Famous Wedding Quotes for Every Type of Couples


When there’s a wedding involved we somehow have to magically whip out a hilarious, heartfelt, witty and profound speech, sometimes more than once! To help make things easier, we have compiled our favorite famous wedding quotes based on different couple types. Either writing a vow or giving a speech, you'll find them helpful.

Famous Wedding Quotes for Every Type of Couples

The Religious Couple

If the couple is very involved in their church or spiritual beliefs, it might be a nice touch to add some of that in your speech, to celebrate with them in manner that is close to their heart. Famous wedding quotes for religious couples don’t all necessarily have to come from the Bible, try the following for a few ideas:

The Romantic Couple

We all know this type of couple, they read poetry together, watch romantic films or fill each other’s books with handwritten notes. Here are some famous wedding quotes to use in your vows or to throw in to a nice toast for the happy couple, they may even know a few already!

The Funny Couple

If deep, thought inducing quotes aren’t your thing, you’re in luck, we have some great picks for couples who aren’t too keen on the philosophical interpretations of love, but just want to keep things real:

The Cool Couple

Finally, we have for the two cool cats, quotes for those who love, but just have their own unique way of doing so and expressing it, these famous wedding quotes all sound like the person who says them should be wearing John Lennon’s sunglasses. And yes, he is quoted below.