20 Modern French Manicures Ideas


Have you set everthing for your wedding day? Did you choose the dress? The place? The music? What about your nails?

“Nails? I’ll paint it nude or pale pink, that’s how brides do”

Well, not anymore. You forgot that these cute hands are going to be featuring in a lot of pictures? These little babies are going to carry the bouquet, and more importantly your brand new ring! So you better think again before doing your nails, because you can do a lot with it – Lace nails, pastel colors, nail jewelry, or if you are too scared to do something so different, you can try classic manicure! Here are 20 great French manicure  ideas for your wedding in a modern way.

20 Modern French Manicure Ideas


You can use glitter to do the tips, use any color you want, gold, silver and nude colors are the ones you would think first. You can also paint one nail all in glitter like in this picture, you want the ring finger to stand out, right?

Heart Shape

Ok, this is my favorite. So adorable and feminine! You can paint your nails in heart shapes. Look how cute! I want it!


Are you serious that someone also thought about that? I thought I was the only one that wanted a Disney themed wedding! If your groom did not liked your idea at least do your nails in a magic way… PUT A MINNIE ON IT! Not only a Minnie, but bride Minnie. Oh God, I think I want to marry that nail! Ok, if you are not such a Disney freak your can use other themes. Remember to do some art on the ring finger with the theme of your choice.

Bride and Groom

How cute is this? Use the French tips to do the top of the dress and do V shaped tips to do the grooms outfit!


Did you just read this? Yes, if you don’t want your nails to look like the groom, just use the v shaped tips alone. It looks great too.


If you liked the last one, you probably going to like this one too. It’s one of the different French manicure ideas, it’s a minimalistic and feminine detail.


Sunflowers are my favorite flowers; imagine the bouquet of sunflowers matching with your nails, so pretty! Of course, it can be other types of flowers.


We use French tips on the top, on the bottom, why not on the side? So clever.


As I just mentioned, why not try something different? Do your nails in reverse to the traditional way, and look how charming is this one with glitter.


Do the normal French manicure and add cool prints. This looks so modern and traditional at the same time, don’t you think? It is one of the simplest French manicure ideas.


You can give it a plus on the tip with some different designs, draw some dots, some stars, or some small lace stamp.


Did you thought you could not do ombre nails with French tips? Then look at this one.


There are some really cool new nail polishers out there, like the metallic ones. So why not do French metallic nails on your wedding day? I love it.


And how about matte nail polishers? Plus, who said you can’t get married with black nails?


Just add one little stripe below the tip, or if you want, do more stripes. It simply looks amazing. This is the best way to add some color without going too far from the classic French manicure ideas.


Make the details go a little longer. Look how awesome this nails looks!


You can find very easily some nail jewelry, and what is a better day than your wedding day to use it?!


You can play with colors. Like in this picture, every nail has a different color; it worked because it’s all in candy colors. You can try with pastel colors, I believe it will look great.


Caviar nails are different, modern, fancy and looks so beautiful. And it works with the traditional French Manicure  ideas so well.


Nothing is more feminine and naive than a bow. Add a bow to your ring finger, and you’ll certainly feel like a princess. If you want, add any other things you like.