Flower Arrangements for Weddings


If you are soon to be wed, and think of yourself as having quite the green thumb, maybe you should consider designing flower arrangements for weddings. Read our comprehensive guide of important arrangements to remember, seasonal blooms, and tips on how to make your wedding easily fresh-smelling and garden beautiful.

Wedding Flower Arrangements for Every Detail


The bridal bouquet is probably one of the most important flower arrangements for weddings. It has to be significantly more extravagant than the one your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids will use.


Small fillers and foliages are perfect for the lapels and pocket squares of the male entourage. Aside from the Groom, the best man, and the fathers, other attendants such as the family, ushers, ring and bible bearers could use one respectively, to fit the theme. So have some spares just in case!


A small bunch of flowers will look lovely upon the wrists of the mother on both side and the female attendants. You should have a bunch prepared because they also break quite easily.

Flower Girls’ Flowers

The name says it all, you have to plan thoroughly for your adorable little girls. You should think about their corsages, headbands, their special baskets, and most especially the petals inside that basket that they will toss all over the aisle.

Ceremony Flowers

The important areas to prepare flowers for in the ceremony venue are the altar, aisles, and pews. Your entrance must be very grand and flowers are the perfect way to frame the beautiful event.

Reception Flowers

The whole look of a wedding reception can possibly depend upon the flower arrangements for weddings. This include the main table centerpiece, the sponsor table centerpieces, the gift table centerpiece, the buffet table and bar pieces, as well additional pieces for the guestbook. These are the blooms your guests will face with most of the time, so make sure to impress them. Use not only blooms, but be creative with other paraphernalia like jewelry, furniture, and photographs!

Wedding Flower Arrangements for Every Season


What a wonderful season to have a wedding. It is going to be expected that your special day will be full to the brim with blooms. Favorites like Roses, Sweet Peas and Peonies score high on bridal lists, but consider the wonderful quirkiness of Lilacs, Calla Lilies and Hydrangeas. Foliage such as Baby’s Breath will carry the pastel blooms into even more whimsical territory.


The glowing sun and the gentle breeze make summer a wonderful time to be wed. Large blooms belong in flower arrangements for weddings in the summer. Roses, Dahlias, Poppies, Freesias, Carnations, and Agapanthus are classic blooms that belong in your bouquet and centerpieces. If you are feeling adventurous, sunflowers are a bold option. Some cute foliages to use for some green are Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Leaf Ferns, and even thick Succulents.


Fall is a season of change and deep colors, and your lush wedding flowers must be able to reflect this. Dahlias, Gladiolus, Zinnias, Achillea, and Coxcomb are some beautiful, deep orange and yellow choices. They are very striking when being arranged together. As for the foliage, you can use several seedpods or berry bushes to decorate around these intensely colored blooms.


Snow-kissed blooms and pine cones come to mind when planning for flower arrangements for weddings in the winter. Locally, there might not be a lot of flowers around due to the weather conditions, but sourcing them should not be a problem. Flowers available during the cold months are Tulips, Narcissus, and Hyacinths. Foliages to use that are quite festive are Hollyberry and Pine Cones.


  • Respect your color scheme. Flowers come in a huge variety of colors, and you have to do your research to find the exact or complementary colors for your wedding. Clashing hues on your wedding day will be a bit of a dissonance and will confuse guests, they might be wondering if they are in the right wedding!

  • Know which flowers are in season and okay for storage. If your heart was set on a flower to use, you will be sorely disappointed when you find out you can’t use it because of the season. Be careful and research wisely! Also, you have to figure out how to store the blooms prior to the special day. Have a place to store the delicate petals and leaves, in the right temperature.

  • Hire assistance. If you have used your own designs and suppliers for the flower arrangements for weddings, then you might not realize how much you need to have a crew to set up all your blooms. Have a team who can put together your arrangements and mobilize/demobilize them as well!