Decorating the Altar for a Wedding: 24 Ideas


A wedding alter is not just a place for exchanging vows, holding hands or for the first kiss. A wedding altar is one of the most photographed places of a wedding ceremony. Decorating the altar for a wedding needs romantic and picture perfect backdrop ideas. Here are some really creative alternatives for an outstanding altar to welcome bride and groom.

How to Decorate a One-of-a-Kind Altar: 24 Ideas for Your Inspiration


Wooden Chuppah Wedding Altar

Rustic wooden chuppahs are one of the trendiest alternative for an outdoor wedding altar. There are so many romantic ways to decorate these simple wooden frames with drapes, leaf vines or elegantly made floral arbors; you just need to choose the right color combination.


Old Church Window for Country Wedding

It’s a romantically creative idea, if you are planning your wedding on some countryside area. Use of an old church window decorated with leaf vines and flower corsages creates a unique rustic look. Items like wooden cross, candles too add a country feel.


Twigs and Flower Wedding Arch

It’s a creative alternative and cost effective idea for a fall, rustic outdoor wedding. You can create a simply elegant and romantic arch by using dried tree branches. Ornate these branches with different flowers and leaves that match your wedding theme.


Floral Wedding Arch

Romantic Archways are always trendy. Use colors, for the floral arch that match the bridal dress. It may be pink, peach, red or white. It looks glorious in the photographs. If it’s a fall or rustic wedding, dry branches and mason jars can also be used.


White and Pink Flowers Arch

Get a classy look for your day, by decorating the altar for a wedding with elegant white and pink flowers arch. The combination of white and pink rose creates a magical and perfect look for a lavishing outdoor wedding.


Heart Shaped Floral Backdrop

Give a floral touch to the backdrop with any specific shape that goes with the theme. Like a floral heart or a heart shaped arch looks vibrantly stunning. It’s wedding altar ideas for a wedding on a beach.


Lace Curtains Arch for Wedding Altar Decoration

An elegant arch can be created using beautifully designed lace curtains. Choose whatever color matches your theme. The dainty lace curtains can further be beautified using flowers or objects like mason jars, lantern or a birdcage especially if its rustic wedding.


Hanging Banner for Wedding Altar Decoration

Share your feelings to decorate the wedding altar. It can be personalized by hanging a banner with emotional messages like “love is sweet”, “best day ever”, “be mine” or any other that you like. Banners can be hanged on frames, curtains etc.


Verse Banner for Wedding Altar

Use your favorite verse as a backdrop of the wedding altar. Verses can stylishly be written on an elegant fabric. Verse banner can be hanged elegantly on the frame. Glamourize this simple altar décor with floral corsages.


Pinwheel Archway Wedding Altar

A colorful archway for wedding altar can be made by using paper made pinwheels. It can be detailed with various patterns of paper flowers. This is best for a spring outdoor wedding. And at the same time it’s quite cost-effective.


Ribbon Arch for Wedding Altar

A simple wooden arch can be decorated using fabric ribbons. Hang the vibrantly colored ribbons or choose the theme color for it. Addition of flowers, branch vines or curtains can add more to its elegance. The ribbon archway is quite affordable too.


Draped with Colorful Fabrics

Try something nontraditional for altar décor. Using bright colors like red, pink and yellow as a drape on a well decorated square chuppah with a hanging chandelier is a uniquely alternative idea. Colored flowers on the edges of the square look ravishing.


Paper Cranes Wedding Arch

Paper cranes hanging from the arch are the best way to compliment your wedding theme. Available in plain and printed form, paper crane wedding arch is quite affordable. Addition of branch vines and flowers can add glamour to it.


Leafy Wall Backdrop and Arch

Keep it simple, keep it straight is another nice wedding altar décor idea. Decorate a wall in bohemian style and use leaf vines and green wild branches over it. This alternative would look great especially in an elegantly formal wedding.


Literary Themed Wedding Altar

If you have a literary themed wedding, a unique arch using books can be created. There are so many ways to use books in wedding altar i.e. a simple arch of books or with the elegant addition of light bulbs.


Uniquely Designed Architectural Wedding Altar

Even a traditional square gazebo can be turned into something unique. Go for a simple architectural gazebo in an outdoor wedding. Keep it simple or ornate it with floral touches, it’s cool idea for decorating the altar for a wedding, both ways.


Twigs with Drapes for Wedding Altar

If it’s an outdoor wedding in some rustic or countryside area, a simple but stunning wedding altar can be created by using twigs and branches as a gazebo and decorate it further with themed drapes and flower.


Elegant Arch with Chandeliers

Give a more romantic and glamourous touch to your vows under a royal chandelier and silky tents. Breezy tents, arranged beautifully, can give that picture perfect moment. Follow the themed color for tent, flowers, chandelier and everything around.


Draped Wedding Gazebo with Flowers

An outdoor wedding altar can simply be made of a gazebo covered with themed drapes to create a perfect wedding altar. Use of beautiful flowers on the edges and on the aisle, can turn a simple event into a glamourous one.


Lighted Wedding Arches

If it’s an evening, indoor, wedding ceremony, a LED light wedding arch is the best to go with. It gives a more romantic feel to the couple to vow and audiences to witness. Lighted curtains can also be added.


Balloons Arch Altar

Making a balloon wedding archway is unexpectedly glamorous as well as cost effective alternative. A balloon archway can be made in various sizes and shapes like heart, round, square etc. Follow the themed color and you will love the outcome.


Floral Cross Wedding Altar

A simple wooden cross, adorned with elegant flowers over it, can be used for decorating the altar for a wedding. It’s perfect for those who wish to have a religious outdoor ceremony. Can also be used otherwise.


Leaf Vines and Drapes for Wedding Altar

If it’s a simply formal country wedding ceremony, you can create an elegant wedding altar by covering a simple wooden frame artistically, with leaf vines or drapes. It would be wise to choose lighter hues if it’s an outdoor event.


Chapel and Castle Wedding Altar

If you want to have a more glorious or fairy-tale like feeling, choosing a lavishing chapel is a nice option. A lavishly decorated chapel, with flowers, candles and romantic lightings can give the feel of a princess in her castle.