feelings of a father on his girl’s wedding. The person in the song, addresses his loved one and makes sure his presence in all the ups and downs of life.


‘You are My Best Friend’, Queen (band)

The bonding between father and daughter is more like best friends. Same is the concept of this lovely classic rock song. How a father addresses his daughter and confesses their relation as best companions.


‘I’ll Stand by You’, The Pretenders

The beautiful lyrics suggest the feeling of protection that father gives to his daughter. An assurance that no matter what happens, a father will always stand by her.


‘Brown Eyed Girl’, Van Morrison

This classic rock music for father and daughter dancing is all about an old grieved father who is remembering the trivial things of his daughter’s childhood. Some memories are making him happy and some brings tears in his old eyes.


‘She’s a Rainbow’, The Rolling Stones

The song could be the perfect choice for a father daughter dance. It is about the pure love. How someone (father) finds purity, zeal and inspiration for life in the person (daughter) he loves.