Entertaining Kids at Your Wedding with 20 Methods


As you imagine your wedding, you will anticipate many dear people: your new spouse, your best friends and closest family members. But you may also see a crowd of rowdy children running around and causing all kinds of chaos. While you love your family and friends, you're probably wishing there were fewer little ones around on your big day. However, it might be a little hard to realize. So, instead of opting for a kid free wedding, check out 20 ideas here for entertaining kids at weddings, keeping them busy and you calm and stress free.

20 Great Ways to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding



Create a scavenger hunt for the kids to complete. Fill it with wedding themed items like a white dress or a diamond ring to get the kids in on the wedding celebration. You could even hand out prizes for first, second, and third place for the quickest finders.


Finger Puppets

For the younger children, finger puppets are a great way to keep them entertained at the table. For extra cuteness, there are even bride and groom finger puppets that you can purchase just for keeping them busy. In that way, the kids get a little memento of your wedding too.


Schoolyard Games

If your reception is at an outdoor location, consider setting up an area just for kids filled with classic schoolyard games, like hop scotch and jump ropes. Mix in other outdoor games, such as lawn Jenga, for even more fun.


Professional Entertainment

Sometimes, it's just best to leave it to the professionals. Entertaining kids at weddings is simple thing for them. You can choose one from a fortune teller to a face painter to suit your wedding theme better.


Kiddie Favors

Make up a packet for each child, which is with crayons and coloring pages, bubbles, snacks and other goodies to keep them busy during the whole reception. This is especially useful for a more formal sit down affair.


Craft Table

Set up a station for the children to design paper hearts or other goodies that can be displayed right there at the reception or to be taken home as a memento. This is a great idea if you need the kids out of the way while you get ready for the wedding.


Board Games

If the weather doesn't cooperate, or you have an indoor wedding planned, set up an area for the kids to play classic board games like Monopoly, Trouble, or Guess Who.



If you anticipate a lot of teenage guests, consider setting up a cafe. Stock it with all kinds of tea and sodas or even an espresso machine if you want to keep your toughest critics entertained throughout the reception.


Kiddie Tent

Designate a special area just for the little ones in your reception area. Fill it with blankets and pillows and pop a movie in. This is a great way to let the kids unwind after an active day.


Gaming Corner

If you have older children attending who can't be easily appeased with rough and tumble play, setting up an area for them to play video games is a great way of entertaining kids at weddings.


Child Minders

If you have a lot of guests with young children and you want them to be able to really enjoy the reception with child free, hire professional babysitters to watch after the wee ones while their parents party on.


Video Station

Set up a special area and have a person designated to help the kids put on a little show or a film. You'll need props and costumes for them. You can even play the finished movie at the end of the reception to show off their interesting work.


Food Decoration Station

Set up a station with cookies or cupcakes to decorate. Have sprinkles and frosting for the kids to decorate their own dessert. This could get messy so it's probably better for a more casual wedding where the kids aren't in their Sunday best.



Piñatas are great for including kids of all ages, and even adults, in the wedding celebration. They will consume the kids' extra energy and reward them with a special treat while entertaining kids at weddings.


Go for a Walk

If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, hire a naturalist to take the children on a little walk to show them local plants and animals. Create little checklists for them to fill out as they observe the different flora and fauna.


Say Cheese!

Set up a photo booth for the naughty kids. This is actually a great idea for guests of any age and can be especially fun if you include accessories at the station like funny hats and silly masks. After all, who doesn't like their picture taken?


Kite Flying

Another option for an outdoor wedding is to have a kite making station where the kids can decorate their own kite and then fly it. This is perfect for a summer wedding when the weather is nice and warm.



If you're planning a more informal or a beach wedding, why not build the kids a sand box? If you're creating the sandbox, you can get extra creative ideas like burying treasures for the kids to dig for.


Nap Corner

If you expect to have quite young children at the reception, chances are they will be asleep before the end of the party. Make a little area for the slumbering kiddies and have a designated sitter accompanied, so their parents can enjoy the reception without worrying about their little angels.



If your wedding is in the fall, send the little ones out for a hayride while the adults dine or enjoy drinks. They can look at the beautiful leaves or even pick apples depending on your venue. Entertaining kids at weddings while keeping your wedding children free can be easily achieved with this idea.