35 Flowery Wedding Cakes for a Dream Wedding


There’s a reason the cake is one of the last things enjoyed at a wedding – it’s one of the elements your guests will remember most! Yes, the flowers in your table settings may have taken hours to deliberate over, and the two of you may have spent days deciding on the song for your first dance, but your guests will always remember your wedding cake, both how it looked and, of course, how it tasted! Luckily, you can’t go wrong with one of these flowery wedding cakes that are perfect for all styles.

How to Decrorate Flowery Wedding Cake at Your Wedding

You have several options when it comes to flowery wedding cakes. First of all, you can opt for decorative flowers made of sugar. While they may be more expensive than using fresh flowers, you can customize every aspect of them to your specifications, which makes them one of the most budget-friendly ways to have a unique cake.

Of course, using real flowers is a stunning option. Your best bet is to find flowers that are in season, so they will have peak blooms on the day of the event. Of course, you can also find plenty of real flowers that will suit your colors and theme – no matter what it is.

Finally, using flowers as a cake topper is currently a popular alternative to more traditional toppers. Cascading fresh flowers are perfectly suited for events that are elegant as well as those that are bohemian. For those that just can’t give up the little bride and groom statuettes, consider embellishing them with real or fake flower petals.

Stunning Flowery Wedding Cakes for Your Inspiration


Flowers cascading down a four tier cake are elegant, and mixing different varieties like roses, hydrangeas, peonies, with a hint of berries add color.


For a single-tiered cake, add a metallic sheen and top the cake with roses for a romantic effect that is also modern.


Even simple cakes are transformed by flowers. A cake with one tier that is all white looks beautiful when topped with pale roses and decorated with rose plant leaves on the sides.


The different colors of blue and white on this cake are perfectly complicated by fake flowers made of sugar. The floral designs on the middle tier help balance out each level.


Naked cakes are all the rage, and topping them with real flowers in springtime colors is perfect for outdoor flowery wedding cakes.


The textured three tiers of this cake are complimented by floral arrangements on the top, between the layers, and the bottom, using a variety of fresh flowers like roses and hydrangeas.


Larger cakes can look unwieldy, so four-tiered cake with some strategically placed sugar flowers can be striking while still simple. Use branches for a cascading effect that isn’t too weighty.


Go elaborate with a five-tiered cake that is decorated with sugar flowers, flowerbuds, berries, and branches, for a cascading effect that is a little mysterious.


This pink-purple wedding cake is just elegant! Hydrangeas are a popular flower for wedding bouquets and décor, so match your cake with a simple three-tiered cake decorated with sugar hydrangea petals at each level.


For a different take on flowery wedding cakes, decorating three tiers with painted on flowers is both unique and stunning for any style of occasion. It brings out a classic vintage taste.


If real flowers aren’t your thing, simulate them with simple rolled paper “flowers” that cascade down three tiers. These are excellent for weddings out of flower season.


Get a floating effect by separating the top two tiers of a five-tiered cake using fondant “stems” to conceal support. Long-stemmed fresh flowers add even more of a unique shape.


If you’re looking for a colorful cake, keep things classy by using colors to “frame” a white space with flowers and designs. The blue, white, gold and red color combinations just look stunning!


Using a combination of sugar and real flowers, a three-tiered cake with white roses and purple irises is a lovely compliment to an elegant event.


The bow is a unique take on a cake topper, and the cascade of ombre flower petals jazzes up the white fondant. Another one of elegant ivory, pink and purple wedding cake.


Make flowers grow up your cake with this cake that combines frosting decoration with floral effects. A soft pink background emphasizes the colors.


A white cake with two offset tiers can be beautiful when fresh flowers are added to the top, second tier, and the bottom. Details of little sugar pearls add a touch of elegance to it.


If you’re all about the flavor, try a cake topped with chocolate, and decorate each tier with fresh roses in pale colors.


Top your cake with delicious macrons, fresh fruit, and delicate flower sprigs for a simple but beautiful piece.


Calla lilies are one of the most elegant flowers, so use fresh flowers to top your cake and on each tier. “Drape” your fondant so it adds further elegance and circle each tier base with sugary pearls.


A classic three-tiered fondant cake looks beautiful when topped with fresh flowers. Greenery and white anemones top off this classic look. The pink sash and the chocolate painting just make it more appealing. 


If you want that traditional topper, update it with some white chocolate statuettes surrounded by an arch of flowers.


For elegant flowery wedding cakes, consider “draping” your cake so that it almost looks like fabric. Top a white cake with some fresh purple blossoms.


A simple option for a cake is to decorate a simple three tiered cake with some sugary fake daises. Perfect for any time of the year!


Cascading purple hydrangea flowers make this four tiered cake exquisitely elegant, while still being simple and classy.


Blue and coral are wonderful complements for each other, so add some coral sugar petals to four tiers for a petite cake that packs a punch.


A two-tiered naked cake gets some natural elegance with fresh flowers and blueberries strategically placed on each tier.


Another naked cake option is to decorate with fresh rosemary and lavender sprigs, and top with small pinecones, a perfect cake for fall.


This hexagonal four-tiered cake is simply decorated with white patterns on each level, but a top and base of fresh purple flowers caps off the elegance.


A towering cake that is fun and elegant, this five-tiered piece uses sugar faux hydrangea flowers to create a pink spectrum against a light green background.


Creating sugar pansies hand-painted in a variety of colors is a gorgeous way to accent a five-tiered white cake. Simple and chic!


Creating a wreath-like effect, the placement of these flowers along with the different sizes of each of the five tiers (a combination of round and square) makes this cake simple but gorgeous.


Decorate a two-tiered cake with strands of pearls and sugar roses, for a cake that is perfect for more intimate affairs.


A truly unique cake, this uses chocolate figurines with some chocolate “sprigs” topped with pink blossoms and buds for its unique effects.


Succulents are all the rage in home décor, and are equally unique when used on flowery wedding cakes. Pair them with pink flowers for a softer effect.

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