15 Insteresting Couples Wedding Shower Themes


Wedding showers aren't just for the bride anymore. More and more couples are turning to joint wedding showers (often referred to as Jack & Jill showers) to celebrate ahead of their big day. There are several fun themes for the shower that everyone can enjoy! We've compiled a list of the best couples wedding shower themes to help you decide the type of party to throw.

Couple's Wedding Shower Themes You Will Like



Turn up the heat with a barbecue or outdoor theme. Perfect for couples that love cooking out or camping. It's one of the perfect couples wedding shower themes for a party taking place in late spring, summer or early fall. Guests can bring presents like grilling tools, camping equipment or any outdoor activity the couple loves! Food is a breeze. Grill up some hot dogs or hamburgers, and have guests bring side dishes!


Sunday Brunch

If you're looking for a theme that everyone will love, no matter their background, Sunday brunch is a perfect option. Pour some mimosas, slice bagels and make some waffles. If you really want to go all out, hire a chef to do an omelet bar. Gifts can be things for the home, or kitchen gadgets and accessories for those who love to entertain.



Let the couple's honeymoon be the inspiration for the shower. If the couple is going somewhere tropical, serve tiki drinks and topical food. Gifts can be anything having to do with travel or an experience the couple can do on the trip. We picked this to put on the list of couples wedding shower themes because it has the chance to be extremely personal.


Cocktail Mixer

A perfect theme for couples who love to party and entertain with a cocktail, wine or beer. Guests can bring the couples' favorite liquor, wine, and beer. Accessories like glassware, shakers and corkscrews also make great gifts. The guests bring the drinks, and the couple pays them back in the future with a great party!



For fans of sports, this is a perfect idea. A specific team or sport can be the theme of the party, or have everyone wear their own favorite team gear. Even more fun if the couple support rival teams! Food is a breeze. Make anything you'd serve up at a tailgate or when a few friends come to watch a game.


Home Improvement

If the couple you're celebrating just bought a house, or is about to, this is a great theme. Guests can give gifts like power tools or gift cards to home improvement stores. Anything that will help the happy couple build their new home together.


Yard and Garden

Another great option for the couple who are new homeowners, especially if one of them loves to garden. Some great gift ideas are garden shovels and gloves or tools to help with yard work.


Pizza Party

It may sound a bit unconventional, but it's one of the perfect couples wedding shower themes for those who don't want a big to-do for their shower. When we're young,almost every celebration comes with a pizza party, whether it's winning a baseball game or celebrating a friend's birthday. Why not bring out your inner kid to celebrate? If the couple are especially big fans of pizza, gifts like a pizza stone or a cookbook is perfect.


Beach/Pool Party

Another great option for showers taking place in the summer. Have a party out by the pool. Cook out on the grill, and encourage guests to come in their bathing suits. It's a fun and easy co-ed activity everyone can enjoy. A great gift idea if putting together: a “beach basket” filled with towels, hats, books or anything else the couple might need to have fun in the sun.



Help the happy couple update their electronics collection with this theme. Go in with some friends or family to update their home entertainment system. If the couple is really into music and records, try getting them some of their favorite albums. Everyone will be thankful for a little new technology in the home.


Honey-Do List

Everyone in a serious relationship has a “to-do list” for their significant other, and now their guests can help them complete that list. Guests can give anything for the home, whether it's power tools or cooking appliances. The guests then get to guess on who will use the gift more in the home. Give friends and family an idea of the strengths of each person in a relationship.


Library/Book Worm

For the couple who loves books. Guests can bring their favorite books to share with the happy couple. Help the betrothed build their own personal library!


Oscar Party

And for the couple who loves movies, throw an Oscar's party! Serve Hollywood inspired cocktails and hoer d'oeuvres. Give the couple their favorite movie, gift cards to a local movie theater or something fun like a popcorn popper. If you can schedule the shower on the night of an awards ceremony (like the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, SAG Awards etc.) make a game out of it. Give all the guests a score sheet and have them guess on who will win each category. The person with the most right answers wins a prize. It's an event that's perfect for men and women!



The prom theme may be the most specific on the list of our couples wedding shower themes. The prom theme may be best for the group of friends you went to high school with. Everyone gets dressed up and relives the great (and dramatic) moments of high school. Put together photo albums to look back at some of the best moments. The couples can laugh at the old photos of themselves and their friends for a truly fun and nostalgic night.



Kick up the volume with a fun fiesta theme! Hang colorful party decorations, serve Mexican-inspired food and kick back with some cervezas! All of the couples' friends and family can enjoy this fun event, so of course it made the list of couples wedding shower themes.