11 Best Colours Matching Coral


An elegantly bright color, coral is an amalgamation of orangey, peachy and pink color. Basically it’s a summer/spring weddings color. But its darker hues can be used in fall weddings to get a warm feel. Coral is a versatile shade, but what colors match coral? Magically they include neutrals as well as primary shades.

Best Colours Matching Coral for a Beautiful Wedding

Here is a comprehensive list of the best combinations with coral to give your wedding the best possible look.

Coral, Teal and Light Grey

Joyful coral looks best when accents like vibrant teal and somber grey are added with it. The combination is best for a spring/summer outdoor wedding.

Coral bridal bouquets look refreshing in a bride’s hands with an ivory gown. And a coral boutonniere over a grey groom’s dress gives a romantic touch. All these colors can be freely used for bridesmaid’s dresses. Experiment with this combination for chair and table décor. Even these colors are best used to create delightfully refreshing cupcakes and other wedding desserts.


Coral, Aqua and Yellow

A rejuvenating combination, it seems best for outdoor wedding, especially for beach wedding.

Combination of yellow and coral flowers looks great in bridal bouquets, boutonniere or other floral arrangement like backdrop or table centerpieces. Using aqua vases for centerpieces goes great in beach wedding. Accents like silk ribbons or sea shells of this combination can be added. For bridesmaid’s dresses you can go for coral or aqua both. If you want to give bridesmaid gowns a more non-traditional and sun-kissed look, yellow short dresses can also be tried.


Coral with Pink and Raspberry

Combination of pink and raspberry is the most refreshing and romantic combination of colours matching coral. This combo is ideal for a spring/summer indoor and outdoor weddings as you will have a lot of flowers of these colors to experiment with. 

Whether its bridal bouquet, boutonniere, bridesmaid’s bouquet or centerpieces, you will have a great color range of flowers. Freshly colored fruits and desserts can be placed in centerpieces.


Navy Blue with Coral

Navy blue and coral is one of the most graceful rustic wedding combinations. It is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor weddings.

Navy blue table drapes give a nice background to the fresh coral accents like flowers and centerpieces. Bridesmaids wearing navy blue gowns and holding coral bouquets look stunning. If it’s a rustic outdoor wedding, use of burlap over navy blue table drapes is yet another awesome idea.


Coral and Green

Coral and green are the most complimentary colors and different shades of green make the best colours matching coral. The combination is ideal for a garden or backyard wedding. Natural greenery as the backdrop and front accented with coral with various green accents is the best idea for an outdoor wedding.

Experiment with various shades of green like fresh green, mint or moss green. All shades are accented brilliantly with it. Groom can wear a nice green tie, and greenery in his boutonniere, etc.


Coral and Turquoise

This elegant combination of pastel shades is best for summer weddings. Both the colors are freshly vibrant and give a fresh feel to the whole environment. Prefer using these romantic hues in daytime events in summer.

With coral and turquoise, you can have a variety of inspirations for event decorations, whether it’s bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, centerpieces or desserts. The combination also goes great with destination weddings, especially the beach weddings. Nothing represents a beach wedding theme more impressively than a touch of turquoise.


Coral and Gold

In the past couple of years gold has become quite trendy for wedding events and one of the best colours matching coral. Gold looks classy and coral represents romance. The combo is suitable for both summer and winter weddings. When combined, they both look soothing and appealing to eyes and give a warm feeling.

Gold or coral bridesmaid dresses, gold centerpieces with coral hued flowers are just stunning. For the decoration of banquet hall, gold chairs and coral drapes on the table look classy.


Coral, White and Ivory

Coral with white and ivory accent is best to use in summer indoor and outdoor weddings.

Men can wear ivory waistcoats or shirt with a coral boutonniere. Ivory and coral flowers can be combined to form elegant bridal bouquets, corsages, centerpieces and backdrop. Tables can be accented with desserts like iced ivory and coral biscuits or cupcake. Bridesmaids look elegant with same dresses in various shades of coral.


Coral with Serenity

Serenity is for sure one of the classiest colours matching coral. Combination of these two classy pastels is best to use in summer outdoor weddings.

Bridesmaid dresses, wedding accessories, banquet hall decorations, wedding desserts hence every detail can be turned out the best using this elegantly romantic combination.


Coral with Plum

The eye warming combination of coral with plum is best for winter/fall weddings. The event can be outdoor or indoor, the combination works greatly for both.

Plum bridesmaid’s dresses with coral bouquets, coral bridal bouquet and centerpieces flowers are just a few ideas. Accents like ivory are best paired with this combo. You can do a lot more, adding the combination in wedding cakes or cupcakes etc. look fabulously elegant.


Coral and Black

Black is one of those nonconventional wedding colours matching coral. Black, if used intelligently, can create wonderful impact. Coral and black are best accented with white and gray shades. The combination is suitable for night time indoor events. Black bridesmaid dresses with coral flower bouquet, black groom’s suit with a coral boutonniere or banquet tables covered with black drapes with coral centerpieces are just a few ideas. You can experiment with a lot more.