10 Tips for Engagement Photo Outfits


What you choose to wear for your engagement photos can make or break the pictures. You can either fall under the cringe-worthy or simply breathtaking type. Chances are you want to fall under the breathtaking category. To help you take great engagement photos, these tips will help you choose the perfect outfits and be prepared for it.

Tips for Engagement Photo Outfits


Wear what suits your personality

You want your outfit to be a reflection of who you are. Not only does this make you feel more confident but it also helps your photographer better capture who you two are as a couple. When you are happy with what you are wearing that will better show through in the images.


Be comfortable

You want to make sure the outfit you choose is one that you can easily move around in. While the classic portrait is beautiful, you will have more genuine images to choose from when you feel more relaxed and comfortable in what you are wearing. Choosing an outfit that you can freely move around in without worry will of course create more variety and options when it comes to poses.


Be bold

Most photographers will try to sway you from white since this often leads to blown out images that are unflattering. Do not be afraid to wear vibrant and bold colors that complement each other. This not only enhances how you look in the image but can also enhance the background as well.


Take advantage of props and accessories

Accessories can be beneficial to your engagement photo outfits in a number of ways. Not only are they a way to add in more personal touches that relate to you as a couple, but it helps you feel more relaxed and give you something to do. Props can range from guitars, pets, signs and many other visual items.


Bring a change of outfit

Bringing along a second outfit to change into is highly recommended. Make sure you have chosen different style of outfits. This allows you to have one relaxed and casual look and a more traditional or classic look. Most photographers expect this and with notification ahead of time, they can better plan out different shots for each outfit.


Choose complementary outfits

Outfits should complement each while not match one another unless that's how you tend to dress. Stick with colors that complement each other instead of going with the twin look. Wearing the same shade of colors is also a good idea, or wearing pieces that have common shades in the outfits.


Consider your location

Make sure the engagement photo outfits you pick out will not blend into the background during the shoot. If your location is a park or somewhere with prominent green foliage, then you want to choose something red to ensure you stand out from the background. So carefully consider your location and try to choose a contrasting color of outfits.


Dress for the season

While this may seem like an obvious tip, but it is one that constantly gets neglected. Dressing for the season is a key component in how comfortable you will be during the shoot. If you are not sure about it, your photographer will be able to give you some great advice on the colors you might want to consider.


Add on some layers

Layered clothes can photograph really well, so don’t be afraid to bring along a cardigan or blazer. This also leads to more options in where you can be shot at your location, having a light layer to throw into the air can result in some romantic shots in the shade. Layers do not have to just be jackets, they can be vests, belts or scarves as well.


Things you want to avoid

  • Unflattering clothes that draw attention to the parts of your body you are not satisfied with. If you don't like your arms, then avoid anything strapless, if you are uncomfortable showing your legs, then skip the skirts.

  • You do not want your engagement photo outfits to be an advertisement. Avoid logos and loud patterns that will only distract the viewers from your images.

  • Avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose. Photographers can easily showcase every little curve which tight clothes can reveal much more easily and oversized clothes can make you appear much larger than you actually are.

  • Do not wear anything that is too trendy at the time of your images. You want your photos to be timeless.

  • Avoid fluorescent colors like bright oranges that can cast its colors not only on the person wearing it but the person next to them.