Creating The Perfect Father of the Bride Speech


Your baby girl is all grown up and it’s her wedding day! You want to say all of those things you have been saving for this time in her life without losing your audience. Creating the perfect speech as father of the bride will take time, patience and lots of thought.

From the day she was born to the first steps, you want to include all the points in her life that made her special to you. It will also be important to integrate some humor with some tear evoking words to play up the emotion of the day. Read on for some very helpful tips and samples.

Creating the Perfect Father of the Bride Speech

Before you start writing your speech, there are a few guidelines to know that will help you write in the best style for your daughter, her new husband, and all of your guests. Here are a few things to follow:


  • Father of the bride is traditionally the first speech given. You will give your speech before anyone else during the toast. You are the “warm-up” prior to the other toasts. You will be followed by the best man, and then the maid of honor.

  • Try to stay tasteful. A few clean and tasteful jokes can help warm your crowd up, but just make sure they don’t poke jabs at anyone.

  • Keep your emotions in check. So many things and memories are running through your head and your emotions can run high. Keep your speech light by maybe writing extra special things in a personal letter to your daughter. This will help prevent too many tears during a happy moment.

Guidelines and Structure

1. Introduction

Start by introducing yourself, your wife, and give an opening line. Make mention of the groom’s mom and dad here too!

2. Welcome and Thank Guests

Next, you will welcome the guests and thank them for sharing this special day with your family. Welcome the groom’s family to your own and talk about blending your lives together.

3. Your Daughter/Bride

Address your daughter by her nickname or first name and tell her how beautiful she is. Let her know that you are proud of her and offer words of encouragement.

4. Your Son in Law/Groom

Give a warm welcome to your new son-in-law into the family. Tell a cute story about meeting him for the first time and add some nice words about the time you have spent with him.

5. Encouragement/Words of Wisdom

As a family elder, this is your chance to give a little marriage advice to the couple on how to keep their marriage happy. You can also add a few funny and tasteful jokes about marriage to keep things light.

6. Thank You to Help

Be sure to thank anyone that helped pull of the big day i.e. caterers, baker of cake, minister, coordinators.

7. Toast

Finally, you will have everyone raise their glass to the bride and groom. End by introducing the best man for his toast.

Father of the Bride Speech Sample

“Hello, I’m (Insert your name here), the father of the bride. This was a big day for me and this moment is a long-time coming. I always wanted my little girl to find the perfect guy and be happy and here we are!

Thank you everyone for coming out today to share this very special occasion with our families. I want to take this chance to welcome The (Insert groom’s family name here), into our family. I am looking forward to all the fun family times we will be sharing.

(Insert daughters name or nickname here), you have always been such a warm and loving girl. Watching you grow up has been so wonderful. I remember the time you were playing wedding with your friends and you spent all day getting dressed up for a pretend wedding. I always knew that when you got to this point in your life, there was going to be a man just as wonderful as you are waiting for you and here you both are!

(Insert grooms name here), I want to officially welcome you to our family. I waited her whole life for you just as she did. I was so impressed the day I met you and secretly thought, even on your first date, that you would be the one for my little girl. In finding you she has given me a son and a friend. I have enjoyed the times we have spent and look forward to many more!

(Address both bride and groom here), you both are amazing people and you will have an amazing life together. Your love will keep you strong in times of joy and sorrow. Never go to bed mad at one another and stay friends always!

At this point, I would like to thank everyone who helped us make this day possible! The dinner was delicious, and the cake is gorgeous. To all of our friends and family who helped shuttle guests, run errands and throw parties, thank you so much!”

Helpful Quotes and Jokes

Here are a few helpful quotes to help you find just the right words:

“Happy marriage begins by marrying the one we love; they blossom when we love the one we married.” – Tom Mullen

“What counts in making a happy marriage is not how compatible you are, but how you deal with being incompatible.” – Leo Tolstoy

“In order to be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.”

‘Marriage is an important commitment, so much so that you need a mortgage to pay for it! But it takes more than that. It needs patience and compromise, and I should know – I’ve been patiently compromising for years!’

Father of the Bride Speech: What Not to Say

You will want to make sure you don’t say anything that will be a “turn-off” or embarrassment. The things to avoid in a father of the bride speech are:

  • Embarrassing The Newlyweds – Talking about changing your daughter’s first “poopy diaper” or catching her with a boy in her bed are out-of-bounds for her wedding day.

  • “I See Dead People” – You may be keeping her grandmother who passed in thought today, but bringing her up on your daughter’s special day may just make her sad. Words about departed loved ones can be put in a special letter for your daughter to read another time.

  • Sexist Comments – One speech that rendered a father/daughter relationship null and void after a wedding included a comment, “son you need to take her down a notch or two.” Also, avoid being the “alpha-dad” telling your son in law what you will do if he breaks your daughters heart.

  • Mixing Up Kids – Make sure you verify any stories you include with mom. One dad mixed up one daughter with another in his speech and caused a bit of embarrassment to himself.

Helpful Tips for Dad for a Great Speech

What to do with yourself when speaking:

  • Never cross your arms across your chest. This means don’t approach me.

  • Stand still and don’t pace the floor.

  • Use your hands when talking.

  • Make eye contact with the bride and groom and your audience.

  • Try to not look at your notes whenever possible.

  • Keep your speech under 9 minutes.