Engagement Party Gift Ideas to Help You Get a Unique Gift


The bridal shower, wedding shower, and the actual wedding are all invitations you receive where you probably already know to pick out something perfect for the newlyweds to be to help them start their new lives together. But, what about the engagement party? While it is not necessary for every guest invited to the engagement party to bring a gift, if you are close to the newly engaged couple, you might want to consider looking over some engagement party gift ideas to surprise the happy couple.

Engagement Party Gift Ideas the Couple to Be Will Love

Before heading out to browse the closest home good store, you might want to ask one of the couples’ parents if they have registered yet. If they have not set up a registry list yet, then a good bet is to stick to something for their home. Skip over the major appliances, which you will want to give for the bridal shower or wedding, and stick with décor items like frames, candlesticks or vases. A nice bottle of wine or champagne is also appropriate if you simply don’t want to arrive empty handed, but if you are looking for something more original, then we’ve compiled a list of some great gift ideas.

Beer Mug and Wine Glass Set

This is the perfect gift to present any newly engaged couple, especially those who like a good laugh. A beer mug from him declaring he made it official by putting a ring on it and an attention-grabbing wine glass for her that will allow her to not so subtly draw attention to her new bling.

Classy Gift Set

This ultra-classy gift set has a little bit of something for both him and her, but maybe more for her. A 100-hour burning candle is perfect for those romantic dinners and can be paired with the red wine that they both will enjoy.

Fun Magnets

There are a lot of couples that like to indulge in a quiet and sometimes competitive game night. This Scrabble-inspired magnet set will allow the happy couple to partake in a daily activity together. You can also find poetry magnet set that will let the couple display sweet messages to one another on a regular basis.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

Most couples will begin their day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, so this is one of the engagement party gift ideas they will get a lot of use out of. Him and her personalized coffee mugs for the lucky bride and groom to be are a cute and simple gift that will be sure to enjoy.

Toothbrush holder and Soap Dispenser

The bathroom is often the last room that will get decorative touches. A nice toothbrush holder and soap dispenser with a loving phrase may not be on the couples need list, but will be thoughtful gifts they most likely would never think buy for themselves.

3D Initial Book Art

This is one incredibly unique and original gift idea that is sure to delight any couple. Have their initial craftily featured through the folded pages of a book for a one of a kind 3D home decor item.

Wedding Planner

The wedding planning process is going to be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming undertaking, this thoughtful gift can help the happy couple keep all their wedding details more organized. They’ll be able to list all their necessaries, to do’s, dislikes and utilize the handy checklist to ensure they get all the details just right for their perfect day.

Love Inspired Ring Holders

Many people never consider taking their engagement or wedding rings off, but sometimes, like doing the dishes or cleaning, they have to take it off, then ring holders are useful! A lovely set of small ring dishes can be the perfect item for the new couple to place near the kitchen sink and in the bathroom to avoid any misplaced ring scenarios.

Happy First Wine Bottles

What better way to let the happy couple celebrate their first occasions together than with an already dedicated bottle of wine for each little milestone. For the first anniversary, holidays and even the first fights, this is a cute and clever idea for an engagement party gift. Simply apply the adhesive labels to their favorite wines for simple and creative engagement party gift ideas.

Personalized Doormat

While you can just get them a basic welcoming mat for their door, if you want to make it more personal then have one customized to display their initials. This sandy beach doormat is a cute way for the newly engaged couple to welcome their guest and remind them of their favorite tropical destination.

Sweet Treats

Who can resist a gift of gourmet cookies and delectable chocolate covered strawberries? This engagement gift may be short enjoyed but it is one that the couple will definitely get a lot of pleasure out of. Fancy treats are also a great fall back options if you are stumped for the right gift to give.

Personalized Coasters

Every home needs a set of coaster either for everyday use or when they have a nice dinner party. These coasters offer a beautiful personalized touch with the couple’s picture and names incorporated into the glass design.

Garden Décor

If the newly engaged couple is one who loves to take care of their own garden, then get them a simple decoration for their favorite spot in their yard. A cute personalized two hearts garden stone is a great engagement party gift for the happy couple with a green thumb.

Couples Cookbook

A cookbook is one of the most underrated engagement party gifts ideas. This is an exceptional gift for couples who love to be in the kitchen or ones who rarely even cook. This gift presents the couples with a new hobby they can learn together which means it can really bring the couple closer together and help them create some last memories.


Most couples will go with a simple plain guest book for their wedding day, but this gift can give them something a little more unique and personal. A customized guest list not only is thoughtful but will allow the couple to cross off a small detail from their wedding planning need-to-get list. So we want to include it on our list of great engagement party gift ideas.