Garden Fresh Flowers in Season in October


Choosing seasonal flowers for wedding décor is the best option to go with, especially if you are on a budget. Seasonal flowers are not only easily available but have an affordable price. For those marrying in October, we have rounded up the best flowers in season in October to make the best choice.

Best Flowers to Choose for Your October Wedding



Also known as Peruvian Lily, these freckled flowers are available in colors like yellow, white, orange, red, pink and purple. The scentless flower is available throughout the year. Alstroemeria is most commonly used as an accent with other primary flowers but using it alone in a wedding bouquet is also a unique idea.



It’s a festive star shaped clustered flower in elegant hues like white, pink, peach and red. The fresh-cut flowers look great atop green stem. The faintly scented flowers signify enthusiasm. These flowers are accessible whole year. A classic wedding bouquet is incomplete without these playful stars popping out of it.



With so many delicate petals, a camellia comes in red, white and pink colors. This sweetly scented flower is the symbol of excellence and beauty. The flower is conveniently available from late winter to early spring. Camellia makes ravishing wedding bouquet and centerpieces alone as well as combining with other flowers.



The ruffled flower has so many hues like pink, red, burgundy, apricot, yellow, white with a few freckled and bicolor. A handy flower, it’s available whole year round with a clove-like smell. Carnation stands for everlasting beauty and pure love. It can perfectly be used to make colorful wedding bouquets and other floral arrangements.



A yellow disc-center, surrounded by white ray petals, daisy is the classiest of all the flowers in season in October. Daisy means sharing of feelings. Daisy is available from summer to the early fall season. Daisy, the symbol of simplicity, makes perfect centerpieces and bridal bouquets alone. It’s best paired with yellow flowers like tulip or Billy balls.



The elegant mum flower comes in a variety of bold colors and sizes, normally determined by its specie. This flower represents abundance, riches and truth. Though it’s a handy flower all year long but its peak season is from late summer to fall. Artfully arranged Chrysanthemum flowers create ravishing bouquets and other wedding floral arrangements.



Delphinium is a classy country flower, mildly fragrant, in elegant hues like blue, purple, lavender, white and pink. The flower means sweetness and lightness. Available throughout the year, the bunches of flowers atop green long stems are best used in table centerpieces. These flowers are used to give a heighted look to the floral arrangement.



Gladiolus is a scentless flower with leafy stem with a sharp, sword-like shape. Clusters of colorful flowers atop this stem look gorgeous. Available year round, it’s in so many hues like pink, orange, apricot, yellow ,etc. The flower is the embodiment of generosity and strong character. They are best used in table centerpieces.



Bushy clusters of small flowers over a stem, a hydrangea is a scentless flower in hues like blue, purple, burgundy, pink, white and green. It stands for understanding and devotion. July to November are its peak seasons. These shrubs are best used as fillers in the bouquets and floral arrangements with other flowers as well as alone.



The ruffled petals have a delicate texture. Available whole year, it comes in hues like purple, lavender, pink, peach, cream, white and bi-color too. With a mild peppery smell, flower stands for showiness. It’s used as an accent in bouquets and floral centerpieces with other primary flowers. Wide color range makes it superior to all accent flowers in season in October.



Popularly known as star of Bethlehem, this small flower elegantly pops up on the green stem. It’s available whole year in the hues like white, ivory, yellow and orange. With a very slight scent, these are best fillers for wedding bouquets as well as table centerpieces or the overall wedding décor.



Encircled in delicate petals, phlox is available in white, pink, orange and purple hues. The sweet smelling flowers signify the unification of souls. Months from June to November are its peak seasons. Phlox is one of the best accents in a wedding bouquet if its placed rightly in the backdrop of primary flowers.



The star shaped white flowers are grown magnificently over a long lush green stem. Stephanotis are available throughout the year and are considered best to use in weddings as they signify marital happiness. Whether a ceremony table piece or bridal bouquet, stephanotis creates magical results solely as well as with other flowers.



Ray petals encircling a disc, a sunflower has colors like orange, russet brown, pale gold and pale lemon. The scentless flower is available from May to November. A sunflower is the symbol of adoration and loyalty. It’s best to use in country themed weddings. Its combination with other flowers in wedding décor is perfect, both bouquet, chair deocration and centerpieces.



Tweedia has a unique star shape, growing on the branches. The best season for tweedia is from April to November. It’s available in white, pink and light blue shades. The blue one is the most loved one for wedding décor as an accent flower and also as a boutonniere for the groom.



These elegant small flowers are the symbol of love and luxury. Orchids grow whole year round. Mostly scentless, orchids come in the colors like pink, orange, red, burgundy, apricot, green, yellow and white. Whether used in boutonniere, flower corsages or floral bouquets, it looks radiant in all.


Calla Lily

Calla lilies are trumpet-like flowers. The peak period of their growth is from fall to late spring, but almost all year round. Its colors range from yellow, orange, pink, to ivory, burgundy and red. These flowers are symbol of marriage. Calla lilies can be arranged solely in bridal bouquet or centerpieces. Combining with others, also brings out the best.


Billy Ball Flowers

Billy balls are small globe-like yellow flowers. The flowers are available from early May to late October. These balls are getting quite popular in wedding decorations. The long stem makes it easy to arrange in the long centerpieces. It can also be used in groom’s boutonniere. As an accent, it pairs best with white flowers like daisy or Gerbera.


Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s lace are small clustered flowers of white color. The center of the flower is of purplish hue. The peak season for it is from May to October. It’s probably the best filler flower that adds a sparkling touch to any floral arrangement. Using it alone in wedding bouquets or corsages is also quite trendy.


Some other Flowers in Season in October

More flowers that are available all year round include:

  • Gloriosa Lily: It’s a bicolor flower of red color with yellow edges. It’s used as an accent with primary flowers.

  • Iris: Available in white, purple and yellow hues, it can be used as a focal point in wedding bouquets, centerpieces and flower arrangements.

  • Stock: Symbol of lasting beauty, this fragrant flower is one of the best fillers to embellish centerpieces, wedding bouquets and other arrangements.

  • Rose: Symbol of love, beauty and joy, a rose creates the best wedding bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

  • Freesia: Available in various colors, it’s a sweet smelling flower, which stands for innocence. Just a few of freesias will make a fragrant bouquet.

  • Gerbera: Delicate ray-like petals encircling a disk, a gerbera has red, pink, orange, yellow and white hues. Gerberas are best for floral wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

  • Gardenia: This classy ivory flower has fascinating fragrance. Using it in the surroundings would mesmerize all. It’s perfect for corsages, centerpieces and bouquets.

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