Father of the Bride Duties


He was the first man in your life, and he will not be the last. Your dad who looked after you will now entrust the love of your life to make you happy. Even if the husband-to-be is the most important man at the wedding, the father of the bride duties can be quite heavy as well. If you aren’t familiar with all the traditional and more modern ways your dad can participate at your wedding, look no further than this guide.

Father of the Bride Duties

Pre-marriage counselor

Your father definitely has life experience that he might have some knowledge to bestow upon you. His life, as a married man, a husband, and a father, could give you an important perspective to consider when you are discussing your future life. Women would hardly think to ask their fathers for wedding advice, but it’s great to hear from a masculine, practical point of view. Arguing with the fiancé over some petty wedding decision? Run to dad and talk to him about how you feel and what you should do. He had been there and done that, so he will surely help you through this trying time!

Wedding finance adviser

In modern times, couples often finance their own weddings, with their parents helping out. It’s not one of the traditional father of the bride duties anymore, and that’s great and definitely appreciated by your parents. It would be great to hear financial advice from your father though. As one of the breadwinners of his family, he will understand and give you the balance between the wedding of your dreams and a wedding that can practically take place. You never know if he has any income-generating tips or friends in the wedding service industry that could net you a lot of savings!

Helping out the mother of the bride

Traditionally, the mother of the bride is running around as much as the bride herself. Whether it’s to give advice or to move some boxes, the biggest father of the bride duty is to keep mother in check! There are a lot of tasks to be fulfilled before, during, and after the wedding, so your mother will need your father’s help.

Traditional walking of the bride down the aisle

You know the drill. Now, this is one of the father of the bride duties everyone is familiar with. Encourage him to join your wedding rehearsal, even though he might just be walking a straight path. Practice makes perfect and one wedding blunder will make a wedding memorable for the wrong reasons, oh no…

Father-daughter dance

This is an exciting and very heartwarming segment of any reception. This dance can make you feel like a debutante, safe in your daddy’s arms before he gives you away to the lucky man you chose to marry. To make the father-daughter dance exciting, choose one of his old-time favorites, and mash it up with a modern hit! It will be a hoot watching the two of you dance like there’s no tomorrow!

Give a toast speech

It is one of the most important father of the bride duties. The difficulty of getting this task off the bat could depend on your father’s attitude. If he is outgoing an sociable, the toast can be a runaway success. At worst, your dad could be too shy and reserved to even say a word in front of the crowd. Fret not, as some persuasion could be useful to please his dearest daughter. If you explain to your father how much it would mean to you, you’ll get him raising his glass in no time!

Be a host for the night

If you do not want to hire a professional host and your wedding is quite intimate anyway, why not consider asking your father to be a master of ceremonies at the reception? It’s a great introduction about your family to the guests, and they’ll see how lovable he is presenting each new segment! Just watch out, he might spill some embarrassing childhood stories and crack some really corny dad jokes!

Help with the thank-you notes

Father of the bride duties can go beyond financial or menial. Asking his guidance in creating your handwritten thank you notes to send all over to your guests can be a good opportunity for his helping hands. Starting it off with his side of the family or his friends would be a good idea.