Which One to Choose: Destination Wedding or Local Wedding?


One of many important decisions to make about your wedding is where to hold the event: in your local place or a place you have wanted to go for long. There are reasons why either one can be a great option. Maybe you want a huge wedding with everyone you’ve ever met there, then a local wedding where everyone around can come is probably the option for you. Maybe you want a smaller wedding that’s more intimate, with just a few special guests, then a destination wedding is more likely right up your alley. You can consider the following aspects to make a wise decision.

Destination Wedding vs Local Wedding: Which One to Choose?


When talking about the cost, destination weddings win hands down. For a small wedding, the whole event can cost as little as a few thousand dollars, including meals, accommodation, tickets, etc. This is especially true if the destination has lower currency. This is great for couples on a tighter budget, but there are exceptions if you want a big or extravagant wedding.

However, if you’re looking to invite a lot of guests, local wedding is the way to go. In that condition, it is customary for the bride and groom to cover the cost of many things, which may cost more than $20,000!


If you’re looking for an excuse to trim the guest list, a destination wedding is a great option for you. Destination weddings are often more intimate affairs, so you don’t have to invite that second cousin who’s really awkward or that coworker you don’t really like. Because the wedding is out of town, people are a little more understanding if they don’t get an invite.

For guest list size, when comparing destination wedding vs local wedding debate, local weddings have its advantage. If you really want your friends from third grade or your old coworkers to be able to attend, a local wedding ensures that you will be able to invite everyone you want.


The honeymoon of your dreams can also be the location for your wedding. This cuts on travel costs and lets you really relax and not that hurry for the honeymoon vacation. You can also sometimes get a discount on an extended stay at hotel if your wedding was there as well. Besides, you can start your honeymoon right after the wedding ceremony!

However, if you are choosing a local wedding, you can only start your honeymoon after the tiring planning process and the ceremony.

The After-Party

One added bonus of the destination wedding is the option for an after-party when you get home. This is a great way to include the people who didn't make the guest list cut or couldn’t travel to your wedding. That way you get an extra party to celebrate too.

The fun never has to stop at a local wedding either. Because you’re in town, you can have an extended reception with anyone who’s along for the ride. That way you don’t have to stop the party when your time at the venue is up, you can keep the party rolling at another location in town.


A destination wedding will take a lot of the work out of wedding planning. Many resorts have a dedicated wedding planner who will make sure your wedding is perfect before you even arrive. This is perfect for a couple who wants a really nice wedding without the headache of planning.

When comparing destination wedding vs local wedding, again local wedding has its own uniqueness. There can be a lot of complications trying to plan a destination wedding if you’re unfamiliar with the laws and regulations of that place you want to get married. At this point, a local wedding is much easier to handle. However, you need to plan the details of local wedding, which can really be time consuming and complicated.


Easy to figure out, a destination wedding can be much more special. From a French chateau to an Italian vineyard, the location you choose really makes your wedding stand out. This makes your wedding memorable and unique.

However, this doesn't mean if you have a local wedding, it can't be unique. You can get exactly the wedding you want if you are able to do all of the planning on site. If you want to really put your personal stamp on your wedding, a local wedding planner may be a good assistance for you.

For Second Marriages

In the debate of destination wedding vs local wedding, destination weddings are perfect for a couple who’s already done the big wedding at local and now want something more understated for a second time wedding.

However, if you are probably not a really young bride and have a lot more friends and acquaintances who you’ll want to share your wedding with for the second time wedding, a local wedding allows you to have the big celebration that you want.