15 Engagement Party Gifts for Your Insipiration


An invitation to an engagement party can be exciting, and you may begin to wonder which kind of a gift is appropriate. However, if this is your first time to pick an engagement party gift, then that may be a little hard, then don’t worry, here are some tips to help you find the great gift for the happy couple.

Should I Prepare Engagement Party Gifts?

In the past, engagement gifts were not expected, and no one thought to bring a gift, along with other reasons such as:

  • Your relationship with the bride or groom is not close to give an additional gift.

  • The couple requested that no one bring gifts.

  • The gift might be damaged at a party.

However, now, it is customary to bring gifts to an engagement party in many countries, and close friends and family are usually expected to bring gifts.

What Kinds of Engagement Part Gifts Are Recommended?

An engagement party gift can vary from party to party, depending on who attends, the theme of the party, etc. Popular gifts that are given include:

  • Gift certificates

  • Flowers

  • Wine

  • Fancy chocolates

  • Wedding planning items (calendars, planners, magazines, etc.)

  • A card or congratulatory note

Any of engagement party gifts are great ideas, especially if these items can be customized with the couple's monograms: a gift that is personal is really appreciated. We list some great ideas for gifts for groom, bride, or for both, which you can get inspired if you want something special for them.

For Him

  • Cigar case. A cigar case is a classy gift for a groom who loves to keep his cigar safe. He will really appreciate it, because it is easy to travel with, allowing him to have smoke break in anytime.

  • Luggage tag. A luggage tag is a perfect gift for a groom who loves to travel; whether that is around the world or just to the gym. Any luggage tag can add a pop of colour to his bag.

  • Beer glass kit. There is nothing better than a selection of beer glasses for the at-home bar. Beer specific glasses are perfect for the ultimate tasting experience and work well for any groom who loves his drinks.

  • Leather valet. A catchall that can hold his phone, wallets, keys, money or cufflinks is very handy by the door or in the office. A valet that is leather is even better, because not only is it useful, but it is also very classy and something that you would want to display.

  • Pocket square. A pop of color is always wanted on an outfit, and while attending parties, in his suit, a colorful pocket square is always great addition. You can choose one that works with both casual outfits and more formal ones also.

For Her

  • Wedding planner. Any bride needs a place to put the brochures, phone numbers and photos that will help make this wedding go without a hitch, and then wedding planning binder is a great catch-all for that.

  • Ring holder. This ring holder is perfect for storing rings when she needs to takes it off. It is a beautiful addition to any dresser and can help her organize her jewelry collection. So if you don't know how to choose engagement party gifts, this could be a good one.

  • Picture frame. She will definitely need a place to store the photos from her engagement and wedding ceremony and then which can be better than a picture frame? You can choose one that is good to look at as well as useful.

  • Shirt. This is also a great gift for the bride (refer to the fourth picture below), especially one that is personalized especially for her. She will love wearing this while getting her hair and makeup done or even going to cake tasting and venue searching.

  • Candy. There is nothing better than a box of the candy, and the bride will love this box filled with her favorite things.

For the Couple

  • Travel map. A travel map can be a great gift for a couple who loves to travel. It may inspire their next international trip, whether it is to the tropics of Aruba and Barbados or to the snowy mountains of Switzerland and Austria.

  • Picnic basket. A picnic is a great idea for a date, and a picnic basket is along to help! All they have to do is to fill it with favorite food! This will be a fun activity for the new couple in the spring and summer.

  • Cake server. A cake server is a great gift because not only can it be used on the wedding day, it can be used at future celebrations to remember the special memories. It is a very practical gift, and is a beautiful piece on any table.

  • Cook book. Cooking can be difficult from the start for newlywed, so a cookbook as a gift for them should be on the list of engagement party gifts. From it, the new couple can get new dinner ideas, from things like a fancy date night to a casual after-work dinner.

  • Cross-stitch portrait. Choose a special cross-stitch portrait for the couple. You can send the artist the couple's photo, including the names and wedding date. They will definitely like it.