Patterns for Flower Girl Dresses: Where to Look


Flower girl is an important role for a wedding, and it is crucial to find a perfect dress for our little angel. You can find tons of cute dresses out there, and if you decide to DIY a dress for your little girl. Get a flower girl dress pattern could be very helpful. If you are wondering where to find the best patterns for flower girl dresses, read on.

How to Choose Patterns for Flower Girl Dresses

If you DIY the dress and you are not a professional seamstress, then you'd better choose simple patterns that are without too many details, otherwise you may get in trouble.

Choose patterns like these dresses:

If you are good at making dresses or you are having a professional tailor to sew the dress for you, then feel free to look for more complex patterns for flower girl dresses.

Here are some ideas:

Where to Find Patterns for Flower Girl Dresses

​You can probably find patterns for flower girl dresses in sewing stores, or fabric stores. However if you are looking for patterns online, here are some good ideas.


On Ebay you can find some really cute patterns for flower girl dresses. Look at these three we selected. The first one on the left has some details that only people with sewing experience are able to execute, like this flower and ruffle detail. The second one in the middle is really sweet and cute with these trimmings; this is a very simple pattern and should be easy to sew. The last one is the easiest one, you can choose a pretty print fabric.


You can find almost everything on Youtube, so for sure you can find patterns for flower girl dresses in the videos which have step by step guide on how to sew the dresses.


Like on Ebay, on Etsy you can find some stunning and cheap patterns for flower girl dresses. Check these three. The first one can easily corporate the wedding colors. The one in the middle and the last one are very princess like and the kids will love it!