Turning Dreams into Reality: Elie Saab Wedding Dresses


The wedding day, is, perhaps, the most awaited moment in a woman’s life. After all, she has always fantasized of this magical time, when her entire life is going to change. Marriage to her is more like a ‘medley of emotions’, the joy of being with the love of her life forever; the nervousness of doing it right; and anxiety of looking beautiful at the celebrations. And that one thing that she is most worried about is the perfect wedding gown. And, when craving to get that enticing wedding look, what can be better than picking an Elie Saab wedding dresses to attract all the eyes, as soon as you ushered onto the aisle?

Turning Dreams into Reality: Elie Saab Wedding Dresses

Styling gallant, Elie Saab is a legendary Lebanese fashion designer, who began sewing at the age of eight for he surely knew what miraculous stuff he would design in the coming future. And today, who doesn’t recognize this man, whose ingenious idea of blending eastern and western culture is making their dreams come true.

“Feel Like a Princess”, Whisper the Elie Saab’s Nuptial Gowns

It is always a dream of a woman to feel like a princess on her wedding day. She wants every eye to be on her, and adore her elegance and beauty. A wedding gown is something that can make any bride feel confident and beautiful.

Elie Saab’s magnificent gowns give you a chance to slip them over and feel so right, so perfect that you could not just imagine wearing anything else!

Well, his ‘miraculous touch to the wedding gowns’ is no more a secret!

Elie Saab wedding dresses are something that even the celebs love to flaunt on all their special occasions. You can see them walking the red carpets draped in those elegant dresses from Elie. They sure are aware of the magic spell they are casting with their ensembles.

Why Brides Are Going Crazy After Saab’s Wedding Dresses?

Why only Elie Saab’s dresses, when there are so many designers in the world of haute couture?

When all those lovely ladies wonder what is so special about these gowns, all they need to do is to just have a look at them once. And, as soon as you see his signature intricate beading and embroidery, all you can do is to stay in that moment of awe. You really wonder how one can manage to bring so much beauty in one dress.

Modern shapes and perfect details – that’s what he creates, and that is what a bride wants.

Variety is another thing that lures us in. The belief that no bride is the same, leads to the question – how can their dresses be identical? So, when you look for something dreamy and dazzling, unveiling his new range of wedding dresses is something that will work wonders for your special day.

No matter if you wish to look more of a bohemian chic, or wish for something with that sexy plunging neck, Elie Saab wedding dresses will never let you down.

Catch a Glimpse of These Creatively Forged Wedding Dresses, Just to Make Your Day Even More Exceptional

Embellished Elie Saab Mermaid Wedding Gown

This is something grand, something that is larger than life for every bride. Designed in spaghetti style, the white embroidery work on the gown imparts it that pagan Egyptian look. It is a long floor tail outfit, which is an ideal thing to make you feel just like an empress.

The gown is simply outstanding. Those border pearls and silk waist belts with that heavy embroidery are what make you look elegant like never before.

And yes, it is romantic enough to set your beauty aglow and capture enthrall the onlookers instantly.

Embroidered Long Traditional Wedding Gown

This gown has that authentic traditional look. The long, heavily embroidered floor-touching gown will make you look nothing less than royalty incarnation. And, you know what the best part is? That drape going over the head adds a certain mysterious grace to it. The gown is huge and flowing back at the bottom.

It is a perfect thing that any woman can wear on her wedding, for sure!

Mermaid Bateau Neck V Back with Sash Appliqué Lace Wedding Gown

What would any girl wish for, when she has this gown right by her side on her wedding day? This is a magnificent combination of sexiness, elegance, and beauty, all set to make you the most glamorous bride in the town. Those long lacy sleeves, unusual work on the neck, plummeting back, and that perfect bow shaped belt flaunt the curves perfectly. To complete this Elie Saab’s wedding dress is that flowing thing that goes right over your head.

Princess Wedding Gown

This is heaven! How can someone turn that piece of cloth into something so magical? Hats off to Elie Saab! The gown is huge and pretty, from head to toe, it is just perfect. From the embroidery to design to material, everything seems flawless!

Just look at the fluff its skirt has, and the embroidery that makes it even more voluminous. To add a hint of sexiness to it, is the low but hugging floral neckline which is perfectly balanced by its elaborately embellished veil.

It looks like Elie Saab has figured it out. His Wedding Collection makes you feel like he had been inside a woman’s head. The grace, the elegance, the edginess, the dreaminess and the feeling for being special – all abound in Elie Saab wedding dresses.