20 Beautiful Hairstyles for The Confirmation


A Conformation is a major religious milestone for any young lady and there is a great deal of planning that goes into one. For many, this event includes finding the perfect dress or outfit as well as a fitting hairstyle that will help enhance the look of your confirmation dress. But what types of hairstyles are appropriate for such a religious event? Here you will find a number of great hairstyles for the confirmation for short, medium or long hair types.

20 Beautiful Conformation Hairstyle for Short to Long Hair


Short and Featured

This simple hairstyle is whimsical and quick to pull off. The wispy featured out ends of this hairstyle gives this look more texture and volume, resulting in a fun and more formal look.


Pinned Backed Curls

Just because you have short hair does not mean you can’t have curls. The combination of tight spiral curls and soft loose curls gives hairstyle a more modern look that looks natural. By pulling just a small section of the front back and pinning it with a beautiful hair comb or clip, you get a lovely dramatic look with very little effort.


Short and Refined

This short hairstyle really allows you to keep the focus on your dress and on your face. Most of the hair is pinned back into a small and barely noticeable bun at the back of the head. A vintage-inspired headpiece is used to keep the front slightly teased pieces out of the face for an ultra chic and refined look.


Twists and Curls

This hairstyle features tight spring curls that are twisted back away from the face in a traditional, completed look. Perfect for those who want to change up their everyday short hair in a classic way.


Sleek and Chic

This is one incredible polished look which is something many are going for when it comes to their hairstyles for the confirmation. This sophisticated look brings up the volume and tightly wraps the hair in a twist in the back. For a little extra glamor, include a hair accessory that matches your dress!


Jewel, Braids, and Curls

This formal updo combines beautiful curls, glistening gems and thin braids for a truly elegant updo. While the curls offer a formal and feminine touch, the braids that cross throughout the hairstyle is what really makes this style stand out. With a few jewel details, you have the perfect hairstyle to accent your perfect confirmation dress.


Retro Inspired Sleek High Bun

This hairstyle is perfect for those with medium length hairs. It features a retro high up do that is super sleek and chic. The voluminous bun is perfectly slicked back high on the back of the head. It is then wrapped with a simple ribbon and bow for a truly regal and timeless look.


Braided Headband and Curls

This hairstyle can be accomplished with most hair lengths, but is really fitting for those with medium to long hair. The perfectly placed braid acts as a lovely hair band while the soft falling curls cascade loosely for a stunning almost fairy princess effect.


Half-Up Twist and Curls

For most young ladies, having the perfect hairstyle means being comfortable while still looking beautiful and this formal hairstyle ensure just that. The hair is gather at the back of the neck and loosely held in place. Crossing twists of hair add in another element of drama while still maintaining its simple appeal.


Modern Drop Braid

The drop braid is a favorite hairstyle for any occasion, but this hairstyle offers a bit a different spin on it. Instead of the hair just dropping, it is beautifully gather in a modern side bun. Those looking to steer away from most of the traditional styles will love the look of this hairstyle


Modern Voluminous High Bun

If you are looking for updated traditional hairstyles for the confirmation, then this updo is perfect for you. This voluminous updo is simple yet stunning and is made even more beautiful by adding in a delicate wire hairband.


Messy Low Bun

If all the glamor and hairspray are not your thing, then you are probably looking for a hairstyle that is more low key. The messy low bun is a favored hairstyle that can exude elegance in the most subtle, yet flattering way.


Side Ballet Bun

If the high centered bun is too traditional for you, or you just want something a little different, this sleek side ballet bun can be just for you. As an additional unique element to this hairstyle, a thick band of the hair is wrapped around the hairline of the head and leads into the pristine bun.


Southern Belle Curls

With a little bit of volume added at the crown of the head, you can take a simple hairstyle, like large soft curls, to enhance it for a more formal and pageant worthy look.


Simple Braids And Accesories

Putting a little bit of a twist on some simple techniques can go a long way. This hairstyle is perfect for younger girls and is incredibly simple to duplicate. With just three small braids and a few hair accessories, your look will be complete.


Hair Bow

If you are the type that really likes to draw attention to details, then this bow hairstyle is just for you. What is also so great about this hairstyle, besides the spectacular bow your hair creates, is that it is so unique that little else needs to be done. You can leave the rest of your long locks natural, straightened or curls and the bow would just add to the glamorous effect.


Cascading Curls

This stunning formal updo is perfect for those with long hair and with any hair type. The cascading beautiful curls are the perfect match to enhance any confirmation dress. Display a jeweled or beaded headpiece at the top of the curls for an even more elegant look.


French Braid Head Piece

Hairstyles for the confirmation do not always have to be so elaborate. This simple yet stunning hairstyle is the perfect option for it. A braid circling the crown of the head for a bohemian hairstyle is a great option for those with long and thick hair.


Starburst French Braid Head Piece

This hairstyle is similar to the previous one with one noticeable and unique difference. The braid is created tighter against the head and gives the appearance of originating from a small circle at the top of the head.


Beautiful Waves

For something modern and refined without all the bells and whistles, this stunning waved hairstyle is perfect. This is a great alternative to the traditional soft curls and still portrays a spectacular finish. Adding in a shimmering hair accessory, you look is complete.