Most Sun Kissed Flowers in Season for July Wedding


If it’s July, you will be seeing blue summer sky with cotton candy clouds and dramatic display of romantic flowers all around. Getting married in this season means, you have a lot to choose from the flowers in season for July wedding. Listed here are the most sensational seasonal flowers for the month of July to décor the event.

21 Best Choices of Flowers in Season for Your July Wedding

Check out the best flowers for a July wedding, their meanings and decoration tips at the ceremony.


It’s a sun-kissed summer flower mostly available in yellow hue. But there are few rare varieties of red and orange. It’s mildly fragrant.

  • A sunflower is the symbol of happiness and good luck.

  • A sunflower can be used in event decoration solely but it looks enchanting, when used with other multicolored flowers in a bouquet or table centerpiece.



Also known as Larkspur, the delicately romantic flower comes in hues like blue, reds, oranges, blues, red-purples, whites, ivories, purple and pinks. It has no scent.

  • The flower means “heavenly”.

  • The star shaped flower can solely be used in garden style wedding décor and can also be accented with other flowers.



It’s a small blooming flower resting on tall grass, available in bold colors like blue, pink and maroon. This scented flower’s other name is Bachelor’s button. 

  • A faded corn flower used to be the symbol of fading love in ancient history.

  • Combine various hues of a corn flower in a wedding bouquet or centerpiece or add accents like anemones and roses.



Consisting of four to five small petals and unique heart shaped leaves, violets are available in violet, purple, white, cream and yellow. Some are bi-colored. The flower has quite a flirty smell.

  • Violets are the symbol of peace and loyalty.

  • These elegant small flowers can beautify wedding bouquets, centerpieces on the table and other floral décor like on cakes.



Available in hues like pink, yellow, orange, white and bicolor too. It’s a globe shaped flower. Only a few species of dahlias are scented.

  • Dahlias stands for travel and adventures.

  • It’s one of the most commonly used flowers in season for July wedding that are used as accents in bridal bouquets, corsages and table centerpieces.


Matsumoto Aster

It’s a large blooming flower available in many attractive hues like lavender, yellow, pink, blue and purple. Some are bi-colors too.

  • It’s a scented flower with the meaning of “beautiful”.

  • Matsumoto Aster can be used solely in centerpieces and bouquets and in combination with other elegant flowers like roses and dahlias.



These are 6-inch-long-stem flowers. Available in the hues like blue, light pink and white. These are also known as speedwell. Veronica has no scent but its leaves have some.

Veronica are best fillers for wedding bouquets or other floral arrangement in the wedding centerpieces. Use of veronica as accents in the bouquets, give it a country look.



It’s a beautiful year-round flower that grows in colors like purple , white, and yellow. It has a delicate scent that is used in cosmetics.

  • Iris is the symbol of royalty and promise.

  • Iris is best used solely in wedding décor as well as an accent with other species of flowers.



These dazzling star shaped flowers gorgeously rest atop a leafy stem. The flower has elegant hues like pink, red, white and peach. The fragrance is a mild one.

  • A bouvardia is the symbol of enthusiasm.

  • A delicate bouquet of bouvardia looks stunning. It can also be used with other common species of flowers, as an accent.



Phlox is a simple flower coming in colors like purple, pink, red, orange or white. It has a mild and sweet fragrance.

  • Phlox means “flower” in Latin and stands for union of souls. That’s why it’s considered best for weddings.

  • As a filler, a phlox is used to add height to floral arrangements and centerpieces.



Poppy is a simple accent flower with delicate petals that grows in hues like, red, white, blue, pink and purple.

  • A poppy is the symbol of peace, beauty and luxury.

  • Mostly, its purple, pink and blue colors are used as accents in floral decorations like table centerpieces and other floral arrangements with other flowers like anemones, tulips, gerbera daisies and ranunculus.


Kangaroo Paws

These are fresh and velvety textured blooms. The unique styled flowers are available in orange, burgundy, red, orange, green and bi-colors with no fragrance.

These woodsy style flowers in season for July wedding are best to give a nice rustic and country feel and look to the flower arrangements. Kangaroo paws are also suitable for getting an oriental style.



Available in blue, white and orange hues, tuberose are multiple blooms on a stem. The flower has a trumpet shape. These are sweetly fragrant flowers that any bride would love to have around.

This star shaped flower looks ravishing as an accent in the wedding table decor and overall flower arrangement in the event.



This flower comes in bright colors like red, green, orange, pink and yellow. Zinnia has the meaning of “thoughts of friends” and so it appopriate in decorating bridesmaid bouquet or can be used in centerpieces.


Calla Lily Green Goddess

Of all the flowers in season for July wedding, Calla Lily Green Goddess stands out because of its uniqe green color!



Freesia blooms all year round and has a freshly fruity fragrance. They come in a wide variety of colors except in blue. Bearing the meaning of innocence, you can use it in bouquets and corsages.



Orchid also blooms all year round and comes in colors like burgundy, red, pale and dark pink, yellow, green, white, aprioct, and orange. Some have fragrance and some don’t.

It has the meaning of nobility ad luxury and is most comonly used in centerpieces and bouquets.


Feverfew Daisy

The small flowers come in white and yellow colors. The flower have no scent but leaves have some. They are avaible in June-October and stands for protection in one’s life and health.

These flowers look great when used as accents with other flowers like roses, eucalyptus, Queen Anne’s lace and ranunculus in bridal bouquets. When solely tied in a silk ribbon, they make a nice bridal bouquet for a rustic wedding.


Sweet William

Grown in the form of clusters on the stem, Sweet Williams grow in colors like pink with white, burgundy and pink, burgundy and white and pure white. It’s a scented flower.

  • This flower signifies bravery and velour.

  • Sweet William is best to use in flower corsages, flower balls and bridal bouquets (like Princess Kate did) with various combinations of colors.


Craspedia Billy Balls

These are rounded ball-like flowers on a long stem. Also known as Billy buttons, Billy balls and drum sticks, it grows naturally in yellow color. It has no scent.

  • It signifies admiration and solitude.

  • The flower is mostly used in wedding bouquets and table centerpieces as fillers. These sphere balls can be spray painted in any color.



Note that the last one of flowers in season for July wedding is a bit special because it’s native in Australia. Some bloom all year round, while others bloom in winter and spring. Wattles are sizzling bunches of yellow flowers. The flowers have sweet mild scent. Small yellow flowers are ravishingly grown over green branches.

  • These flowers are symbolic of unspoken love.

  • Wattles are normally used as fillers in wedding or event decoration. Wattle work as best accents to various multi-colored flowers.