15 Spanish Father and Daughter Songs


Father daughter wedding songs are a special tradition that you share with the first man who you had loved for and who have taken care of you for so many years. If you or your father is from a Spanish speaking country, you may wish to find one special dance song in Spanish. If so, continue reading.

15 Great Spanish Father and Daughter Songs for Wedding


Para Tu Amor

This is Juanes' song. This can be a very good option for a father daughter dance song, although it may be considered too "lovey-dovey" to be appropriate for a father and daughter. A beautiful song nonetheless.


Tu Guardian

This song is made by the same artist who sings “Para Tu Amor”, and much like the song above, it is a beautiful song. It means "your guardian" in English. And your father has served like that, right?


Papa, Quiero Decirte

A song by Lali Torres, this beautiful piece is a great option for a father daughter song in Spanish. The lyrics are very meaningful and the song is lovely.


Mi Nina Bonit

This beautiful song is a sweet sounding Spanish piece that is one of the perfect Spanish father and daughter songs for a wedding dance. It shows so much love that a father to his girl as described in the lyrics.


Stand By Me

The Spanish version of this song by Prince Royce is a lovely choice for a father daughter wedding dance. The perfect song expresses how families stand together no matter what happens.


Por Siempre Tu

A song in Spanish by the English speaking artist Christina Aguilera, a beautiful backing track with lovely vocals, this song can be a great option when considering what song to choose for your father daughter wedding dance.


Oscar de Leon A El

This salsa swinging song will surely get you swinging and grooving. It is a traditional sounding Spanish song that can be the perfect fit for your father and daughter dance.


Y Como Es El

Sang by Vicente Fernandez, this too is one of the great choices for Spanish father and daughter songs. With traditional, beautiful sounding, it is sure to make your dance special.


De Nina A Mujer

The name means "from girl to women", which is also a great option and will surely fit the occasion perfectly. Sang by Julio Iglesias, this is a beautifully sang piece, with excellent instrumentation.


Bendita Tu Luz

This beautiful, gorgeous sounding song is a great option for your father daughter wedding dance. The timbre has joyful connotations and the overall expression is about love.


Es Por Ti

Another song by Juanes, it certainly sounds perfect for father and daughter dance. The lyrics express feelings of undying love, much like that shared between a father and daughter.


Tiempo De Vals

Sang by Chayanne, whilst this may not be extremely fitting in terms of father daughter dances, it is a highly traditional Spanish song that can work perfectly for many occasions, including this one.


La Vida Es Un Carnaval

This song is more upbeat than most of the other options on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it should not be included. This can be a highly original, fun, and appropriate song for inspiring the atmosphere.


Ese Que Me Dio Vido

This song, sang beautifully by Alejandro Sanz, is another choice of the great Spanish father and daughter songs. It is about a parent's love for the person that they created, which in turn gave them new life.


Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan

This beautiful song by Gloria Estefan may be considered more suited to couples, but the underlying message of unconditional love is perfectly relatable to the love shared between a father and daughter.