Collection of Best Country Wedding Songs


Wedding is an intimate bond for the rest of life. Music plays an essential role in any type of wedding celebration. Wedding songs vary according to its type. Country style wedding has a different approach in traditions, ceremony, decoration and dresses. Your music should have that pure country-like feel. Here is the best compilation of country wedding songs in order of events to guide you choose the best.

“Getting Ready” Songs for Country Wedding

Wedding morning is a special time with “No Gentlemen Allowed!” rule. Bride not only gets ready for the event but also spends some quality time with her bridesmaids. Addition of excellent country songs, to cherish her love, will surely accentuate the bliss of the hours.

“Fearless” by Tyler Swift

The song is perfect to celebrate the upcoming married life. It elaborates, to be in love is not always easy, you also have to go through hard times. But with your better half by your side, you can be fearless. Fearless, to face all those obstacles and pains.


“Some Hearts” by Carrie Underwood

A beautiful lyrical country song, represents the pure feelings of thankfulness by a girl for someone special in her life. It explains how a worthless life seems precious after falling in love with him. The country music style of the song is a plus.


“Little Bit of Everything” by Keith Urban

The song is a sweet fusion of country and rock background music. Lyrics show the love for natural elements like ‘Oak Tree’, ‘dust’ that makes it a preferred choice for country wedding songs. The song signifies the value of true love and small everyday things in life for happiness, and no craving for riches or other worldly desires.

“Ceremony” Songs for Country Wedding

Though, playing wedding songs on country wedding’s ceremonial parts like wedding processional, recessional and interludes is not traditional but playing pure country music can elevate the whole rustic environment. Check out some great ‘ceremony’ songs.

"From This Moment On," by Shania Twain

The song is perfect to play in the background on the events of ring exchange as well as the time when the newlywed couple vows to celebrate this relation for the rest of life. The lyrics are all about the declaration of love and care for the better half.


"First Love Song," by Luke Bryan

The lyrics express best, why you want to walk with her through life. The cute lyrics express the love, deep down in the heart in a romantic way. Lines like,I just think of you and everything you do You're my one, my from now on… are best to express the love of a lifetime.


“When I Said I Do” by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

“When I said I do, I meant that I will / ‘Til the end of all time / Be faithful and true, devoted to you.” This song is the most situational country wedding song. The lyrics explain the feelings and sentiments of that moment very well.


"Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts

It’s one of the best romantic country songs ever. The lyric, the music, all is perfect for these ceremony events, when the truly blessed couple stands together and vows for the life to come. The song beautifully expresses the feelings of gratefulness towards God for blessing him with someone special and loving.

“First Dance” Songs for Country Wedding

You might have danced on several occasions, with your lady-love. But first dance is the first event to dance as a couple officially. This moment should reflect the joining of hearts and souls.

“It’s Your Love” by Tim Mcgraw with Faith Hill

It’s a beautiful first dance song. The lyrics are all about expressing that ‘I am so lucky to have you’, not only this but also about the various ways your partner’s love have changed your life. Dancing on such romantic lyrics in your first dance seems touching.


“I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice

The song is about the man fallen in love and getting married. He explains, though he can’t dance but today, on this special occasion, even he is ready to dance as he sings, “I don't dance, but here I am”. The music, the lyrics are perfect for the first dance.


“Cowboy Take Me Away” by Dixie Chicks

It’s one of the best country wedding songs ever. It’s perfect for the first dance because of the catchy music as well as the romantic lyrics. The girl addresses her ‘man’ as a ‘cowboy’ and wants him to take her away from everyone.


“Hey Pretty Girl” by Kip Moore

“Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance?” As the lyrics suggest, the song is about a lovely request of dancing with your pretty girl or bride. The song is quite situational for the first dance. The high and low beats would make the dancing more enjoyable for the couple.

“Parent Dance” Songs for Country Wedding

Dancing with your parents, whether ‘father/daughter dance’ or ‘mother/son dance’, both are an emotional roller coaster ride. Remembering the moments spent with your parents throughout the childhood and later in life, will surely leave you with misty-eyes.

