Fiancé Won’t Wear Engagement Ring: Reasons and Solutions


Engagement rings are such a big deal to many people nowadays. However, not everyone is thrilled with the idea of wearing an engagement ring. Not sure why your fiancé won't wear engagement ring? Let’s get down to the reasons!

Fiancé Won’t Wear Engagement Ring: Reasons and Solutions

Too Dangerous to Wear

It is important to assess why your fiancé is not showing off that promise of love. For instance, grooms-to-be who live in an area where diamond or emerald rings can catch the attention of thieves waiting for their next vulnerable victim, then ditching the ring while out on their daily commute can be acceptable. After all, getting nabbed is far from a pleasant experience.

SOLUTION: If your fiancé is not wearing the ring for safety purposes, you don’t really have to be worried. Sit down and talk to groom-to-be about the engagement ring and compromise. You might also want to talk about getting the ring insured for extra protection.

Too Much Attention to Bear

If your fiancé doesn’t like attention, and the ring is causing his workmates and relatives to ask many questions, he may just leave the ring at home and save it for special occasions. 

SOLUTION: Respect your groom-to-be’s individuality and try to understand his concerns. Then, ask him to try wearing the ring one day at a time and see how it goes. Give your fiancé time and space to adjust.

The Engagement Ring Doesn’t Fit

Your fiancé won't wear engagement ring after a couple of moths of your proposing. It could really be quite suspicious, but if the ring doesn’t fit anymore because he lost or gained too much weight over the months, then you might need to get the ring re-sized.

SOLUTION: The solution here is quite simple. You just have to take the ring to a jewelry store and have it re-sized.

Work-Related Conflicts

Is your groom-to-be working in a pizza store? Maybe he’s having problems keeping the ring tidy when working. 

SOLUTION: See if you can make adjustments on the ring so it wouldn’t be too hard to clean especially if the stone sets are too big. But if the ring really conflicts with the nature of your fiance’s job and he could get hurt with the ring on (we really hope not!), so allow your groom-to-be to just wear the ring after work.

Your Fiancé Loves Sports

If your boyfriend is into mountain climbing and other extreme sports, he probably would choose to leave the ring at hone for safety issues when he’s out in the wilderness. 

SOLUTION: Adjust the ring to your fiance’s lifestyle. Pick something not too big or too fancy so your groom-to-be can wear it comfortably no matter what the day brings. 

The Ring Isn’t Insured

So you confronted your fiancé and only to find out that he is keeping the ring in the safe place because it isn’t insured. Oh, man, what’s the best reply for that?

SOLUTION: Well, if it’s just insurance your fiancé has been worried about all along, have the ring insured! If the ring is still left on the drawer after and your fiancé gives you other BS excuses, you might want to sit down and have a long talk.

Your Fiancé Hates Wearing Jewelry

Some men really hate wearing jewelry, your fiancé might just be one of them.

SOLUTION: Now that you are finally paving the road to forever, we cannot see a reason why your fiancé won’t make an exception. Ask him to wear the ring every day so she would be able to get used to it. No buts, no excuses!

It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Your groom-to-be just doesn't like wearing the ring, for no particular reason. What should you do?

SOLUTION: If your fiancé is not the traditional type who believes in symbols of love like the ring, then let it be. And for the ring, we got two options for you: sell the ring or keep it in a cute deco box!

Your Fiancé Is Seeing Someone Else

So you’ve been asking why your fiancé won't wear engagement ring. We hate to be pessimistic here, but there is always a possibility that your groom-to-be is seeing someone else. But let’s not jump into conclusions and don’t rush to make drastic decisions, okay?

SOLUTION: If not wearing the engagement ring is last in the list of why you’re suspicious of your fiancé, you might want to sit down and think things over. And make sure you talk to him about your concerns, it might not be what you think.