Should the Bride's Father Wear the Same Tux as the Groomsmen?


A Dad is someone who always helps his daughter find her way through life, until finally, her ‘big day’ arrives and he gets to walk her down the aisle as a bride. To properly reflect the momentous nature of this role, the supportive Father of the Bride should wear something that has him looking his best. But what would be the best choice for him? He’s technically not a part of wedding party so should the bride's father wear the same tux as the groomsmen?

Should Father of Bride Wear the Same Tux as Groomsmen?

Not necessarily! Not even for the sake of coordination with the groomsmen! Having uniformity in the bridal party’s attire looks great live as well as in pictures. But for the Father of the Bride, the event is very important and special, so if he wants to experiment with different accessories, just let him do it. If you really want to get that uniform appearance in your photographs, you may suggest that your father should wear the same color tie as groomsmen over a different tux, or the same color tux but with a different design. Don’t worry, though, if he declines the idea, as there are many options.

What Should He Wear? Recommended Attire

Semi-formal, formal or ultra-formal - whatever the Father of the Bride chooses to wear, depends completely on what he prefers. The most important point is that the father’s attire follows the wedding’s dress code. If the groomsmen are wearing tuxedos, the Father of the Bride should also wear a tux (albeit perhaps a different one). Don’t confuse this with the previously answered question of whether the bride's father has to wear the same tux as the groomsmen.

You can try to rent the father’s tux (and those of the groomsmen) from a shop located close to the wedding venue. This will help you get ready on the big day without any possible hassle. The Father of the Bride’s tux could be single or double breasted. For a more formal look (depending on the event), peaked, notched, or shawl lapels could be worn.

If you are wanting a more casual look for a less formal event, a linen suit or a guayabera (especially for summer outdoor weddings/beach weddings) with dark- hued pants is yet another great option.

Be sure to get all the related accessories, like suspenders, shoes, tie etc. from the local tux shop beforehand. The Father of the Bride’s accessories can be color-coordinated with the groomsmen or with the color of his partner’s gown (whichever pleases him). Even patterned accessories are an acceptable option for the Father of the Bride.

What Do Other People Say About This?

What Do Other People Say About This? Uniformity and variety together!

“Should the Father of the Bride wear the same tux as the groomsmen? I don’t agree with it 100%! My Dad wore the same tux, butt it was different from the others’. The groomsmen wore blue vests and ties and my Dad opted for silver.”

Unique boutonniere

“We decided to go for the same suits (double breasted); even my FIL wore the same. We had a different boutonniere for each man. It looked great in our wedding pictures.”

It’s a baseless concept!

“I don’t know why some people stress that the FOB has to match or coordinate his attire with the groom or groomsmen, when a MOB is never asked to do so. I think the FOB should dress in something different.”

Father of the Bride should stand out!

“Though I like this idea of coordination, whether of colors or tux, I also want both of the Dads i.e. my Dad and my FIL to stand out among others. So I am planning to have them wear the same suits but with different accessories.”

What about Father of Groom?

We have seen people confused by questions like: should the bride's father wear the same tux as the groomsmen? But what about the Father of the Groom? Let’s see what’s best for the FOG:

  • The Father of the Groom should wear the same as the groom and groomsmen. If they are wearing tuxedos, the father should also wear one. He can choose a different color if he likes. Keep the weather and venue (indoor or outdoor) in mind when selecting the color.

  • For a winter or evening event, colors like black, charcoal, and navy are perfect. For summer or outdoor events, choose from beige, brown, and navy shades.

What about Attire of Mother of Bride?

What about the MOB? Should she coordinate or harmonize her dress with the bridal party? We can guide you on that too!

A MOB should get some suggestions from the bride to-be. As the bride and groom are usually the ones planning the event these days, they can give her a better idea of what style would suit the mother, in keeping with the theme of the wedding.

  • A MOB dress should be finalized right after the selection of bridesmaid’s dresses. She should choose a hue that harmonizes with the bridesmaid’s dresses, while avoiding the same color.

  • A MOB can wear any color that she likes, except the one the bride is wearing. Let the bride stand out on her special day!

  • The mother’s dress should be selected according to important factors like culture and religion; do not wear a strapless dress in a chapel, or if you do, putting a stylish jacket or wrap over it is a great idea. Following the weather constraints is also crucial.

The MOB should start looking for her dress about three months before the wedding. This gives you time to make any necessary alterations with plenty of time before the big day.

What about Mother of Groom?

  • The Mother of the Groom is not typically a part of the bridal party, so she can choose any dress she likes. The color of her dress should be unique and not harmonized with any of the other women’s clothing. This will help her stand out from the bridal party during the ceremony.

  • The MOB is supposed to buy her dress first and tell the MOB so that she can wear a different color. The bride can even guide her MIL on some complimenting shades and fabrics for the wedding.