Do You Have to Wear a Wedding Band?


Your significant other has finally popped the question and picked out the most gorgeous engagement ring – congrats! You now have the ring of your dreams and still have one more to look forward to – the wedding band. Everything is honky dory at this point until you have to put on both rings. You realize that the fit isn’t quite seamless since finding a matching wedding ring can be an uphill task. So, do you have to wear a wedding band? Or can you simply replace the engagement ring with the wedding band? Let’s find out below.

Do I Have To Wear a Wedding Band? I Think My Engagement Ring Is Perfect

If you love your engagement ring so much, you can just wear it during and after the wedding. Currently, many couples are using one ring to signify the 2 special occasions - engagement and marriage. Not only is it economical, but it is also more comfortable on the finger and less fuzzy. Moreover, you do not have to keep worrying about how perfectly aligned they are. And hey, it is one less ring to lose especially if you are a little scatterbrained. It is better to invest in one beautiful, outstanding rock instead of getting 2 rings to be worn on one finger. If you really must have an engagement ring and a wedding band, consider wearing them on different fingers. So, do you have to wear a wedding band? Am guessing you do not have to.

If you choose not to, then you need to be clear about this from the get-go. This will allow your significant other to invest more in one outstanding ring, other than two normal rings. You can even go shopping together.

Do you have to wear a wedding band during the wedding?

It is not mandatory. However, there are religious ceremonies that demand rings be exchanged during the ceremony to seal the wedding. Find out from your religious leaders whether you will be required to wear one.

Here is What Other People have to Say on the Issue:

“I decided not to have a wedding band because we agreed with my fiancé we would only have one ring. So on the wedding day I will give him his band and he will give me my engagement ring. And if anything you do not even need a ring to signify your wedding. If you are okay with one ring, stick to it.”

“For me a wedding band is a must. Some of my friends just kept their engagement rings after marriage and people keep asking them when they are getting married or if they are engaged. Honestly it drives me crazy. So for me it is a personal preference.”

“My sister never got a wedding band after her wedding she wears her engagement ring. People keep telling her she just looks engaged and not married.But she doesn't really care.”

Other Questions Concerning Wedding Rings


Does your engagement ring have to be a diamond?

No. It can be any other stone that your fiancé can comfortably afford.


Do men wear engagement rings?

Though most of them don't, it's becoming a trend for men to wear engagement rings. You can pick out a nice engagement ring for your future husband. Any rock can do as long as it is not feminine. They might just love it. Or instead of guessing, why not just ask him if he would wear one.


Can I wear my wedding band as an engagement ring?

Sure you can. But if you have nosy friend who demands for explanation for everything, it would not be wise. You will be cornered with annoying questions. If you can stomach the barrage of questions, go right ahead.


What to do with your engagement ring on the wedding day?

Traditionally the wedding band should go beneath the engagement ring. To make things easier for you just leave the engagement ring at home on the D-day or wear on another finger.


What do you do if your engagement ring does not match your wedding band?

If the two rings do not match, it is okay to wear the engagement ring on the opposite hand.


Must the wedding bands match?

Well, a wedding band should represent union. It would be really cute to have matching rings. This is possible since many rings are found in all sizes from small to large. However, it is not a must. You can have different designs. This will depend on whether you agree on the design.


Is it a must for the wedding band to be engraved?

Traditionally, people engrave their spouse’s initials and the wedding date on the wedding ring. Today, people are moving away from this practice. You tend to see more creative engravings such as a love message to your partner, for example – “forever yours”.


Must I wear my wedding band daily?

There are different answers to this question. There are people who never remove their wedding bands. Others remove them when they are cleaning or working. When you are pregnant, you might have to remove it because the fingers swell sometimes.