Do You Have to Send a Bridal Shower Gift if You Don't Attend?


Traditional etiquette suggests that you have to send a wedding gift to the couple, from their registry, even if you are not going to be a part of it. What traditions suggest for a bridal shower? Do you have to send a bridal shower gift if you don’t attend? The question creates a lot of ambiguity. Wedding gift etiquette must never be intermingled with shower gift etiquette. Both are different occasions, so they must be dealt differently.

Do You Have to Send a Bridal Shower Gift if You Don’t Attend?

For a bridal shower, no! you are not obligated to send a shower gift if you are not going to make it to the party in person. A bridal shower is an intimate occasion, normally attended by the close family members and friends only. 

But if you have a close bonding with the bride, you would surely like to consider sending her something. The couple would surely be touched by this loving gesture.

When to Give?

If you decide to send the bride a gift anyway, next comes the question about the right timing for it. There is no hard and fast rule for the timing to send a bridal shower gift. You can send it before or after the shower party. The best and fun way is to send it earlier to the host. This way, not only your gift will be opened with all other gifts, it would also represent you well, in your absence.

Follow the Shower Theme

Play along the shower theme (if there is one) if you intend to send it earlier. On the contrary, if you have planned to send it after the bridal shower party, you don’t need to follow any theme.

Gifts from Registry!

Do you have to send a bridal shower gift if you don’t attend? Many times people ask it as they do not have any idea of what to send as a shower gift and what should be the price range. Mostly, brides set up their bridal registry even before the bridal shower. If you are not attending but you happen to know about it, either by word-of-mouth or through shower invites (many brides do so), picking a gift item from the shower registry list is highly acceptable. Normally, bridal registry offers a variety of gifts, in all price ranges. Go through the list carefully and choose the item that suits your budget.

What If She is Not Registered?

In case she is not registered yet, consulting with her family and close friends, for the choice of gift, is highly advisable. Inquire them about anything functional that the couple can utilize after their marriage. Or try some other great options like beach towels, beach tote bag or a certificate for a spa.

Note: Shower gifts are always supposed to be lesser in price than a wedding gift. There is no specific amount set for each one of these. The best measure for expenditure, should be your budget in the first place and lastly, your relationship to the bride and groom.

Unique Gift Ideas!

One should not feel confused with the questions like do you have to send a bridal shower gift if you don’t attend? You share a close bonding; then consider sending an affordably appealing gift item. Check out the list of a few classic as well as contemporary gift items to help you pick out the one.

Contemporary Gift Items

  • Honeymoon bathing suit

  • Membership for a wine or flower club

  • Tent for their hiking or fishing expenditure

  • Scented candles

  • Travel gear

  • Movie tickets

  • Antique wall clock

  • Antique-style mirror

  • Gardening tools set or kit

Classic Gift Items

  • Champagne glasses

  • Coffee maker

  • Personalized or antique picture frame

  • Kitchen linen napkin and napkin holders

  • Crystal flower vases

  • Bedding sets

  • Platters

  • Lingerie

  • Cashmere blankets

  • China set