What You Should Know About Alteration at David's Bridal


Every bride pays a great deal of attention as well as money to make sure her wedding dress is perfect in every way possible. David’s bridal (DB) gowns and dresses are one of a kind and perhaps the first choice of every bride in United States and around the globe. But if your DB dress requires some modification or alteration, your first choice is to use the in-house David's bridal alteration service to get benefitted from the incredible craftsmanship and attention to details. Here’s what you need to know!

Alteration at David's Bridal: How Much Does It Cost?

It is hard to give a solid quote for alterations at David’s Bridal as the total cost depends largely on the nature of material, amount of work needed and complexity of alteration. For example, dealing with certain fabric such as lace requires more expertise and hence a higher alteration quote as compared to fabrics like chiffon.

To get the best estimates, you should see an expert at DB’s. Here is what you should know:

  • The clients are expected to pay the due amount on the day of first fitting.

  • You may be asked to pay a little extra for rush deliveries (i.e. delivery of dress within 14 days of first fitting).

  • The fitting cost also includes a professional pressing and steaming of dress.

In order to save the total cost of alterations, make sure to seek an early appointment.

Alteration at David's Bridal: How Long Does It Take?

If you want to fit seamlessly in your dream wedding gown, it is very important to give ample time. Typically, you should make the appointment for first fitting as soon as you finalize your purchase of dress. Speaking to your personalized wedding expert can give you a better idea regarding the fitting/ alteration time, but generally a period of 4 weeks is sufficient from your first fitting to final fitting before pickup.

But accidents and mishaps are always a possibility. It is always desirable to have enough time on your hand if something goes wrong, so you can look for alternative options without adding a lot of extra stress or cost.

What about the Results?

David’s bridal alterations can make any dress into your personalized dream. For example, you can add new style statement to an otherwise strapless dress by adding short, full or cap sleeves. You can also add convenience by replacing the back zipper with a lacy corset back for extra breathing room.

Typically, the bridal dress takes about an hour for the first fitting. The bridesmaid dress usually takes about 30 minutes. As part of the first fitting protocol, your alteration specialist would pin the dress to give you an idea about the ideal fit for the particular dress.

Note: Bring your shoes, body-shaper, bra and slip that you are going to wear on your wedding day.

What Others Have Experienced and Advised

“The cost of alteration at DB’s was a little over $320, which I believe was fair considering the amount of work that’s needed to be done. I wanted the bodice out, add bustles (approx. 18) and hem. Also they had to redo the raffling and some beadwork as well. I am very pleased with the results and pretty glad that I used their services.”

“My bridal dress at DB cost $550 and alteration cost another $150 but their services and professionalism was top-notch. I love my dress and can’t wait for my wedding day.”

“I needed the zipper out and replaced by a corset. I also needed 18 bustles to hold the train and the total cost of alteration came out to $280. Although, it is a little pricey but I guess it is hard to take risk with your wedding dress that too just 1 month away from the wedding. I am satisfied with the quality of their work.”

“I got my bridal dress at DB’s but didn’t do the alterations there, but based on my research, taking in the dress cost about $65, adding a short train about $120-150 and a full train $300, to short a train it’s about $60, shortening hem costs $80-200 based on the layers of the dress. ”

“I didn’t have a pleasant experience of alterations at David’s bridal because they are pricey and the seamstress wasn’t that experienced. I think it differs from store to store so why not check the Yelp review of a specific DB store before going there? AND decide early because God knows what last-minute problem will happen.”

Are There Other Good Places to Have the Dress Altered?

Instead of bothering yourself with the question of alteration at David's Bridal, why not consider another option?

When to Have It Altered

There is no designated time-frame; in fact people would tell you that you should start seeking alteration services as early as 4-6 months prior to the wedding. This is mainly because, more expert and professional seamstress are usually booked months in advance. In other words, the longer you wait, the lower will be your chances of getting a decent seamless/ tailor.

Ideally, first alteration should be scheduled at least 3-month ahead of wedding; second alteration at 1-month ahead of wedding and final alteration just one week ahead of wedding (just the final touch-ups).

Where to Have It Altered

It is highly recommended to seek the help from experts who specializes in wedding gown alterations. In simple words, a regular tailor or your dry cleaner may not know the intricate details of sowing the bridal dress, such as working with bodice, hem and sleeves. You can always search your local directory for alteration businesses (make sure to check internet to pick the ones with best reviews). Always make sure to speak to a few tailors before taking the final decision, after all it is a big decision. Many people have received great alteration results from local seamstress, with lower cost and better service because most of the time they are not that rushed.

To achieve best results, please follow these tips:

  • Value the advice of the expert, for example, if your alteration expert or seamstress tells you that an heirloom is beyond the point of salvage, take the word and work on an alternative plan.

  • Bring one or more of your dependable friends to the first fitting. It is always a good idea to bring your maid of honor, so she can learn how to bustle the train.

  • Get a dress that is one size up. Wedding preparation time is highly stressful and weight fluctuations are pretty common. Never go for a smaller size because it would be a disaster if you couldn’t achieve your weight goal. With one size up, you can have desirable room for alteration.