"I'll Be," by Reba McEntire

Parents love you unconditionally, more than anyone in the world. The lyrics of this song suggest the same. No matter what happens, ‘I will be there for you’. That’s the message of this song. It’s one of the best written country wedding songs for parent dance.


“As You Dance” by Reid Michaels

It’s a perfect solo song for a father/daughter dance. The lyrics are surely going to make the bride cry. The song beautifully expresses the feelings of a loving dad towards his daughter, and shows his eagerness to dance with his little angel on this special day of her.


‘Letting Go’ by Suzy Bogguss

A soulful mother/son country wedding song, reflecting a mother’s pure love and sacrifices throughout her life for him till this very day. To portray the unconditional love of a mother for her son, the song is the best choice.

“Reception Entrance” Songs for Country Wedding

It’s a good idea to play some awesomely romantic song to let the people around know that the newlywed couple is approaching.

“When Love Finds You” by Vince Gill

It’s a soulful and romantic song. The words like “Love is the power that makes your heart beat, it can make you move mountains… are good enough to elevate the romantic feel.


"Love Story," by Taylor Swift

The song beautifully portrays the feelings of a bride walking down with her love. A bride normally feels the same as the singer sings throughout the song like, You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess, It’s a love story, baby, just say, "Yes".


"Lovin' You Is Fun," by Easton Corbin

The lyrics are all about how it feels falling in love. Love supersedes all other emotions. If it’s a true love, you will enjoy each moment in the company of your beloved, as the lyrics say, “Baby, lovin’ you is fun”.


“Here for the Party,” by Gretchen Wilson

It’s a song full of life and energy. The lyrics suggest that it’s the time to celebrate and party all night. The song explains various tasks that you wish to do tonight.

Country Wedding Songs for “Reception”

Make your guests burn the dance floor with catchy tunes. Reception is an event when guests of all the ages are invited to dance. Hiring a DJ to play the country songs would be a better idea.

"Country Girl (Shake It for Me)," by Luke Bryan

It’s one of the best songs for country wedding ever. The natural elements are addressed beautifully. The song is about a lover who invites a country girl to come and dance for him. It has a catchy music that will keep the guests on their feet.


"Why Don't We Just Dance," by Josh Turner

A fun song with catchy beats to dance on. The theme of the song is about a boring couple, who finally ends up on dancing, to get rid of the boredom and how dancing together cheers them up etc.


“Meant to Be” by Sammy Kershaw

It’s been made in pure country-style music. The song is about the sweet reality of life. Everyone will find someone to love, no matter how hard it seems but, “some things are meant to be”.

“Last Dance” for Country Wedding

Last dance will determine the moods of the guests while exiting. It would be great to choose some nicely tuned country ballads. Here are a few.

"When the Stars Go Blue," by Tim McGraw

Beautiful song with traditional rustic music. The soft tune of the song will relax all the wedding attendants and will surely lessen the whole day’s stress. The song is a nice comparison of dancing and happiness. No matter how hard the days are, keep dancing and keep moving.


"Carrying Your Love with Me," by George Strait

A mesmerizing song where lover is feeling blessed to have found the love of his life. To him this love is everything. Nothing else but his lady’s love is all that he requires.


"Run Away with You," by Big & Rich

The song is about the significance of being together and spending some quality time with your love. The country music, perfect lyrics and singing make it a perfect choice for country wedding songs.

“After Party” Songs for Country Wedding

After party is normally attended by the closest of all so it’s good to choose some rowdy and fast-paced type of songs.

"Firecracker," by Josh Turner

It’s quite a pappy song where the singer is addressing his girlfriend as a firecracker. He quite interestingly compares his lady to various objects. Overall it’s a fun romantic song.


"I Don't Want This Night to End," by Luke Bryan

The classy song is about a romantic night spent with the lover and how you do not want this night to be ended. The song is quite situational, so it should be picked for after party.


"Friends in Low Places," by Garth Brooks

It’s a country ballad about a cowboy who is performing at some engagement or wedding party and has engaged all the people in audience, in his song.