20 Adorable and Delicious Edible Wedding Favors


Sweet, savory and even spicy wedding favors? Definitely! This year, the trends have decided that edible wedding favors are on top when it comes to creative, useful and attractive favors that will definitely not get forgotten in an overstuffed drawer. From honey to chili sauce, there is a wide range of options when it comes to delicious treats you can delight your wedding guests with.

20 Adorable and Delicious Edible Wedding Favors

Love Spice Jars

Cute little ‘love spice’ jars make perfect edible wedding favors! Mix your favorite spices in a little container (either sweet, hot or savory), add a custom label and surprise your guests with this creative gift.

Honey Jars

‘Meant to Bee’ is too cute not to be used, especially on a small honey jar to sweeten up your wedding guests. Decorate the little favors in a rustic style, by using kraft labels and raffia instead of ribbon for a perfectly delicious favor.

S’Mores Packs

Offer your family and friends a little treat, but let them work a little bit as well – in order to enjoy their flavorful favor, they have to make their own mores with the ingredients you provide: graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate.

Fortune Cookies

One of the most sought-after edible wedding favors ideas combines a romantic message and a delicious treat in one: a fortune cookie! Opt for cookies decorated in sprinkles in the colors of your wedding palette for a cohesive look.

Colorful Donuts

Who can say NO to a donut? Packed in little boxes and decorated with colorful sprinkles, they make really cute wedding favors that no guest would reject.

Coffee Bags

One of the most popular wedding favors these years has been coffee – packaged in little bags, smelling wonderfully and ready to be enjoyed. Add a ‘The Perfect Blend’ label and your favors are done!

Cake Jars

Cheesecakes, mud cakes, multi-layered cakes, the pick is yours! Pack your favorite cake flavors in small jars, add a little spoon and offer this highly enjoyable gift to your wedding guests.

Flower Lollipops

A romantic and adorable idea: flower lollipops as wedding favors! Not only do these look super pretty, but they taste wonderfully too. Easy to match with your color palette and flower arrangements as well!

A Surprise Midnight Snack

Coke and a cookie? Or a donut and beer? The choice is yours! Make a little pack for each guest with a label saying ‘A Midnight Snack’ and be sure your friends will be grateful when hunger strikes them in the dark.

Wrapped Mints

A classic choice when it comes to edible wedding favors – mints! Wrapped in delicate fabrics or pretty paper and decorated with flowers and ribbon, they make excellent and inexpensive wedding favors.

Chocolate Pretzels

Can’t pick between savory and sweet? Then combine them both in this delicious treat: chocolate covered pretzels. Pack two in each bag, representing you and your love!

Granola Mix

If you’re a fan of organic, healthy diets and refuse to offer your guests sugar-loaded desserts as delicious as they may be, then a granola mix bag is the right wedding favor for you. Another option: trail mix bags for the savory-taste lovers.

English Breakfast

Mini bagels, jam and English tea are the main ingredients of this adorable wedding favor pack, perfect for the next-day breakfast.

Hot Sauce

There are tons of options when it comes to sweet edible wedding favors, but not enough spicy ones – which is why you’ll definitely be original by picking this hot sauce favor, completed with a witty label.

Mini Pies

A rustic wedding with shabby chic elements and a village vibe calls for an equally whimsical wedding favor. These little pies are super adorable and our bet is that they taste wonderful as well.

Popcorn Jars

Popcorn is a popular wedding favor for a wide range of events, especially baby showers (ready to pop!). While you are probably not at that stage yet, popcorn jars or even bags make lovely wedding favors enjoyed by all.

Chocolate Pops

But no any kind of pops! These special treats are perfect for a Mr. & Mrs. theme, featuring pouty lips and moustaches.

Custom Cookies

Heart shaped cookies with your names in the icing sound ideal for a glamorous, elegant and romantic wedding. If this is what you’re aiming for, then pick these as the perfect edible wedding favors.

Macaroon Jars

You don’t have to get married in Paris to grab some of that romantic French vibe for your big day. Opt for these adorable pink macaroons in a jar that make a delicate and tasty wedding favor.

Wrapped Chocolates

We could not complete our list of edible wedding favors without mentioning a true classic: wrapped chocolates. Pick your favorite chocolate bars and have custom labels designed for an elegant and sophisticated edible choice.