Will Evan Peters and Emma Roberts Get Married in 2016?


The On-again, Off-again American Horror Story couple is back together, one more time. Yes, you read it right! Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are seeing each other again and this time, their bond seems to be stronger than ever. The duo has been spotted holding hands as they walk down the streets of LA City on numerous occasions. Ever since the paparazzi snapped them sharing a kiss in Los Angeles after a lunch date a couple of months ago, the re-coupling rumors proved to be true. Evan held Emma in his warm embrace, and it made the fans’ hearts melt.

Will Evan Peters and Emma Roberts Get Married in 2016?

Apparently, Evan and Emma started seeing each other again three months after they called off their engagement in June 2015. However, that did not end the love they had in their hearts for each other. If you go by Evan’s Instagram feed, they have been enjoying each other’s company over a lot of coffee dates.

Evan and Emma first met in 2012 on the sets of Adult World. That’s when all the magic happened. They had a blissful year as their relationship blossomed, until that night in Montreal in June 2013 when the two of them had a serious fight in their hotel room. Emma had hurt Evan physically, leaving him with a bite mark and a bloody nose. Cops were called, and Emma was arrested for being violent. Surprisingly, Evan refused to press charges against Emma. Well, that’s how loving and forgiving he is! Later on, Evan and Emma released a statement in which they said they both were trying to forget what happened between them and move on. “Working to move past it”, those were their exact words.

A few months later in December 2013, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts got engaged during the Christmas holiday. It was quite a surprise considering the Montreal incident.What’s more surprising is the fact that it was Evan who proposed. It happened when they were holidaying in New York. It seemed quite commendable how both of them were determined to tie the knot despite the violent physical altercation.

What came next was highly unexpected and shocking. Evan and Emma broke their engagement. Insiders say something was definitely amiss in their relationship. No wonder they never spoke publicly about their wedding plans. It was a bare and a well-known fact that Emma has always had temperamental issues. Besides, their conflicting schedules were partly to blame for their uncoupling in June 2015. An Insider had reported during their split, “Their three years together just ran its course. They have so many great memories together but couldn't make it work in the end. The breakup was amicable—there was no drama whatsoever. Emma and Evan are even still friends!" Isn’t that what all the celebrities or their close friends say all the time when the relationships end? That’s what we thought that Evan and Emma were no different. And boy were we wrong!

It was in September 2015 that everyone finally knew that sparks are flying again. Evan Peters and Emma Roberts were seen walking hand in hand as they came out of Sephora in LA, each one bucking a bag from the cosmetics chain store. They looked perfectly happy and all smiles. They were also spotted returning home from their date at Izakaya restaurant. Things looked great! Evidently, the constant turbulence, an episode of rage and the split couldn’t put an end to their romance. Although the duo chose not to say anything out loud about their relationship status, it was quite obvious that they were dating again. Good friends don’t walk down the city streets holding hands, do they?

As we already know about the ‘Scream Queens,’ the new show that Emma bagged, was premiered in October last year. It was very nice of Evan to join his girl at the premiere. Reporters grabbed the golden opportunity and finally asked them about their relationship. Evan sportingly and proudly gave a thumbs-up as Emma commented: “is really great”.

In December last year, Emma decided to open up a bit about her relationship with Evan and speak her mind to the Allure magazine. She told them how she had swapped a colossal gemstone Evan gave her with three gold rings. She said the rings remind her to always love herself and always knowing her worth.

Emma and Evan spent the New Year Eve together in Malibu, in a plush 5-bedroom, waterside holiday home. Emma tweeted that being with Evan was the best way to begin 2016. The followers were wowed by where their relationship was heading. They were seen several times stealing a kiss and hugging. The two lovers definitely seem to have returned into each other’s embrace, and we hope it stays that way.

Did we tell you that Emma has been wearing her engagement ring again? Now, it’s official! The couple is engaged once again. So if you have been wondering whether the wedding bells would finally ring, the answer is yes! A big yes! Emma Peters and Evan Roberts are set to walk the aisle on 24th May 2016. She is the beautiful bride to be and Evan, well, he is the ever-so-charming groom.

Many fans have had an opinion that Emma and Evan were being consumed into the toxic relationship for far too long and that it would be better if they parted ways. It is the classic ‘Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them’ situation. But a lot of people are happy that love has finally found its way.