20 Cute and Unique Wedding Cupcakes


There are many things that have changed about the traditional wedding affair. For instance, more couples are breaking away from the over the top luxury wedding for a more modest and classy affair. Couples are also asking that designers and bakers offer some more affordable cake options for their wedding day, and then cupcakes are becoming a great alternative that can be cheaper, less messy and are incredibly versatile.

20 Cute and Unique Wedding Cupcakes

Mixed Variety

Having a hard time making a final decision on what cupcake flavors to display at your wedding? You can add in more flavors and variety for cupcake weddings cakes to include as many flavors and decorations as you like. Use little flag to let guests know what flavors they are choosing.

Simple and Romantic

Adding in candied flowers on top of a delicious bed of frosting is a simple yet romantic way you can display your cupcakes. This cupcake and wedding cake combination is the perfect choice for springtime weddings. The pastel yellow with the light pink flower details are refreshing and beautiful.

Miniature Garden

You can instantly add luxury into your cupcake display by incorporating more detailed cupcake liners. This display is perfect for summer or spring weddings with a color combination of the peach, pink and mint flowers on top of a clean green icing. Adding in detailed butterflies gives your guest a delicious miniature garden almost too perfect to eat.

Vintage Variety

Just because they are smaller than a wedding cake, there are many ways you can have your cupcakes decorated. Bows, flowers, pearls and intricate piping paired with a rose, soft pink and mint color palette are the perfect fit for a vintage wedding with a modern twist.

Outside the Box

Cupcakes do not have to be the typical round treat we usually think about. Your cupcake wedding cakes can be shaped as little boxes and can be completed in your wedding colors, but the classic black and white displayed here is the perfect edition for your modern and formal wedding.

Mint Flowers

Delicately layered flowers give a dreamy feel to these detailed cupcakes. Mint is a favorable color for all types of weddings, but can really shine in winter and spring weddings, offering a vintage and chic display. Place the cupcakes on a complimentary cake tier that ties into rest of your wedding color palette. Light pink, peach and rich reds are just some of the options you might want to consider.

Rustic Cupcake

These beautifully detailed cupcakes are perfect for those rustic weddings. The white lace piping on top of the light peach layer ties in a vintage feel with a multi colored rose for an elaborate and stunning cake display.

Bold Choice

These fun and bold cupcakes in red, white and black are perfect for any time of year. With a variety of simple and romantic designs of flowers, hearts and bows, these cupcakes can be great for those bohemian chic weddings, festive Valentine weddings and more.

Beautiful Compromise

For those couples looking for a way to meet in the middle and balance the feminine with the masculine, these classic cupcakes are the perfect compromise. The pops of the vibrant pinks mixed with the classic black and white details results in a perfect display for those modern and formal wedding affairs.

Fruit and Naked

These stripped down cupcake wedding cakes are the perfect fit for those intimate and small weddings. With candied blueberries, strawberries and raspberries and dusted with powdered sugar, they really hold true to the "less is more" saying.

Deep Purple and White

The rich color of purple with the crisp white is perfect for those summer weddings that want to break from the traditional setting. These cupcakes are topped with simple purple M&M candy and the color combination really shines, so there is no need for elaborate décor.

Blue and Black

The mix of blue flowers with the shimmering pearl details gives this display a clean and serene feel. This display is perfect for beach and summer weddings, but can also be used for various springtime weddings and even a winter wonderland wedding.

Pistachio for Spring or Fall

This neutral combination with a unique garden display is great for couples who want to steer away from typical flower details. These cupcakes can be used as the first sign of spring weddings and can also offer the perfect color palette for those crisp fall weddings.


The sunflower piping on these cupcakes can be used to brighten up your spring or summer weddings. With a chocolate cookie center, these delicious cupcakes are the perfect choice for a rustic theme or small weddings.

Fruit Tarts

For early afternoon weddings, a traditional heavy wedding cake may not be the way you want to go. These tarts like cupcakes are a refreshing and light dessert to end your afternoon wedding. Topped with fresh fruits, these are perfect for traditional, intimate, formal weddings at any time of the year.

Modern Chic

These cupcakes represent what your wedding day is all about. The bride, groom and guests decorate these cupcakes in formal attire. The simple details make these great options for a more casual wedding and you can incorporate your wedding colors into the final details.

Turquoise, Brown and White

This color combination is a favorite for spring and summer weddings. The simple frosting décor with candy hearts and flowers is the perfect fit for casual or formal weddings.

Little Hearts

The red heart details of these cupcakes are all you need to create a stunning display. When it comes to your cupcake wedding cakes, you do not have to go over the top with intricate details. These simple hearts add enough romance, class and visual appeal to any wedding venue.

Black and White

Black and white weddings always offer an elevated level of sophistication and class. Your cupcakes can also give off the same feeling with these classic cupcakes and wedding cake combination. With just a clean and simple flower design, these cupcakes are simple but perfect.

Colorful Metallic

These colorful cupcakes are fun and perfect for any type of wedding. The mix of metallic turquoise, gold and pink offers chic yet bold option for couples who want to hold an industrial theme wedding. This can also be a great option for tropical or summer weddings.