15 Easy Wedding Hairstyles


Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is as difficult as choosing your wedding dress. While deciding a hairstyle for yourself, you have to make sure that it will suit on you and you will be able to carry it easily. Every girl wants to look pretty yet trendy but also want an everlasting style which won’t look out dated, after years when you go through your wedding pictures. Depending upon type of hair texture, length and face cut we are sharing different and easy wedding hairstyles for you.

Easy Wedding Hairstyles and How to Do It


Milkmaid Braids

This hairstyle is perfect for summer and bohemian weddings, giving an innocent sweet look. To get this look, part hair into two portions, making braid on each side. Wrap both braids across the head and pin it. To give more softer and innocent look, loose few hair strands around the face.


Curved Lace Braid

This hairstyle is a great fusion of French braid and bun. Starting with a French braid from front to back, end it with a twisted bun. Check the video for detailed tutorial:


Asymmetrical Pinup

This classy hairstyle can be made by simply twisting the hair strands at one side and bring it back into a bun. To keep the hairdo fixed, use bobby pins. Loosening few hair pieces around face will give a bit messy look, creating a softer look on face.


Soft Waves with Floral Pin

Big messy waves gives a perfect look with a backless dress. Tucking in a flower or an accessory will add up the charm. You just need a curling iron to do this. 


Voluminous Fishtail Braid

This look is perfect for long hairs. The volume which comes with this style gives a very sexy look while little detailing on crown area adds up the oomph factor.

Check the video for detailed tutorial:


Soft Waves with Braid

Get the effect of natural waves, using a big barrel curling iron and make braid on one side using medium portion of hair. Tucking in a few flowers will heighten the look.


Vintage Waves

If you want to be a glamorous bride then this hairstyle is for you! With hair accessories or flowers tucked in this look will add the zest in you.


An Elegant Chignon

This red carpet look will add grace in you and it is one of the easy wedding hairstyles which you can do it yourself. This sophisticated and everlasting hairdo can be done in different ways such as, side swept chignon, classic chignon, tousled chignon and much more.


Beach braids

This look is perfect for a beach wedding. Either you are wearing an elegant long summer dress or a short flowy dress, this lively look will enhance your beauty. Click on to learn detailed instructions from Martha Stewart Weddings


The Sleek Bun

Best thing about this easy hairstyle is that it can be done with any hair length. This simple and classy hairdo is perfect for wedding ceremony as well as for your rehearsal dinner and bridal shower too.


The Side Swept Braid

This kind of hairstyle can be done on shoulder length hair too. This one and a half inch broad, one sided braid will turn you into a sassy bride. Check out detailed video tutorial for instructions.


Kate Middleton Look

We love Kate Middleton’s sophisticated hairdo, you can try it too for your wedding! This royal hairstyle so easy to do it yourself. Part your hair into two sections and tuck each side behind the ear. Tease hair from crown area, swivel it, poof and pin it. Now tease the remaining hair strands, roll it into a bun and pin it. Now wrap both braids around the bun and there you go!


Faux Bob

No need of chopping your hair for cute faux bob look. By following simple steps you can get an adorable look. You can also watch step by step video for more comprehensive instructions.


Bridal Ballerina Bun

This classy yet simple ballerina bun is just perfect for your wedding. It is one of the easy wedding hairstyles that doesn’t take too much time and will also keep you stress free because even if few strands fall off it will only heighten your classy chic look.


Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braid looks beautiful on both straight and curly hairs but it requires lot of practice to get perfectly done.

Start with a French braid from right side ear. Pull the left strand into middle to start the waterfall part. Then take hair strands from the top and pull it into middle. Then, take strand from right side and drop it down. Then pick hair which lies behind the hairs strands you just dropped and place it at middle section of the braid and continue this method towards the left side. Drop the hair strand on right, once you start working on left side. Wrap the middle piece with the left side strand. Secure it with help of bobby pin and hide that bobby pin with other hair strands.

The video tutorial helps explain it more clearly: