40 Best Engagement Photo Ideas


All recent engagements are followed by a pre-wedding portrait session.’ve just gotten These photos should be fun, witty and natural; hiring a professional wedding photographer and makeup artist is not enough. To properly capture your joy,, you as the couple have to interact naturally in front of the camera. Here are several great engagement photo ideas that you can incorporate in your engagement photos.

Engagement Photo Ideas!

These engagement picture ideas are non-cheesy with an element of fun. Experiment by adding various poses and props to your photos. Here we have listed a few of the best. Take a look.

In the Golden Rays of Sun

You’ll find the best lighting for your photos at dawn or dusk. Then give an intimate gesture like the ones below


Bring Your Puppy!

If you have a pet that you both adore, include it in your photo session to create a sweet sweet environment with all three of you.


Travel Theme Photos

Add the element of fun and adventure by adding a travel theme to your engagement photos.


In the Water

Having an intimate moment while standing in water or rowing a boat makes for a nice pose in front of camera.


In the Car

Adding props and other elements in an otherwise simple picture, can create something exceptional. Just like these images with cars.


A Focused Ring!

By leaving the focus on the ring, you can create a romantic aura..


Ring in the Flower

One eye-catching idea is to show off your diamond engagement ring like in the image below.


Say It with Colors!

Posing with an umbrella is a simple way to work some magic. The way red and black are incorporated with the background creates something exceptionally romantic.



Saying it all with some playfully written chalkboards is a popular and trendy engagement photo idea.


In the Fog

For a winter engagement, fog creates a mysteriously romantic view .


Close up Kiss!

For a sweetly romantic feel, simply get closer . A close up kiss, and off course your ring in the frame, is a sizzling idea.


Destination Engagement

If it’s a destination engagement, natural elements like sand, rocks and water in the background, all give the perfect view.


A Rustic Feel

These barn-inspired engagement ideas give a sensuously simple feel. The atmosphere and background are combined to give something distinctive.


Superhero Themed Engagement

by A superhero theme with the boy as superman and girl as lois creates quite a cute picture.


Harvest Time

Add an element of nature to your engagement photos by snapping pictures in cornfields.


Black and White

A black and white effect adds both style and grace to your engagement pics no matter what pose you choose.


Jumping Jack!

Add fun and an element of frolic by using some nicely exhibited moves, like jumping in the air to show your happiness.


Romance on the Tree

Sitting on the branch of an old tree can create a really cute scene.


Winter Engagement

If it's winter season, get your pictures snapped sharing the same shawl in the snow, or in front of the fireplace.


In the Bed

Get cozy and cuddle up in bed. It’s a boldly romantic idea for modern couples.


Arms Around the Neck

Get the impression of a shy bride-to-be with your man’s arms around your neck. This utterly romantic pose is one of the best engagement photo ideas.


Get Wild!

Set your engagement photos in a picturesque natural environment, like a dense forest or any other wild area.


Just Dance!

Show how happy you are by your engagement with some soft and romantic dance moves. These look great in photos.


Vintage-Inspired Photos

Accentuate your photos with some vintage elements, like your clothing or set it in an old location.


Fall Leaves

Sizzling fall colors can create an unmatchable romantic tone.


Heart of Hands

One idea that looks great in pictures is to show off your love for each other by creating heart shapes by using your hands.


Engagement in Spring

If it’s a spring engagement, placing flowers in various locations gives the photos a romantic feel.


In the Fields

One way to add glamour and style to your pictures is to set them in a field with the sun shining above you both.


Military Engagement

If your fiancé is in the military, consider wearing a military uniform for a unique look.


In Your Kitchen

Get yourself photographed in your own kitchen. Show off the small, everyday moments of love and romance.


In the Rain

A professional photograph can help make pouring rain the romantic symbolize that it is.


With Kids

Couples can include their kids holding play cards to create unique and stunning photos.


Steal the Candid Moments!

Have your naturally candid moments captured on camera. The more casually you pose, the better it looks.


Holding a Play card

Make it simple with a creatively designed play card with some writings like ‘engaged,’ ‘I Said Yes’ or something similar.


A Flying Kiss

A flying kiss shown with hearts for the groom-to-be is a really cute idea for the engagement photos. It’s a great way of letting everyone know that you are engaged.


Love Equation

This math-inspired idea is a cute way of making your relationship public.


Feel like Flying!

This is a great idea if you feel like you’re flying high after getting engaged.


With a Sparkler

Like in the image below, using a sparkler at night adds more to your romantic moments.



B Incorporate balloons into your photos to add color and enhance the overall look.


Have Some Fun!

Have the groom-to-be carry the bride on his bride, or vice versa. It’s a hilariously cute engagement photo idea.