Doing Your Own Music for Wedding: Everything You Should Know


Music is the mood maker of any wedding reception. No matter what kind of wedding you are opting to have, song and lyrics definitely have a lot to do with the happenings and momentum of the occasion. Are you thinking of doing your own music for wedding? It’s going to be a tough challenge, but with the right help, you will be able to pull it off!

Why DIY Music for Wedding?

Many people would recommend getting a DJ, after all, he is the one orchestrating the music to the event. Doing your own music for wedding does not seem possible because you’re going to be way too busy tying the knot! However, there are some specific instances where self-DJing is a viable option.

…If you are trying to save money.

DJs cost a significant amount of money and this can be an overwhelming expense and a lot of frugal couples today take a DJ as more of a luxury than a necessity. If you find yourself feeling the same then consider up to thousands saved!

…If you are particular about music choice.

If you or your significant other fancies themselves as music connoisseurs, then you will probably not be satisfied with the work you have heard by any DJs. Maybe you will be better off making your own playlist since you know the event very well.

…If you are holding a significantly small wedding.

A tiny wedding ceremony and reception need not to have large booming speakers, but just a small sound system to fit the crowd will suffice. This kind of crowd is definitely not going to jump up and down at the reception party. You can keep things simple with a defined and refined playlist instead.

If at least one of the above is true for you, doing your own music for wedding is a task you can take on.

How to DIY Wedding Music

Here is a guide to how you will be able to pull it off. Make sure to give this an ample amount of time so that you can get your set-up perfect with no blunders.

Research on your songs

Allow the suggestions to flow in and don’t be too critical in this initial step. Just collect any songs that you like and think about it later.


Do some playlist deliberations

This is the part where you can really feel like you are doing your own music for wedding. Make playlists, as plenty as you need, so that you will figure out the right playlist for you.


Choose your medium

Will you use a laptop or an iPod? You can edit further or a laptop, but an iPod will be an easier method.


Set-up and practice the playlist

Listen to your playlist over booming speakers and picture yourself in your wedding day. Edit, play and research, as you need to before getting married!


Let go and have fun

There’s the point where you might have burned yourself out with the music business. It is done – so you should be grateful. Relax and embrace your custom made playlist for your friends and family to hear.

Tips for Best Results

  • Get a professional sound system. Help your music sound even better with top of the line equipment. Even if you are not able to manually mix the music up to suit the place better, you will have booming high quality sounds for all parts of the program, not just the music or the speech toast.

  • Create many different playlists. There is a chance you won’t be so coherent in making a playlist the first time around. Allow yourself to reflect deeply about the music that you will include and make as many playlists as you need. It might seem like a lot but soon you will settle down onto one option and all it will take is time for you to warm up to it.

  • Run your playlist through a rehearsal. This is very important so that you know where each song will go or not. The timing should be perfect and the transitions should be on point. Doing your own music for wedding requires more rehearsals than usual.

  • Learn how to mix and use transitions. There’s no need to be a computer pro to be able to work some magic in the music editor. Just pay attention to how transitions go – it’s very awkward to hear one song stop then begin another one. This is especially true when they are completely different kind of song.

  • Test your equipment, always. You need to check if everything is ready for the important day. Don’t take the risk and make sure to do two or more dry runs or rehearsals just to make sure things are all in the right places.

  • Find some one to play the music. Get a family member or a friend that you trust to take care of the music on your wedding day. Make sure he or she runs the rehearsal with you.