20 Gorgeous Cushion Cut Engagement Rings


Diamond is a timeless gemstone. Its elegance has kept women bewitched throughout the ages. Though a diamond is available in many shapes, the classy cushion cut center diamonds are women’s first choice. A cushion cut Diamond is squarish shaped diamond with round corners, it is  also named as “pillow cut” because its 58 brilliant-style facets resemble a pillow. Cushion cut engagement rings has an unmatchable romantic feel. Here are some to choose from.

20 Cushion Cut Engagement Rings that Are Just Gorgeous


2MM Comfort Fit Solitaire Ring

Price: $495

This 18k diamond solitaire engagement ring is for the women who possess a classy and sophisticated taste. The cushioned diamond is paved in a 2mm four prong setting. The white gold ring has round edges that make it comfortable to wear.

From brilliantearth.com


French Set Diamond Halo Ring

Price: $1,250

It’s a 14k white gold ring with a thin band. The sizzling halo beautifies the center cushion diamond. The French set diamond band makes it more glowing and sparkling in the light.

From ritani.com


Solitaire Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Price: $1,370

This 18kt rose gold ring is an epitome of class and simplicity. The ring solitaire cushion cut diamond emanates sparkling light that looks fabulous on the rose gold shank. No girl can ignore this well-crafted engagement ring.

From ritani.com


V Engagement Ring with Surprise Diamond

Price: $1,660

It’s a stunning 18k yellow gold diamond ring with a unique “V” shaped shank. The shank is intricately filled with small diamonds. It’s a ring with sleek and elegant look that is surely going to impress her.

From ritani.com


Vintage Style Floral Engagement Ring

Price: $1,716.00

Another superbly designed 18k white gold ring that surely gives you the touch of vintage fashion. The ring has a bewitching halo design around the center diamond. The most fascinating part of it is beautifully created diamond studded shank.

From bengarelick.com


Harmony Diamond Ring

Price: $1,725

Looking for change? This cushioned gemstone, surrounded by a stunningly crafted halo and a split shank with a dazzling pave setting, has something for all diamond lovers. The glittering ring would make her fall for you again.

From brilliantearth.com


Victorian Halo Diamond Ring

Price: $1,775

It’s a fabulous Victorian style, 18k yellow gold diamond ring. Cushion diamond is elegantly centered with octagonal diamond border. An intricate hemisphere of tiny diamonds along the edges of shank is a plus.

From brilliantearth.com


Adela Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $1,800.00

This beautifully designed 18kt white gold diamond engagement ring has an elegant and dazzling center diamond with ornate halo around. The edges of the band are also designed beautifully. The ring is also available in platinum. Other hues include, rose and yellow.

From bengarelick.com


Rose Gold Ring with Matched Set

Price: $3,400

For those who do not wish a white or yellow gold cushion cut engagement rings, this rose gold ring with the beautifully twisted design is classy and trendy. This 14k rose gold ring is available with a matched band to beautify it more.

From brilliantearth.com


Felicity Diamond Ring

Price: $1,825

It’s a glamorous antique style 18k white gold diamond ring. The sparkling center cushion cut diamond is encircled by a skillfully paved frame of small diamonds. The diamond accented borders of the shank add spark to it.

From brilliantearth.com


White Gold Willow with Emeralds Accents Matched Set

Price: $2,080

It’s a dazzling 18k white gold engagement ring. The elegantly twisted shank and the beautifully paved emerald buds around the center piece is what makes it uniquely different. You can also have a matched band with it.

From brilliantearth.com


Lily Diamond Ring

Price: $2,950

It’s an exquisite platinum diamond ring with unique three dimensional floral design. Its twelve petals, carved with diamonds, are a treat for eyes. The pave design extends down to the band.

From brilliantearth.com


Rose Gold Filigree Vintage Style Ring

Price: $2,970.00

This well-crafted 18k rose gold ring is probably the classiest ring on the list. The symmetrically studded diamonds, around the cushion diamond, halo and specially on the edges of the band, give it a unique touch.

From bengarelick.com


Tacori 18K Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,680

The sparkling cushion cut diamond surrounded by the small diamond’s frame is another good option for diamond engagement ring. The 18k rose gold ring is a nice amalgamation of class and style. Your girl’s fingers will adore this piece.

From tacori.com


"Mosaic" Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Price: $4,950.00

This 18k white gold ring is made in a glamorously modern design as compared to all other cushion cut engagement rings on our list. The center diamond is encircled by an unusually designed prong set halo.

From bengarelick.com


"Princess Cut" Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $5,170.00

It’s an exquisitely designed 18k white gold ring. The center diamond is beautifully covered with a stunning halo of 0.60 carat diamonds. The band is also beautifully designed with 0.40 carat diamonds. Over all it’s a blend of traditional and modern styles.

From bengarelick.com


Auriya White Gold TDW Certified Engagement Ring

Price: $25,947.62

If you want that traditional styled diamond ring for your fiancé, this stunning 18k white gold ring with spectacular prong settings on the shank is the best option. The 3 carats center cushion diamond is embellished with paved halo.

From overstock.com


Light Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $89,999.99

It’s a white gold ring weighed 10.58 carat. It’s a unique engagement ring with a light yellow 10.18 carat center diamond. The diamond is beautifully encircled with a halo of various small diamonds. Your lady love would love it.

From overstock.com


TDW GIA Certified Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Price: $117,346.19

With elegantly bright cushion cut 5 carat center diamond, it’s a white gold ring, weighs 18 carat. The halo and band of the ring is exquisitely paved with small round diamonds. The ring is perfectly suitable for engagement.

From overstock.com


Tacori White Gold Diamond Studded Ring

Price:  $18,990.00

It’s a uniquely styled diamond studded white gold engagement ring. The whole ring and its shank is paved with diamonds. Those who prefer more intriguingly styled cushion cut engagement rings should opt for this one.

From tacori.com