20 Engagement Party Entertainments You Will Love


You want your engagement party to be a fun and memorable affair and the right games can make all the difference. There are plenty of engagement party entertainments that will allow guests to get to know the bride and groom better, celebrate their relationships as well as provide entertainment for all of those who attend. Here we just compiled a few, see if you will like to choose some for your engagement party!

A List of Engagement Party Entertainments You Will Love


Wed-Libs Proposal Story

Have guest help re-write the proposal with this fun fill in the blank story game. You can use this game as place settings for your guest to complete before your meal is served. Read through them and share a few of your favorites with the rest of the attendants.


Couple Trivia Pursuit

This classic game can be the perfect fit for your engagement party. Come up with questions that pertain specifically to the newly engaged couple and see which guest knows the couple best! Some questions can include where they met or where the first date is.



This is one activity that never really goes out of style. Let your guests sing, dance and laugh the night away as they sing special songs dedicated to the future bride and groom.


Race Down the Aisle

This is a fun three-legged race any of your guests can have a good laugh with. Have guests pair off in two’s and use a wedding garter to bind one of their legs together, then have the pairs race down the aisle or at least a replica.


Guess the Romantic Comedy

You can have guests try to guess which romantic comedy you will be playing later on in the evening by providing them with quotes, recordings or little signs to help them guess the movie.


Wedding Bingo

You can have bingo cards made already or let your guest fill in the blank spaces themselves. Each space should pertain to the couple in some way from wedding date, proposal date, honeymoon location and so on. You can play this once or a few times throughout the night, or have an ongoing game where guests need to mark off the spaces as more information is provided.


The Newlywed Game

This is one of the engagement party entertainments all the couples will enjoy taking part in. Couples are asked questions about their relationships and score points based on if they come up with matching answers.


Who’s the Famous Couple?

Have guests write 5 to 10 famous couples real or fake, still living or deceased, on a piece of paper and place them into a bowl. Pair guests up into teams of two and have each team take turns picking a couple from the bowl. One person picks while the other person needs to guess the famous couple within 20 questions.


Boggle with a Wedding Twist

Have each guest make as many words as they can use the individual letters of the couple’s name. You can keep it just with the couple’s first name or include the last name as well. You can give out prizes for the most words created, longest words, and best wedding-related word.


A Lie and Two Truths

If you want to help your guest break the ice and mingle a little more, this is a fun way to let everyone get to know one another a little better. Have each guest share three statements about themselves, two of the statement should be true and one should be a lie. The other guests will need to decipher which statements are true and which are lies.


Serve Up the Happy Couple's First

If you are having a buffet style dinner, then have the guest lineup for the buffet in order according to how long they have been married or with their significant other. Don’t worry about the single fellas and ladies, they will find it in good fun and will have a conversation starter with the rest of the folks at the end of the line.


Guess the Wedding Details

Have guests make a list of what they think your wedding day will be like for the engagement party entertainments. Keep the lists in a safe place and on the wedding day, announce the winner by giving them a special gift for getting the most details correct.


Ice Diamond

This is a great game to play especially for those hotter summer parties. Give each guest a piece of ice and have them melt and do their best at shaping the melting cube into a diamond shape. The ice can be as big or small, but make sure you have towels handy to clean up the water.


Monkey See and Do

Similar to Simon Says, this is a fun game to watch and take part in. The couple will give actions for guest to perform and as the game unfolds, the actions get more and more exaggerated. This is sure to get your guest laughing and keep everyone thoroughly entertained.


Create an Advice Journal

You can set up a keepsake journal that allows guests to write in the best marital advice for the soon to engaged couple. Not so much a game but is great to get everyone talking and mingling.


Common Games

You can adjust plenty of games to correspond with the wedding themes. Charades is a great game to include in your party entertainment as well as Catch Phrase.


Wedding Day Practice

There are a number of things you will be doing on your wedding day from getting into your dress to cutting the cake. You can create some entertaining games that revolve around this wedding day activities but in a much faster paced scenario. See which guest can help each other into their wedding dress the fastest or create a unique centerpiece with random objects!


Match the Rings

You can get your guests involved in the engagement party entertainments before the party gets started by having them send you pictures of their engagement or wedding rings. Once all the guests have arrived try to match each ring to the right owner.


Picture Match

Have a few different pictures printed of you and your fiancé, make sure they are just copies since you will be cutting them in half. Cut each picture in half and place them separately into envelopes, as your guests arrive, hand out an envelope to each person and have them get to know each other as they search for the other half of their picture.


Themed Party Games

If you are sticking with a theme for your engagement party, then you can choose a number of games that relate to the theme. Beach themes can include limbo or hula dancing while you can also have a masquerade party and give out prizes for the best homemade mask.