22 Wedding Recessional Country Songs for Your Day


Whether you are a diehard country fan or can tolerate a few catchy hits, there is no denying that country music has a magical way of saying “I Love You”. You don’t have to have a country theme wedding to throw in a few of these heartfelt songs and just adding a few to the recession part of your ceremony is a great way to start off your new life and get everyone in a celebratory mood! If you’re looking for some of most appropriate wedding recessional country songs, then you’ve come to the right place!

22 Wedding Recessional Country Songs

Cowboy Take Me Away, Dixie Chicks

What better way to end the ceremony than with this fun and upbeat song? Have some fun as you make your walk back down the aisle as the new Mr. and Mrs.

I Like It, I Love It, Tim McGraw

You want your recessional song to lighten the mood and get everyone ready to celebrate. This song from Tim McGraw is sure to do just that! It’s got a classic country beat that your guest won’t be able to resist tapping their foot to.

I Love You, Martina McBride

You may recognize this song from “Runaway Bride” starring Julia Roberts. The song is simple and cute with a catchy beat that just brings a smile to your face.

How Forever Feels, Kenny Chesney

How Forever Feels tells the story of a young man who seems to have had a pretty good life but finds something missing. It perfectly touches on the new life you and your new husband/wife are embarking on.

Will You Go with Me, Josh Turner

Josh Turner has a deep classic country voice that just brings this song to life. It is a sweet song that is so fitting for the end of your ceremony as you take each other’s hand as newlyweds.

Why Don’t We Just Dance, Josh Turner

With an upbeat tempo and a classic country beat, this is one of the wedding recessional country songs that will let your guests know it’s time to dance!

Next to You Next to Me, Rascal Flatts

Originally this song was released by the American country group Shenandoah and was added as a bonus track on the Rascal Flatts' album Changed in 2012. Its a fun and upbeat song that lets everyone know there is nowhere you’d rather be than right by your lover’s side.

Love You Out Loud, Rascal Flatts

This song is full of energy and will let everyone know just how in love you newlyweds are! It is all about being in love, which is what makes it such a perfect fit for your recessional song.

Stuck Like Glue, Sugarland

“You and me baby we’re stuck like glue” are the perfect lyrics that describe your new union. This fun and upbeat song will simply bring a smile to everyone’s face.

This Kiss is one of the most popular country recessional songs and for good reason. It has a catchy beat and catchy lyrics that will fill your ceremony hall with romance and happiness.

Ever Ever After, Carrie Underwood

This song is a great combination of country pop and rock for something a little bit more different than the traditional classic country recessional songs. It’s a beautiful ballad that has an incredibly catchy melody.

Our Kind of Love, Lady Antebellum

If you are looking for country wedding recessional songs which are fun and fresh, then this just might be the song for you. The song talks about the many experiences couples go through together and how sometimes it is best not to take things too seriously and to just love the ride. 

I Could Not Ask for More, Sara Evans

I Could Not Ask for More was originally released in 1999 by Edwin McCain. Sara Evans put a country spin on it in 2001. Her version is a more mellow and slow option for your recessional song but is still a beautiful and touching song.

Suds in the Bucket, Sara Evans

What better song to play on a day when you should have no worries or concerns than this one, which is for the typical everyday chores, like doing the laundry. It’s a fun song about a young woman who runs off with her boyfriend, because you can’t stop love.

Love Grows Wild, Dierk’s Bentley

Another popular recessional song is this one from Dierks Bentley. It’s got that foot tapping melody that just warms the heart and is sure to put everyone in a happy mood to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs.

Wanna Love Somebody, Keith Urban

In 2009, this hit from Keith Urban was named as the number one country song for the first decade in the 21st century, so you know it has all you would want in a recessional song to make it a huge hit after your ceremony.

Once in a Lifetime, Keith Urban

Released a few years after the previous song and had just as much success. What makes this song perfect for your trip back down the aisle is the story it tells about a man and a woman starting a new and exciting relationship together.

Till My Last Day, Justin Moore

It’ll be hard to find wedding recessional country songs that are more perfect than this one. It not only sums up the feelings of the happy couple but it is also upbeat. This one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser in every way.

Yes! Chad Brock

This beautiful country song tells the classic story of how a boy meets a girl and the rest is just history. It touches on how easy relationships can be when faith intervenes.

I Want Crazy, Hunter Hayes

For the fun and quirky couples, this will be the perfect song that can really play a tribute to your personalities. The lyrics express how any ordinary lover won’t do because he is looking for a relationship that is a bit more crazy, but in a good way.

Our Song, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for her capabilities for writing love songs and this is one from her teenage years that packs a heartfelt punch. It features a classic upbeat country tempo completed with a banjo and fiddle.

I Cross My Heart, George Strait

As our last choice on the list of country wedding recessional songs, this is an oldie but goodie, released in 1992. The song is featured in the movie Pure Country with beautiful lyrics such as “you’ll never find a love as true as mine”.