20 Places for Destination Weddings in the US You Shouldn’t Miss


Many couples dream of a destination wedding. Who wouldn’t want to go to a gorgeous and exotic locale for their important wedding ceremony? If your budget isn’t big enough to support Europe or a tropical island, there are still some options available for destination weddings inside the US. Check out this list of wedding destinations in the US that just can be as exciting as that in other places around the world.

20 Places for Destination Weddings in the US You Shouldn’t Miss


Bar Harbor, Maine

This laid back coastal town is a great US wedding destination. If you’re thinking lobster for the reception, no place does it better than Maine. With great food and gorgeous beaches and mountains, this location is perfect for a more relaxed couple looking for a picturesque location.


Puerto Rico

You can still have that island wedding while keeping to the US. Puerto Rico has gorgeous old churches and other locations that are perfect for a couple looking to add some color and history to their wedding location.


Niagara Falls, New York

If you’re looking for breathtaking wedding photos, this is certainly at the top of the list. With the falls in the background, your wedding photos will certainly be something to remember. The venue is well equipped for weddings and is also a great honeymoon location.


Luray, Virginia

At the foot of the Blue Mountains, this location is another gorgeous natural locale. For a couple looking for a more unique location, there are a number of breathtaking caves that you can actually get married in.


Outer Banks, North Carolina

Wild horses roam the miles and miles of beach in this gorgeous location. If you’re looking for a beach wedding, this is certainly at the top of the list. Not only is this spot gorgeous, but it also boasts plenty of fun activities to entertain your guests.


Charleston, South Carolina

From formal gardens to historical plantations, this location is all about southern charm. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and southern wedding, this is the place to have it. Whether you’re looking for the historical city vibe or more of a natural theme, Charleston has you covered.


Savannah, Georgia

Not all places for destination weddings in the US have to be in the middle of nowhere. Savannah is a perfect location for a couple looking for a place with southern charm. There are no end to historical locations in Savannah that offer picturesque mansions and Spanish moss covered with trees.


Key West, Florida

Another colorful US wedding destination, Key West is perfect for the couple that wants the feel of a free spirited island wedding without too much budget. This is also a great location for an unusual couple looking to have a great party after the ceremony.


Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Smoky mountains make another fantastic backdrop for those ever important wedding photos. Not to mention the many musical destinations located nearby. This is a great destination for a country music loving couple.


New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re looking for a truly southern location where you can have a good time, New Orleans is exactly what you’re looking for. Many of the nightclubs are open 24/7, so your after wedding celebration has no expiration date. You will enjoy great food and a grand old time here.


Vail, Colorado

The snow creates beautiful landscapes and skiing is great, but this location is just as fantastic in the summer time. There are tons of activities for you and your guests to enjoy from white-water rafting to horseback riding. This is a perfect location for a family friendly and fun vibe.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If what you’re looking for is a rugged country wedding, this is the place for you. This location offers gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony and great activities like hot air ballooning or just soaking in the hot springs for guests to enjoy.


Scottsdale, Arizona

This location is perfect for a couple looking for an exotic location without the exotic budget. It is packed with bold southwestern culture. You can get married in the beauty of the desert or a more swanky country club. 


Las Vegas, Nevada

World class foods mixed with campy fun and sexy glamour, Las Vegas is certainly high on the list of places for destination weddings in the US. This city is perfect for a couple who wants to go out and have some fun with their guests after the "I Do"s are said.


San Diego, California

This location is a must have for a bohemian chic couple. The SoCal vibe is strong in this luxurious city where you can choose from beaches to more sophisticated venues.


San Francisco, California

Another beautiful location in California, San Francisco has some great views and world renowned food, making it a top wedding location. If you want the majestic Golden Gate Bridge in the background of your wedding photos, marry at Eagles Point or Cavallo Point.


Redwood Forest, California

With wineries and great food, Northern California is a great location for a destination wedding. If you’re also looking for a nature centered destination, the natural beauty of the Redwood Forest is hard to beat. On the list of iconic wedding destinations in the US, this one ranks pretty high.


San Juan Islands, Washington

Quiet and forested, these sleepy little islands are located in the northwestern part of Washington and are a popular eco-tourism spot. This is a great location if you’re looking for a laid back locale that’s out of the way.


Juneau, Alaska

If you’re looking for a truly exotic locale, Alaska may be just the place for you. Where else can you get married in front of an actual glacier? Juneau is a perfect location for a couple wishing a truly wintery wedding, or if that’s not your style, Gastineau Channel offers sites with sea otters and humpback whales for couples wanting to incorporate wildlife in their venue.


Kauai, Hawaii

A lot of couples go to Hawaii for their honeymoon, but it’s just as a perfect location for the actual wedding. With its beautiful white beaches and coral reefs, Kauai is a great location for couples looking to start the honeymoon a little early. So, just don't forget this one as one of best places for destination weddings in the US.