David Tutera Wedding Dresses


What is the first two things on a bride to do list? The perfect dress and the perfect planner, What if there is someone who could do both? I am talking about David Tutera, the man who can make your dream wedding become true, as he says “I take personal responsibility for the happiness of my brides”. Not bad at all, right? You might not be able to afford his planning fee, but who doesn't like David Tutera wedding dresses?

David Tutera and His Wedding Dresses

David Tutera

Maybe because he grew up with a florist grandfather, since very young David was interested in planning events. His grandfather did notice his artistic ability, so he taught a lot about this business to young David, and soon David opened his own events planning business. That is when everything started, at the age of 19, he started to make his name with his natural talent. Today Tutera has a impressive client list including celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Elton John, and more. He has also been honored by Modern Bride Magazine as one of the Top 25 Trendsetters of The Year,  and he has seven published books and a hit prime time show, “My Fair Wedding With David Tutera”.

There is no question that the guy can PLAN a fantastic party, but now, not only he is the perfect planner, but he also has designed collections of dreamy wedding gowns. When he works closely with head designer Martin J. Thornburg, and together they develop the David Tutera Wedding Dresses Collection for Mon Cheri, it made a big impression and all of the brides are crazy about it. The collection promises high-quality fabrics, hand-beaded Swarovski crystals and impeccable fit at an affordable price. Want to check out on our 15 favorite dresses?! Here we go.

Something Elegant

If you are looking for a dress with amazing details on the back or the perfect trumpet dress, well, you found it. Look at the number 1, this dress is made for an elegant bride who wants to use something very traditional but with a modern touch. The number 2 and 3 are classic dresses with the surprise on the back, I mean, is there something more beautiful than theses dresses?

Something Princesslike

If you  love strapless dresses and want to look like a princess, you will probably fall in love with this three dresses. Let’s agree that these David Tutera wedding dresses are drop-dead gorgeous. The number 4 is the one that makes you look feminine, you look princess like but also very sexy and elegant, can you imagine the amount of Swarovski on this dress? The number 5 is a little simpler, but is so beautiful that we had to put it on the list. Oh and the number 6, isn’t this one made for a princess? It is the dress you see the good girl wearing on TV when she gets everything that she wants, right?

Something Different

If you are looking for something different that will make you stand out you should choose something like these three. The Number 7? Would you think that your wedding dress could be a two-piece and look this perfect? Plus, with the headpiece and the belt, the look is just something that no one would expect, in an amazing way. The number 8 dress is so classic, so vintage, and so beautiful, and it has pink on it! The number 9 is our favorite, when you think about transparency on a wedding dress you get a little scared, but don’t be, this dress has the right amount to make you look sensual, elegant and gorgeous.

Something Nontraditional

Do you like a little bit of color on your special dress? It does not need to be a bright color, look how amazing those dresses are.  A little bit of pink like the number 10, or the touch of salmon like on the dress number 11? What about the blue on number 12? Which one you think is the most beautiful? Would you wear a wedding dress that was not white or off-white? If so, think about David Tutera wedding dresses!

Something Fit and Falre

If you like the mermaid dresses you can find a lot of those on David Tutera Collection, and with different necklines. Which one you like the most?

Did you not like any of these? Well, those were out choices, and you can find so many different silhouettes, shapes, necklines, tails and details here. There is no way you will not find the right one for you. Check out a few more and like us, fall in love with David Tutera Wedding Dresses.