February Flowers That in Season


From colors to blooms, there are many flowers you can choose for your wedding, but it can be a frustrating task when you cannot tell a daisy from a dahlia. This can be even more stressful when your wedding date is in February and flower choices seem to be limited. February flowers that in season, although may be fewer, are some of the most popular, versatile and beautiful flowers you can find for your wedding. Just check them in the list below.

15 February Flowers That in Season for Your Wedding


Calla Lily

A more petite relative of the lily family, the calla lily can be found in white, deep purple, burgundy and orange. With its sleek stem, these make perfect bouquets that are sheaf styled or wrapped. They are also small enough to make elegant boutonniere for the groom's party.


Hippeastrum Amaryllis

These delicate long stemmed February flowers come in a number of colors, including pinks, reds and white. It is a beautiful choice for the bridal bouquet or for the bridal party. These flowers are very versatile and can be beautifully arranged to make stunning table centerpieces.



This long stemmed, densely clustered bloom can be found in shades of blues, pinks and white. The Delphinium flowers can be arranged together in a sheaf style bouquet for the bride and bridal party, can be used to add accents of colors in a bouquet, or for centerpiece arrangement.



This Mexico native flower can be found in a variety of colors from white and yellow to reds, purples and orange. The Zinnia can be found in a full dome shape or a single row of petals. Add pops of color to the bridal party bouquets or a beautiful arrangement for the bridal bouquet, the Zinnia is one of the most versatile February flowers that in season.


Rose Geranium

The Rose Geranium is favored for its soft texture and unique foliage and is a popular flower to add a Mediterranean feel to your wedding. Colors range from pale pinks to white and can fill the bridal bouquet with a pleasant rose aroma.



A unique flower, the Nerine represents coral with its slim petals that slightly curl at the ends and blooms from a thin stem. It offers a non-traditional addition for you flower arrangements in stunning, vibrant reds, pinks, yellows and white.


Brunia Albiflora

As a unique and versatile accent flower, the Brunia Albiflora can be beautifully incorporated into the bridal bouquet, centerpieces or bridal party bouquets. The Brunia Albiflora has fern like leaves and is a stem of long ball clusters. These flowers are highly favored accent pieces for winter weddings.


Water Lily

The water lily is a great addition to a tropical themed wedding or as part of a unique water centerpiece. Most commonly found in Sri Lanka, these February flowers that in season come in white, violets, pinks and yellow. They can also be a beautiful hair accent for the bride.



The Bouvardia is a unique star shaped flower that can be found in two varieties. The multi-color red and pink Bouvardia flowers grow in a long stem cluster and the white Bouvardia produces a large single bloom. They can add a pop of pink to a simple bouquet or be arranged to create a chic bridal bouquet.


Dusty Miller

Not a traditional flower, the dusty miller can be a beautiful addition to centerpieces or bridal bouquets. It is a soft foliage flower that produces silver white leaves and can make other colors in an arrangement. It is also a favored boutonniere addition.



This is a versatile flower that can be featured in any bridal bouquets, men's boutonniere or centerpieces. Known as the African daisy, it can be found in yellow, pink, reds, orange or white to add some accents of colors or create a vibrant bouquet.



A unique and highly favored flower in season in February, the Iris offers a variety of colors and looks. Colors and color combination range from deep blues to pale yellow and pinks. The Iris is best used to create an elegant bridal bouquet or boutonniere or to add pops of colors to arrangements.



Also known as Helen’s Blazing Star, the Liatri is a corn like flowering plant that can often be found in varying shades of purple. The Liatri makes a great addition as an accent flower in a variety of centerpiece arrangements or bridal party bouquets.



The Lisianthus can be found as a single or double flower bloom. The most common colors include blue, pink, purple and white. These February flowers that in season can be arranged to create beautiful bridal bouquets or more commonly used for the groom boutonniere.



With its multi-layer petal display and brilliant colors, the Ranunculus adds the perfect pop of color to the bridal party bouquets. This flower in season in February can be found in a variety of pinks, oranges, yellows and whites.